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*Formerly the Joyful Mud Puddles Podcast* Discover more joy and peace in your family with support you can count on in your parenting journey. Here on The Parenting Coach Podcast you'll hear all about gentle, peaceful, positive parenting. Meaghan Jackson is a gentle parenting coach. She has taken her passion for bringing peaceful calm to family life and pairs that with her background in education to help parents become more confident and well equipped. As a successful business owner, entrepreneur and homeschooling mom, Meaghan understands the difficulties that many parents go through trying to juggle it all. Her family struggles and transformation is what led Meaghan to become a parenting coach because she desires for others to rediscover the joy in parenting. What questions would you like to ask a parenting coach?


Communicating with Gentleness and Empathy 15:41 09/13/2021
Gentle Parenting - Interview with Angela Harders 23:11 09/06/2021
The Secret of peaceful parents 12:41 08/23/2021
Tips to transition into the school year 11:13 08/16/2021
How to Thrive as a Working Parent Part 2: Caring for yourself 30:45 08/09/2021
How to Thrive as a Working Parent: Part 1 Being Proactive and Living Intentionally 31:16 08/02/2021
Sensitive and Strong - Interview with Cheri Gregory 25:56 07/26/2021
Traveling with Children - Interview with Christina Vieira 16:55 07/19/2021
Summer announcements 10:21 06/28/2021
Returning to work after maternity leave - Interview with Lori M 28:21 06/21/2021
Celebrating Fathers - Interview with Brad Moser 17:53 06/14/2021
Navigating sharing - Interview with Erin Fleming 28:26 06/07/2021
Dealing with big emotions-parenting during a pandemic 19:03 05/31/2021
Power struggles and strong willed children 27:22 05/24/2021
Big Changes Coming! 11:56 05/17/2021
May you find joy in your work 23:02 05/10/2021
The importance of nature and fun ways to explore 32:03 05/03/2021
Your everyday life is teaching important lessons 18:35 04/26/2021
I messed up and got angry - now what? 17:12 04/19/2021
It is okay to get angry 23:12 04/12/2021
Meltdowns, Overstimulated parents, and sensitive children: Answering your questions 26:10 04/05/2021
We become like those we follow 19:36 03/29/2021
Ask yourself, "Why not?" 15:54 03/22/2021
Gentle parenting impacts learning 27:49 03/08/2021
The power of a gentle answer 10:52 03/01/2021
Overcoming worry and anxiety 11:54 02/22/2021
Relationships are at the Heart of Obedience 10:38 02/15/2021
You are More than just a mom 31:18 01/25/2021
Being Highly Sensitive 27:31 01/18/2021
Creating a vision for your year- Interview with Debbi Sluys 34:53 01/11/2021