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FOOTE-NOTES Andy Foote's Podcast

Andy Foote interviews intrinsically interesting people that he met on LinkedIn.


EP 29: Elle Hill, Founder & CEO, Hill & Co.
Elle Hill's story is fascinating. She started as an assistant's assistant sweeping the floors initially in the cosmetic biz but her ambition continuously drove her to do and want more. She pivoted to jewelry and couldn't, in my estimation, have picked a tougher industry for a young woman at that time, to make her mark. By her description "patriarchal, fraternal and fragmented" the gem trade and jewelry industry was slow to innovate and based mostly on trust. She quickly succeeded, largely by sheer and raw energy, a thoughtful sales methodology and a naivety that constantly pushed her forward, "Why not me?" She didn't know what she didn't know and that was actually a plus. I'm not going to tell you Elle's whole story, because I want you to listen to the podcast. But I will just leave you with this one tidbit - Elle moved to China, with 2 toddlers, learned Mandarin, killed it in the jewelry biz over there for 10 years (listing on the AUS Stock Exchange and winning numerous industry awards)...
51:33 10/29/2020
EP: 28 Richard van der Blom, Founder & Managing Partner of 'Just Connecting'
Richard made a big splash on LinkedIn last Summer when he published a comprehensive report on the (content distribution) algorithm which seemed to confirm what many LinkedIn authors had suspected in relation to how their posts were being assessed and shared on the platform. I know he was working on an update of that 2019 bombshell report and I was waiting for him to complete it, so he could come on the show to talk about it!  We spoke for over an hour and only got through 60% of his research. So he's agreed to come on again (next week) for part 2! 
71:22 10/16/2020
EP 27: Adam Posner, Founder & MD, NHP Talent Group
Adam and I discuss our favorite deli sandwich (Reuben), how people perceive him, how he came up with the name of his consulting business, what it was like being fired by Gary Vaynerchuk and his LinkedIn Live methodology (and lots of other topics....).
46:38 09/29/2020
EP: 26 Hung Lee, Curator, Recruiting Brainfood
Hung Lee started one of the most influential recruitment newsletters almost by accident. He converted a lifetime habit of curating recruitment related content into a must-read industry bulletin. He's got a lot going on and expresses opinions that are based on his real-life experience and background in a rapidly changing TA world. 
52:33 09/16/2020
EP 25: Brian Golod, Career Consultant, Overdrive
Brian Golod has built a career consulting business by working tirelessly and pulling levers on LinkedIn. Some would say that he’s cracked the LinkedIn code. I would say that LinkedIn is the perfect communication channel and best way to go to market - for a guy like Brian, who understands how to help, support and provide maximum value on the largest (and essential) professional networking site on the planet.We talk about his origin story, what drives him and what he does (so well).
46:32 09/08/2020
EP: 24 Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, teachndo
Sweta talks about her immigrant journey, why she pivoted into helping job-seekers and how she planned her LinkedIn strategy. We also talked about baking and mass-tagging!
45:32 09/01/2020
EP: 23 Andreas Jonsson, CEO & Co-founder, SHIELD INTELLIGENCE
Andreas and I talk about how the idea of SHIELD came to him and his colleagues, we also talked data insights and what his customers can expect to see in the future. And we delve pretty deep into the (burning) questions I have about the current state of the LinkedIn algorithm.
54:26 08/25/2020
EP: 22 Amy Volas, Founder & CEO, Avenue Talent Partners
Amy and I discuss her career start, her Yahoo! experience, her Indeed experience. We talk about what she means by “cracking the code” in relation to her approach to helping her clients find brilliant sales leaders. And lots of other subjects!
51:25 08/18/2020
EP: 21 Jonathan Tesser, VP Research, Insights and Analytics at NYC & Company
Jon (also referred to as Jonathan..) and I discuss beer, his early career, how he applies analytics and his love of the travel/tourism/hospitality sector. We also go deep on his approach to and philosophy on mentorship. 
53:58 08/11/2020
EP: 20 Suzanne Lucas, Evil HR Lady
Suzanne and I chat about her branding, her freelance writing, strange HR situations and workplace myths, amongst other (fascinating) subjects.
51:56 08/07/2020
EP: 19 David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer, DBD International
David and I talked about his early career, his unique office layout and his (ultra creative and highly effective) approach to LinkedIn content strategy, in addition to….many other areas!
50:15 08/05/2020
EP: 18 Shelly Elsliger, President Linked-Express Coaching & Training
Shelly and I talked about our shared love of LinkedIn and teaching, we discussed her 'Decide to be kind' campaign, bullying, engagement pods, and lots of other areas!
46:08 07/28/2020
EP: 17 Lila Smith, Creator Say Things Better
Lila (pronounced ‘LILL-AH’ :) and I talked about what she learned as an actress, pronunciation, intentional communication, not winging it and workplace conflict. She’s the only guest so far to have the same answer twice in the BP questionnaire.
39:27 07/14/2020
EP: 16 Kristin Sherry, Founder YouMap
We talk about Kristin’s career start, psychometric testing, how she came up with ‘YouMap’, intermittent fasting and quite a few other areas.
45:43 07/09/2020
EP: 15 Virginia Franco, Virginia Franco Resumes
Virginia and I discuss her career, resume strategy the thinking behind ‘Job Search Secret Weapon’ and other interesting subjects!
37:37 07/07/2020
EP: 14 John Espirian, Author of Content DNA
John and I get nerdy about LinkedIn and along the way we discuss his career journey and the fact that he’s already thinking about writing book #2.
51:08 07/03/2020
EP: 13 Sarah Johnston, The Briefcase Coach
Sarah and I talk about resumes, career strategy, leveraging content on LinkedIn, professional branding and productivity hacks.
43:20 06/30/2020
EP: 12 Cher Jones, Corporate Social Media Trainer, Socially Active
Cher and I talk about LinkedIn engagement strategy, LinkedIn Live broadcasting and her broadcasting journey.
43:19 06/26/2020
EP: 11 Brenda Meller, CEO, Meller Marketing
Brenda and I chat about LinkedIn (and Marketing) ‘Rockstars’, LinkedIn Live and lots of other LinkedIn related stuff. 
39:46 06/23/2020
EP: 10 Josh Steimle, Founder & CEO, Influencer Inc
Josh and I talk content strategy, writing, LinkedIn, his forthcoming book ’60 Days To LinkedIn Mastery’ and skateboarding.
51:04 06/16/2020
EP: 09 Austin Belcak, Founder Cultivated Culture
Austin and I discuss job seeker strategies, cool software tools and the importance of selling yourself, just to mention a few of the areas we discussed.
48:35 06/09/2020
EP: 08 Bruce Johnston, Coach PracticalSMM
Bruce takes no prisoners, we talk LinkedIn, sales outreach and other LinkedIn related matters.
41:35 06/05/2020
EP: 07 Hannah Morgan, Job Search Strategist, Career
Hannah and I chat about helping job seekers, best career advice and LinkedIn.
44:36 06/05/2020
EP: 06 Brynne Tillman, CEO Social Sales Link
I talk to Brynne about how she started her career, how she uses LinkedIn to the max and her plans for the future.
53:32 06/05/2020
EP 05: Tim Hughes, CEO & CO-Founder of DLA Ignite
Tim tells me about (not) playing Quidditch for England and we talk about branding, selling and other important stuff.
51:07 06/03/2020
EP 03: Madeline Mann, Creator 'Self-Made Millennial'
Madeline and I talk about branding, tangerines, millennials, career advice, and lots of other stuff!
47:09 06/03/2020
EP 04: Zach Messler, Bringer Of The BOOMshockalocka
Great discussion with Zach about his story, his pivot and of course the art of BOOMshockalocka.
54:16 06/03/2020
EP 01: Viveka Von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert
In this episode I interview one of the most well-known and trusted LinkedIn experts, Viveka von Rosen. We cover a lot of ground and I end with my Bernard Pivot questionnaire.
45:21 06/03/2020
EP 02: Mary Henderson, Personal Branding Specialist
Mary and I talk about what drives her and why she's so focused. We cover a lot of ground and we went deep. 
47:52 06/03/2020