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Issues that impact the black community and the community at large. No favorites, no spin. Frank and honest opinions and solutions.


Represent the BLM with dignity, Good Police Need to Help Weed Out Bad Ones, Minnesota Viking Creating a George Floyd Scholarship 17:35 09/11/2020
More Black Lives lost at the Hands of Police, Armed "Counter Protestors", Kyle Rittenhouse is NOT a Patriot 14:27 09/04/2020
Jacob Blake Shot, Vigilante Shoots and Kills 2 Protestors, Looting in Minneapolis Again 14:27 08/27/2020
Protest at Lt. Bob Kroll's home, Political Fatigue, Choosing Your Friend By Political Affiliation 21:44 08/20/2020
The Biden-Harris Ticket, Don't Think You Have seen the Last of The Federal Agents, Are We Electing Politicians or Leaders 36:58 08/14/2020
Everyone is getting what they want from the BLM Movement except the people it is about! 60:18 07/14/2020
Your Questions for the Black Minds Unchained Podcast 65:15 07/10/2020
Bob Kroll Joint Podcast with Black Minds Unchained and Mix Radio 126:38 07/08/2020
Shuffling through today's hot topics with the Black Minds 59:02 06/24/2020
GOP candidate sets up campaign tent at George Floyd memorial site, Confederate statues camouflage 52:30 06/23/2020
A candid conversation with podcasters, a producer, a Reverend, and police officer 56:53 06/21/2020
Your Narrative is being hijacked, Don't be used by others to make their point, Advice given to a young man 39:06 06/17/2020
The Difference Between Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, 51:38 06/13/2020
Ask the Black Minds. Defund the police, now what, homeless kicked out of sanctuary 59:07 06/10/2020
We didn't start the fire! A vacuum of leadership, A father's point of view, Where are the people who told you you shouldn't have guns to protect yourself? 59:51 06/03/2020
Update on the Protests, Rioting, and Unrest on the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area From Boots on The Ground 21:49 05/31/2020
Don't follow the "Chain of Fools", Social Distancing in Church,Super-Chat Money Grab, Looking Through the Black Lens 73:30 05/28/2020
I'm not "People of Color," I'm BLACK! Rev's Rant 75:02 05/26/2020
The Aubrey Ahmad Murder, The Blexit Myth, Black Conservatives That Have't Sold Out 67:45 05/21/2020
Back From The 1st Wave of the COVID-19 Crisis, Some Things Never Change 60:48 05/19/2020
Black Minds Unchained CoronaVirus Update 5 09:04 04/24/2020
Black Minds Unchained Corona Virus Update 4 09:02 04/13/2020
Black Minds Unchained Corona Virus Update 3 06:42 04/06/2020
Black Minds Unchained Corona Virus Update #2 10:53 04/01/2020
Black Minds Unchained Corona Virus Update 05:09 03/30/2020
Corona Virus, TP and Hand Sanitizer shortage, Buy what you need, 59:35 03/25/2020
Firearms in the Black Community, Corona Virus, Take notes on your leadership during this crisis. 85:09 03/19/2020
Part 2 Chris Kelley CD5 Independence Party Candidate for Minnesota CD5, Minneapolis buys K-mart land for 9 Million dollars 69:37 03/12/2020
Part 1 Chris Kelley CD5 Independence Party Candidate for Minnesota CD5 68:29 03/10/2020
Use your vote like a line item veto, Elizabeth Warren tells the truth, 62:30 03/05/2020