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Press Play is meant to find the lost. Press Play is meant to bring back the lost art of listening. Press Play was meant to inspire the uninspired. Press Play was meant to create conversations that are difficult but need to be had. Press Play is for YOU from ME. Love, Canary With a T


Press Play and find out. ;-)Xoxo Ruby Ryder
32:01 2/2/21
See you soon, Jose.
In loving memory of Jose O Luquez.A loving father, son & best friend to MANY.WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DEARLY..
13:31 12/28/20
Say Their Names
The best feature about the human species is our capacity to learn and UNLEARN.Enjoy!*I do not own any rights to the music on these recordings*
17:41 11/6/20
Make sure to bring your headphones and you may want to light some candles for this one.....or glow sticks....Until next time...
08:20 12/11/19
What part of 'NO'
Broward county: Nancy J Cotterman center- Sexual Assault Treatment Center 954-357-5775 or 954-761-RAPE 24 Hour Sexual Assault HotlineMiami-Miami Counseling 305-448-8325Kristi House- 305-547-6800 (for kids who were sexually abused) 
16:08 12/3/19
April 2010
Hoping this will help someone feel they are not alone....Love you pretty birds! 
09:37 11/19/19
Dark Side
I hope you find something that sets your soul on fire. 
07:23 11/12/19
Here is to many more planes to jump off of...cheers!Enjoy!
08:51 11/5/19