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Happy Inspired Motivated

Happy, Inspired, Motivated. Helping entrepreneurs become successful and wealthy through mindset, meditation and motivation. The show for entrepreneurs who need to get their mojo back, and fall back in love with their lives and their businesses. Bringing you ways to get into the feel-good energy so you can start living your life, your way. Every week I’ll be sharing how to create less stress and more calm, less negativity and more positivity, more confidence, spontaneity, motivation and inspiration leading to more success in your life. Understanding how the choices and decisions you make every day affect your future reality. We’ll be having fun along the way, and sharing stories that will leave you feeling happy, inspired and motivated. It is never too late to take control of your life and get that excitement and enthusiasm back! Whether you’re a new business owner or you’ve been doing it for years creating that life filled with success and abundance is always only one choice away. What do you choose today?


Mighty Pete, talking about where his ‘Fire In the Belly’ comes from. 29:16 12/03/2021
Why ‘faking it till you make it’ subliminally solidifies your future. 16:20 11/30/2021
Tom Bailey, founder of Succeed Through Speaking, Getting over your fear of public speaking 26:44 11/26/2021
You can’t take the Goddess out of the girl. 14:11 11/23/2021
Talking with Teri Karjala, Transformational Life Strategist 39:58 11/19/2021
My story, living with the invisible scars 27:31 11/16/2021
Jonathan de Potter, Behold Retreats. Talking sacred toad venom, magic mushrooms & plant medicine giving you the opportunity to thrive 32:39 11/12/2021
How to get that ‘life’ promotion in the next 7 days 20:45 11/09/2021
Hanna Hermanson talking on how dream life is real life 29:24 11/05/2021
102 Making space in your life so there is room for the new 12:52 11/02/2021
101 Melisa Caprio, Postcards to the Universe & OMTimes Radio Host 41:05 10/29/2021
100 Is it possible to make £1Million in 12 months? 18:45 10/26/2021
99 Helen Adams 8 weeks to £12K, the Global leader of the Female Business Revolution. 27:57 10/22/2021
98 Reasons why you stop dreaming the older you get 30:15 10/19/2021
97 Vibrant Shaurya, CEO & founder of Best Selling Book 46:23 10/15/2021
96 Are you ready for a drop in cabin pressure? 13:59 10/12/2021
95 Susie Pettit, Life Coach for women, creating Midlife Warriors 31:15 10/08/2021
94 What’s meant to be, will come to me 12:52 10/05/2021
93 Jenny Toh, River Life Coaching 28:20 10/01/2021
92 The universe and I, just have to say…. 11:20 09/28/2021
91 Melissa Kirk, talking human design, coaching and real estate 34:00 09/24/2021
90 Lisa Mitchell Visionary Founder, Intuitive Guide and Coach 43:17 09/17/2021
89 Have you hit your success threshold? 09:19 09/10/2021
88 Let’s talk about money 12:57 09/03/2021
87 Shawn Harper from Locker room to Boardroom 30:29 08/27/2021
86 10 lessons to be learned from Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill. 25:03 08/24/2021
85 The love we give, is the love we share 12:36 08/20/2021
84 E. A. Csolkovits, How To Never GIVE Up, Keep Rising Up, Always Overcome. 53:50 08/17/2021
How to anchor in a state of happiness, when it’s all going pear shaped. 12:27 08/13/2021
Lou Portass, connecting passions, missions and brands 32:57 08/10/2021