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The Heart Matters with Life Coach Louis Morris

The Heart Matters: Helping People Improve Their Relationships and Improve Their Spiritual Lives. It is a podcast for people who want to have it all in their relationship. From effective communication, affection, being fascinating and fascinated by your partner, and having great, The Heart Matters offers straight talk and insightful interviews on all these issues and more. It is also a podcast for people who want to improve their relationship with the Creator, or establish a relationship with Him and make it stronger. The Heart Matters provides answers and solutions for spiritual questions. In essence, this podcast is about improving people's lives from the inside out because The Heart (truly) Matters.


The 3 Times It's Permissible To Lie 14:36 06/28/2022
She's Not Leading Because She Wants To Lead 27:34 06/21/2022
Be Just and Don't Publisize Each Other's Secrets 24:11 06/14/2022
Current Events, Communication, and Dear Coach 20:38 06/07/2022
Saturday Conversation and Dear Coach Q & A 25:40 05/31/2022
Avoid The 2 Forms Of Avoidance In Relationships 16:57 05/24/2022
Divorce: A True Test Of Character 21:34 05/17/2022
Relationship Repair and Life Repair Start With The Creator 22:04 05/10/2022
The Principles Of Manhood Are Mainstays... 25:42 05/03/2022
A Talk With The Founder Of Inner Beauty Reigns, Ms. Erica Anderson 35:30 04/26/2022
The 3 Pillars To Cultivating A Great Sex Life 16:37 04/19/2022
Relationship Vision For Men and Women 17:32 04/12/2022
Keep Your Agreements In The Relationship 16:54 04/05/2022
The Pillars Of Cheating Are 2 27:01 03/29/2022
4 Things To Go From Romance To Relationship 19:35 03/15/2022
Avoid Avoidance In Relationships 10:21 03/08/2022
A Conversation with the founder of Vibrant Living International: Donna TashJian 23:36 03/01/2022
A Conversation With Amy Reiley 31:16 02/22/2022
A Conversation With Award-Winning International Dating & Relationship Expert Hunt Ethridge 52:05 02/15/2022
Relationship Longevity: Be Nice & Have Meaningful Conversations 21:18 02/01/2022
A Chat With Producer & Host Of Meeting Of The Mindz: Saleh Vie 39:34 01/26/2022
A Talk With The Former Costume Designer For The Stars Ms. Marvlyn Harris 63:39 01/19/2022
A Talk With The Creator of KEOMWorks Ms. Sherri M. Cook 44:06 01/12/2022
A Talk With Relationship Counselor For Military Families Elizabeth Polinsky 49:31 01/04/2022
Some Factors Why Non-Negotiables Are So Important. 14:16 12/28/2021
A Talk With The Owner Of Smart, Funny, Single: Lori Mendelsohn 42:26 12/15/2021
A Talk With The Founder Of The Wives Club Kierra D 48:59 12/07/2021
Meet The World's Most Satisfied Wife Mrs. Toy Banks 62:01 11/30/2021
Communication Talk Before The Turkey Day 19:26 11/23/2021
A Talk With Simone Johnson 43:31 11/16/2021