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(OOTQ) Which Books Have Had An Impact on Us? (Charles H. Roberts) 68:24 05/03/2021
(FAR) How Long are the DAYS of Genesis 1? 46:35 05/03/2021
(OOTQ) Does Citizenship Mean Anything Anymore? (Steve Samson) 50:01 04/28/2021
(FAR) Hope for the Hopeless | Evangelism Encounters 22:30 04/23/2021
(TCP) What’s Next for Christian Reconstruction? 69:06 04/23/2021
(OOTQ) Is Satire Unbiblical? (Charles H. Roberts) 44:10 04/19/2021
(OOTQ) How Are Latin American Christians Sharing Rushdoony's Message? (Valeria Ramirez) 33:52 04/12/2021
(OOTQ) Is Organ Transplantation a Blessing of Modern Science? (Charles H. Roberts) 48:45 04/05/2021
(FAR) A Defense of Perseverance of the Saints 83:23 03/30/2021
(FAR) "Pro-Life" is Not Enough | Speech for ETSU Conservative Coalition 35:05 03/30/2021
(OOTQ) Does Our Banking System Make Us Slaves? (Mike Winther) 61:39 03/22/2021
(TCP) The Church as an Embassy 66:20 03/19/2021
(OOTQ) Do National Symbols Belong in Our Churches? (Gary DeMar) 57:27 03/19/2021
(OOTQ) What is the Third Revolution in Education? (Vishal Mangalwadi) 65:08 03/19/2021
(FAR) A Deeper Look at the Church that Denies the Bible is God's Word 53:14 03/19/2021
(FAR) The President of East Tennessee State University | Evangelism Encounters 12:37 03/19/2021
(FAR) Wiki How - HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN?! 49:52 03/19/2021
(TCP) Rushdoony and Van Ti‪l 65:02 03/02/2021
(FAR) Getting Kicked Off Campus for Sharing the Gospel 46:26 03/02/2021
(FAR) Pragmatism in Evangelism: Altar Calls 42:12 03/02/2021
(PP) C is for Coexist 53:31 03/02/2021
(RRR) Toxic Indifference and the Missing Sex Drives 50:35 03/02/2021
(OOTQ) Can Worship Inspire Action? (Gabe Rench) 58:27 03/02/2021
(OOTQ) Are We Doing Missions the Right Way? (Mark Robinette) 53:54 03/02/2021
(OOTQ) Can a Homeschooling Mother Create Successful Businesses? (Leah McHenry) 55:27 03/02/2021
(OOTQ) Christian CEO Offers Alternative to Big Tech (Rob Monster) 70:14 03/02/2021
(OOTQ) How Much Don't You Know About American History? 57:08 02/02/2021
(FAR) My "Purgatory Debate" Review 43:48 02/02/2021
(FAR) Real Quick Evangelism | Evangelism Encounters 13:44 02/02/2021
(PP) B is for Biology 41:59 02/01/2021