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Bookworm Banquet

Bookworm Banquet is a program that aims to Satisfy Your Literary Cravings by offering up book reviews and author interviews on all genres of books with one caveat; the books must be family friendly. Our goal is to offer wholesome reading to our listeners, whether they are fiction or biography, current releases or classics, children’s books or books for older readers, we will review and discuss them all! JD and Nicole are avid readers who love talking about literature and would love for you to join the conversation.


BB33: Narrating Audiobooks, the Best Novel, and Revisiting Classic Literature with BJ Harrison 63:13 04/15/2020
BB32: Review of The Mirror Lies by Sandy Brownlee 32:23 01/29/2020
BB31: Review of Synapse by Steven James 49:39 10/04/2019
BB30: Review of Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer & The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands 51:34 09/08/2019
BB29: Review of Red Rover, Red Rover by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick & All Manner of Things by Susie Finkbeiner 47:38 06/27/2019
BB28: Review of Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin 46:10 05/29/2019
BB27: FPA’s The Screwtape Letters & Adapting Books for the Stage 49:18 05/16/2019
BB26: Review of The Curse of Misty Wayfair by Jaime Jo Wright & Fear Has a Name by Creston Mapes 47:16 03/27/2019
BB25: Review of Resistance by Jaye L. Knight & The Chair by James L. Rubart 35:07 02/27/2019
BB24: Bookworm Banquet Goes to the VNSA Book Sale [Bonus Episode] 25:49 02/21/2019
BB23: Enhance Your Reading, Trees Within Trees, & Quick Indie Spotlight - Sampler Platter #2 31:41 01/31/2019
BB22: Review of A Christmas by the Sea by Melody Carlson 32:15 12/20/2018
BB21: Indie Author Spotlight Volume II: Naomi Jackson 28:46 12/11/2018
BB20: Author Interviews from Just Read Local Author Fair 2018 49:06 11/29/2018
BB19: Micro Libraries, Reading Is Healthy, Story Dispensers, and more - Sampler Platter #1 35:00 10/26/2018
BB18: Review of A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano & Called to Protect by Lynette Eason 40:02 10/04/2018
BB17: Review of River to Redemption by Ann H. Gabhart & The 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker 44:35 08/31/2018
BB16: Review of According to Their Deeds by Paul Robertson 34:26 06/14/2018
BB15: Indie Spotlight Volume I: Victoria Lynn & Angie Thompson 40:58 03/30/2018
BB14: Interview with Author Bill Myers & Review of Invitation by Myers, Peretti, Hunt, and Gansky 38:01 01/04/2018
BB13: Review of Risen by Angela Hunt 28:43 08/24/2017
BB12: Review of the Dreamhouse Kings Series by Robert Liparulo 36:33 07/01/2017
BB11: Review of Saved By Her Enemy by Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak 25:42 06/02/2017
BB10: Review of Dragon Slayer: Beginnings by Carey Green 27:39 08/11/2016
BB9: Review of The Lost Choice by Andy Andrews 32:12 03/12/2013
BB8: Review of The Trial by Robert Whitlow 25:55 11/09/2012
BB7: Review of Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands & Scott Roche Interview 31:29 09/29/2012
BB6: Discussing The Classics with Audiobook Narrator B.J. Harrison 42:55 05/03/2012
BB5: Review of Sheep Tales by Ken Davis 31:50 03/31/2012
BB4: Review of Hope Rising & Kim Meeder Interview 42:16 07/24/2011