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Loud Murmurs is a Mandarin-Chinese podcast about American pop culture, brought to you by four bilingual and bi-cultural women in the U.S. and their friends. We discuss movies, TV, documentaries, and the social, political issues reflected on by a piece of pop culture work. Too often, race, gender and other political and cultural issues are the subtext in pop culture. We seek to make the subtext explicit, question it and challenge it. The show is now in its third season, updated biweekly. We have interviewed guests ranging from science fiction writers, comedians, to scholars and journalists. Our goal is to make the most thought-provoking Chinese podcast about American pop culture. 小声喧哗是一档以女性视角来观察和批判影视文本如何塑造世界的播客。《小声喧哗》Loud Murmurs, 是一档以女性视角来观察和批判影视文本如何塑造世界的播客。文化和审美的自觉认同从来都是隐含在创造者对世界的想象中,而这样的想象催生出许多充满偏见的创造动机。这样的创造动机渗透在我们日复一日热爱的欧美电影中,美剧里,渗透在我们对于事物的认知中。今天,我们想要去挑战它。紧跟影视热点和时事的同时,保持了双周频率的持续输出。在制作节目时,小声喧哗经常邀请学者和影评人参与我们的节目,使节目的观点更加多元化和专业。小声喧哗致力在中文世界,做最好的流行文化播客。


S4 E27 Dune: Ecology, Hallucinogens, and White Savior Complex 66:04 11/23/2021
S4 E26 “The Bad Art Friend” saga and our zeitgeist 62:53 11/02/2021
S4 E25 The self-awakening of Harley Quinn and Black Widow 55:10 10/13/2021
S4 E24 Becoming Shang-Chi: An Asian Superhero Origin Story 65:07 10/02/2021
S4 E22 Time Travel Part II: Schrödinger's Loki 42:53 09/20/2021
S4 E23 Time Travel Part III: The Tender Relativity of Interstellar 42:00 09/20/2021
S4 E21 Time Travel Part I: Tenet’s Unhinged Arrow of Time 33:30 09/20/2021
S4 E20 The Chair: More broke than woke 69:32 09/14/2021
[Revist] S3 E19 We lost RBG last year, and this year her legacy is in jeopardy 66:51 09/03/2021
S4 E19 In the self-repeating season 5 of Rick and Morty, predictable tropes overload 47:47 08/22/2021
S4 E18 Framing and Freeing Britney Spears 62:50 08/16/2021
S4 E17 Mare of Easttown: A Small-town Nightmare beyond the Murder 44:05 08/11/2021
S4E16: Loud Murmurs x UrbanCan: “In the Heights” — Glossy Dreams In A Disappearing Community 61:22 07/23/2021
[Revisit] S3 E4: The “Weinstein” bombshell — is “MeToo” going too far? 56:41 07/20/2021
S4 E15 Audio postcards from the Shanghai International Film Festival 59:36 07/01/2021
S4 E14 Rewatching “Lord of the Rings”: To die just a little 59:49 06/25/2021
S4 E13 “I’m a helpless believer in love” — A conversation with “Word of Honor” screenwriter Xiaochu 50:49 06/16/2021
S4 E12 Cruella: The Rebooted Disney Villain is Dressed to Kill 38:27 06/13/2021
S4 E11 ‘Sound of Metal’ — A Window Into Deaf Culture (Part Two) 50:41 06/10/2021
S4 E10 ‘Sound of Metal’ — A Window Into Deaf Culture (Part One) 49:40 05/30/2021
S4 E9 We talked to a therapist about “WandaVision” 45:02 05/21/2021
S4 E8 The Underwhelming Yet Controversial 2021 Oscars 57:10 05/03/2021
S4 E7 “Word of Honor” — A beautiful queer fantasy for straight eyes 54:52 04/30/2021
S4 E6 Why we’re obsessed with K-Drama 46:35 04/13/2021
S4 E5: Sippin Tea - Meghan and Harry's Tell-all Interview 69:09 03/21/2021
S4 E4: We Are All “Minari” 72:21 03/15/2021
S4 E3: Loud Murmurs X The Weirdo Podcast: What Female Characters Do We Want More Of On Screen (Part 2) 50:34 03/07/2021
S4 E2: Loud Murmurs X The Weirdo Podcast: What Female Characters Do We Want More Of On Screen (part 1) 54:33 03/06/2021
[REVISIT] S3 E21: "Nomadland" and Laborers on the Open Road 39:13 03/02/2021
S4 E1 Pixar’s “Soul” was heartwarming -- but only for 5 seconds 54:38 02/13/2021