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An indie music podcast spreading the gospel of vinyl. Mission Statement: "Here's some cool music you may not have heard, so go buy it on vinyl at your local neighborhood mom & pop record shop." NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! #SpinMomAndPop Bend & Scoop is brought to you by Harder Concepts. Eat. Drink. Party Harder!


Episode 74: Bet It Felt Pretty Good
Special Guest: Lauren Carey from the Beer'd Al podcast
57:34 10/29/2021
Episode 73: Not in the Ass
Special Guest: Chris Lathrop from the Pod of Thunder podcast
71:06 10/22/2021
Episode 72: I am NOT a Big Man!
Special Guest: Brian Colburn from the Playlist Wars podcast
61:57 10/15/2021
Episode 71: Bad Taste is Not a Crime
Special Guest: Junior Lopez from the How Many Podcast
87:31 10/08/2021
Episode 70: You Are a True Peckerhead!
Special Guest: Shawn Westfall from A Positive Jam
69:49 10/01/2021
Episode 69: Is a Frog's Ass Watertight?
Special Guest: Mistress Carrie from The Mistress Carrie Podcast
83:03 09/24/2021
Episode 68: I'll Let You Wear My Underwear
Special Guest: Joe Scibilia from The Rock N' Roll & Coffee Show podcast
56:47 09/17/2021
Episode 67: Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia
Special Guests: Holly Cantos & Dave Sloan from the What Difference Does It Make? podcast
69:50 09/10/2021
Episode 66: Somebody You'd LIKE to Kill
Special Guest: Rob Thomas (creator of Party Down, Veronica Mars, iZombie and more)
69:07 09/03/2021
Episode 65: I'm Afraid It's a Little Out of My Class
Special Guest: Bruce Kramer from the Prisoners of Rock & Roll podcast
52:21 08/27/2021
Episode 64: It's Probably Watered Down
Special Guest: Rich Price from The Age Old Question podcast
58:03 08/20/2021
Episode 63: I Faked Mine, Too!
Special Guest: Pleasant Gehman from The Devil's Music podcast
71:05 08/13/2021
Episode 62: Ever Seen a Bald Bum?
Special Guest: Tiffany Mason from the Memories with a Beat podcast
61:44 08/06/2021
Episode 61: He's a Chronic Bedwetter
Special Guest: Brad Page from the I'm in Love With That Song podcast
68:31 07/30/2021
Episode 60: Reach Out for the Pulpit
Special Guest: Martin Popoff from the History in Five Songs podcast
60:54 07/23/2021
Episode 59: It All Sounds Like Some Bad Movie
Special Guests: Michael Armstrong & Jason McCall from the Our Favorite Albums podcast
74:27 07/16/2021
Episode 58: One Less Wart on the Ass of Society
Special Guest: Josh Goodheart from the Combing the Stacks podcast
59:47 07/09/2021
Episode 57: Are You Horny to Win???
Special Guests: Travis & Quentin Self from the No Filler podcast
68:05 07/02/2021
Episode 56: Your Mother's Weird
Special Guests: Ashleigh & Maggie from the Rock Candy podcast
60:41 06/25/2021
Episode 55: We Don't Enforce Them Laws
Special Guests; Jon & Chris from the Listen Closely with Jon & Chris podcast
62:34 06/18/2021
Episode 54: It Won't Pinch, It's Paper Thin
Special Guest: Chad Peck from Kestrels
62:53 06/11/2021
Episode 53: You Are a Walking Light Bulb
Special Guest: Matt Rudmann from the Combing the Stacks podcast
59:58 06/04/2021
Episode 52: I Don't Wanna Pump Any Sunshine Up Your Skirt
Special Guest: David Miller from the Pausable Deniability podcast
67:50 05/28/2021
Episode 51: There's No Basement at The Alamo!
Special Guest: Manfred Jones from The Woggles and The Mighty Manfred Program
68:33 05/21/2021
Episode 50: Stop Playing with Yourself
Special Guest: Jay Scott from The Hook Rocks! podcast
56:52 05/14/2021
Episode 49: Farthing Schmarthing
Special Guests: Steven & Sonny from the Growin' Up Rock podcast
68:00 05/07/2021
Episode 48: I Found it in a Box of Lucky Charms
Special Guests: Kristen Studard & Joe Kwaczala from the Who Cares About the Rock Hall? podcast
76:28 04/30/2021
Episode 47: This is Our First Gun
Special Guest: Rhylan Rowe from the Human Dads podcast
74:42 04/23/2021
Episode 46: If I Buy Two Odds, Will You Show Us Your End?
Special Guest: Gary Grant from the How Many & Grant Central Station podcasts
64:43 04/16/2021
Episode 45: The More You Drive, The Less Intelligent You Are
Special Guest: Jason Bemis Lawrence from the Before the Stream podcast
68:17 04/09/2021