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Labs Talk

Labs Talk is a technology and business podcast produced in collaboration between SAP Customer Experience Labs, the SAP Munich core team, and SAP.iO Foundry Munich. Through dynamic conversations, our hosts cover a range of topics featuring emerging technologies, startup innovation, and insights into research from our relationships with the Technical University of Munich. Our goal is to be a vibrant communication channel for the Munich IT network as well as to provide relevant and engaging content for a global IT community. Hosts Sven Haiges and Erica Davis are SAP CX employees and technology enthusiasts. All thoughts shared via Labs Talk are our own and do not reflect those of SAP.


The world of Snap with Ben Knutson 34:33 12/17/2020
MicroFrontends with Philipp Pracht 30:03 12/10/2020
Revuze with Alon Ghelber 36:13 11/26/2020
Future of Transportation with Ana Eloisa Garcia 21:48 11/12/2020
Gardener with Rafael Franzke 29:46 10/29/2020
Zero Waste with Gregor Kolb from Relevo 26:41 10/15/2020
Velou with Sadee Gamhewa and Geoff Wright 22:40 10/01/2020
Digital Twins with Lennart Hinrichs 24:36 09/17/2020
The future of local commerce with Johannes Engelke 27:06 09/03/2020
Robotic Process Automation with Sebastian Schroetel 17:53 08/20/2020
Nyris with Markus Lukasson 30:43 08/06/2020
The Role of Social Media for Customer Experience with Dan Gingiss 50:59 07/23/2020
Corona-Warn-App Update with Malte Janduda 30:09 07/09/2020
Roboy with Rafael Hostettler 55:08 06/25/2020
The Corona-Warn-App with Thomas Klingbeil, SAP 41:03 06/10/2020
Web Components with Peter Muessig 55:15 05/28/2020
StorifyMe with Nemanja Popovic 35:00 05/14/2020
The Future of Labs Talk with Erica Davis and Sven Haiges 15:05 04/30/2020
No Code / Low Code Special with Leon Stigter, Jan Oberhauser and Nick O'Leary 43:14 04/09/2020
Happy New Year with Valentin Vieriu and Giancarlo Frison 38:56 04/09/2020
SAP.iO Startups: Mathias Stiefel from 8select and Leon Szeli from Presize 15:25 04/09/2020
SAP.iO Startups: Julian Krenge from Parcellab and Babak Mirzaie from Expivi 24:16 04/09/2020
Brain Computer Interfaces with Chris Anderson 25:51 04/09/2020
IOTA and Distributed Ledgers with Dominik Schiener 29:01 04/09/2020
Espruino, Bluetooth and NFC with Gordon Williams 33:32 04/09/2020
Tech Beacon with Georg Kreimer 17:27 04/09/2020
Visual AI and Visual Search with Ofer Fryman 34:04 04/09/2020
Innovation in SAP CX with Eugenio Cassiano 28:29 04/09/2020
Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Matt Netkow 40:44 04/09/2020
AI on the Edge with Mike Tyka 34:02 04/09/2020