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Mindset Growth Mental Strength Toughness & Success Performance Motivation

This podcast is an interview series hosted by Josef Daley, the founder of Challenge State. He digs into the minds & lives of some of the most prolific thought leaders in sports, business & life! To discuss all things about mindset, performance tips and strategies you can implement to become more successful in your craft. Checkout any episode & you'll be sure to be inspired!


Helena Collins – How New Unprepared Teams Can Give CrossFit Mayhem Freedom A Run For Their Money 73:05 09/23/2020
Emeyle Dwyer – How to Handle Life with Autism, PTSD, Allergies and an Eating Disorder to Become One of the Top 10 Fittest Female CrossFit Athletes in the UK 72:18 08/25/2020
Jack Simmons AKA An Average CrossFitter – How to Start a YouTube Vlog, Set Up A Large Local CrossFit Comp & Raise Money for Charity by Doing Challenging Fundraisers 59:07 08/19/2020
Rhi Pearson – Managing Life as a Female Masters CrossFit Athlete, Business Owner, Whilst Working a Full Time Job & Mother! 49:09 08/12/2020
James St Leger – The UK’s Fittest Male Masters Athlete Experience’s Competing at Regionals & Strength in Depth 42:31 08/04/2020
Roxy Winstanley – How to Beat an Eating Disorder & Handling the Pressures of a Large Instagram Following 31:07 07/28/2020
PD Savage – The Fittest Man in Ireland Overcoming Injury Setbacks to Qualify for the CrossFit Games... 45:49 07/21/2020
Carrie Ogilvie Brown – Unnatural Athlete’s Experience Competing at Strength in Depth & Australian CrossFit Championships 2020 98:50 07/14/2020
Sam Stewart – Mindset & Strategies You Need to Know to Compete Regularly at CrossFit Sanctional Events 45:24 07/08/2020
Emma Hackett – How to Deal with Pressure & Negative Self Talk | Limitless Mental Performance Coaching 42:34 07/08/2020
Zakk Wild – How to Be The #1 UK CrossFit DJ & the Pressure of Providing the Tunes 39:58 07/08/2020
Trailer 00:23 07/01/2020