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What do you do when life pulls the rug from under your feet? Each week Gordon and Joe talk to someone who's had their world turn upside-down and come through the other side. If you want to hear honest stories from real people coping with change and trauma, then Liminal Podcast is for you.


Seaspiracy and Solitaire with Prince Andrew 57:46 04/26/2021
Another Self, with Simon Rumney 66:25 04/19/2021
My Argument with Grief, with Chris Brown 61:49 04/12/2021
Homeless to Here in Five Years, with Nina Aouilk 66:39 04/05/2021
Becoming Katie, with Katie Robinson 114:42 03/29/2021
Finding Your Instrument of Unfair Advantage, with Kirsten Karchmer 61:33 03/22/2021
Everything You Need is Within, with Taylor Turntime 52:27 03/15/2021
I’ve Got a Hard-On for Life, with Vinegar Strokes 62:41 03/08/2021
Dear Dory, with Tom Kreffer 53:34 03/01/2021
Surviving Narcissistic Abuse, with Kara Summers 50:29 02/22/2021
Decolonise Your Mind, with Lara Lalemi 57:29 02/15/2021
Atheism for Lent, with Peter Rollins 87:07 02/08/2021
Art Friends, with Cate Blanchard AKA The Sober Painter 75:52 02/01/2021
Culture Clash, with Hannah Pillow 72:49 01/25/2021
Desert Lockdown, with Doug Sands 62:36 01/18/2021
The Second Chapter, with Kristin Duffy 77:29 01/11/2021
Veganuary 66:56 01/04/2021
Coming Out of the Pulpit, with Craig Watson 73:09 12/28/2020
Fizzy Kids, with Ali Fanshawe 80:20 12/21/2020
Once a Deviant, with Jay Smith 81:48 12/14/2020
One Simple Question, with Abhishek Lahoti 71:58 12/07/2020
A Wave of Emotions, with MNRØ 77:46 11/30/2020
A Positive Test 83:44 11/23/2020
It’s On the Balls, with Ben Bowers 87:51 11/16/2020
Vulnerability, Introspection and Being Enough, with J Stamatelos 67:30 11/09/2020
Chicago, Baby! with Haley Hatton 102:50 11/02/2020
Jesus, Stone Circles and Bipolar Disorder, Spiritual Liminality, with Catharine Clarenbach 59:07 08/03/2020
Fairies, Barbra Streisand and Chicken Parmos in the City of Angels, with Nica Evangelista 105:31 07/27/2020
Shag Bands, School and Simon Bird, with Callum Newens 94:35 07/20/2020
Growing Up Without A Parent, with Leah Ball 74:23 07/13/2020