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The Power Hungry podcast spotlights energy, power, innovation, and politics. Author and journalist Robert Bryce talks with top thinkers, writers, and influencers.


Leigh Phillips: Author of Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-Porn Addicts: A Defense of Growth, Progress, Industry, and Stuff 85:41 12/07/2021
Scott Angelle: Former Director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement at Department of Interior 57:36 11/30/2021
Chris Keefer: Host of the Decouple Podcast 60:49 11/23/2021
John Hanekamp: Coal Industry Consultant 78:06 11/16/2021
Todd Royal: Co-Author of Clean Energy Exploitations 51:01 11/10/2021
Gordon Hughes: Professor of Economics at the University of Edinburgh 78:42 11/02/2021
Richard Herrington: Head of the Earth Sciences Department at the Natural History Museum, London 59:52 10/26/2021
Jon Entine: Founder and Executive Director of the Genetic Literacy Project 73:03 10/19/2021
Jesse Ausubel: Director of the Program for the Human Environment at Rockefeller University 83:13 10/12/2021
Mark Nelson: Managing Director of the Radiant Energy Fund 61:51 10/05/2021
Annie Hawkins: Executive Director of the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance 57:17 09/28/2021
Art Berman: Petroleum Geologist and Director, Labyrinth Consulting Services 80:01 09/21/2021
Mark McKinnon: Creator and Co-Host of The Circus on Showtime 53:25 09/14/2021
Franklin “Chuck” Spinney: Author of "The Defense Death Spiral” 105:53 09/07/2021
Antoine Saab: Founder and CEO of E24 Solutions. 71:17 08/31/2021
Pamela Ronald: Professor in the Genome Center and Department of Plant Pathology at University of California, Davis 61:55 08/24/2021
Roger Pielke Jr.: Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado 74:21 08/17/2021
Isaac Orr: Policy Fellow at the Center of the American Experiment 67:04 08/10/2021
Alex Epstein: Author of The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels 77:50 08/03/2021
Peter Osnos: Peter Osnos, Author of An Especially Good View: Watching History Happen 78:54 07/27/2021
Kevin D. Williamson: Author of Big White Ghetto 68:59 07/20/2021
Emmet Penney: Writer & Co-Host of Ex.Haust Podcast 83:12 07/13/2021
Robert Hargraves: Co-Founder of ThorCon International 64:00 07/06/2021
Sally Vance-Trembath: Professor of Theology at Santa Clara University 72:05 06/29/2021
Meredith Angwin: Author of Shorting the Grid 66:08 06/22/2021
Rupert Darwall: Senior Fellow at the RealClearFoundation 82:30 06/15/2021
Dave Schryver: CEO of the American Public Gas Association 45:53 06/08/2021
Nicholas DeIuliis: CEO of CNX Resources Corporation & Author of The Leech 69:02 06/01/2021
Michael Shellenberger: Author of Apocalypse Never: How Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All 67:20 05/25/2021
Steven Koonin: Author of Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What it Doesn’t, and Why It Matters 55:14 05/18/2021