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Entrepreneurs Talk Africa: Uncovering the Stories of Africa's Rising Business Stars

"Entrepreneurs Talk Africa" is a captivating podcast dedicated to exploring the dynamic landscape of African entrepreneurship. The show offers listeners an opportunity to learn from the experiences, challenges, and successes of African entrepreneurs and start-up founders, as well as gain valuable insights and practical tips for their own ventures.Hosted by Gerald Ami, Jason Delorie and Marc Israel, seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts with a passion for African innovation, the podcast features weekly in-depth interviews with a diverse range of entrepreneurs and start-up founders from various sectors across the continent and African founders across the world. With each episode, "Entrepreneurs Talk Africa" aims to uncover the unique stories of these trailblazers, celebrate their achievements, and provide a platform for knowledge-sharing and inspiration.


VC4A Venture Showcase Mini Series - Kenza Lahlou
VC4A Venture Showcase Mini-Series - Episode 4: The Investor Perspective Want insider tips on raising investment in Africa? Tune into this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa as we speak with Kenza Lahlou, founder and managing partner at Outlierz Ventures. Kenza shares her unique perspective as an investor in African startups. She provides valuable insights into what investors are looking for and how programs like the VC4A Venture Showcase can help entrepreneurs get investor-ready.## Key Takeaways- Understand which acceleration programs add value and carefully choose the right one for your startup (00:03:06) - Exposure and connections to investors are a huge benefit of programs like the VC4A Venture Showcase (00:04:51)- The VC4A program is structured to provide value to both entrepreneurs and investors (00:06:01) - Investor interest breeds investor interest - having the backing of other investors adds confidence (00:11:48)- Focus on execution, metrics and unit economics to attract investors even in tough times (00:20:37) - Valuation corrections happening - raise at sensible valuations that bring the right investors (00:21:08)## Referenced in the Episode- [VC4A Venture Showcase]( - learn more about this flagship program for African startups - [Y Combinator]( - top US accelerator - [500 Startups]( - global seed fund and accelerator
22:27 11/14/23
VC4A Venture Showcase Mini Series - Bram Van der Bosh & Lillian Musoke
Emata: Building Fintech Solutions for African Farmers - Entrepreneurs Talk Africa**Summary**: In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Jason Delorie interviews Bram van den Bosch and Lillian Nassanga Musoke, founders of Ugandan fintech startup Emata. They discuss Emata's journey building digital financial services for smallholder farmers in Africa, from its early days gathering data to predict creditworthiness all the way to launching partnerships with banks and agricultural companies. Bram and Lillian share insights on the value of startup accelerators, the resilience required as a founder, and their experience in VC4A's annual Venture Showcase program.  **2:30** - Bram and Lillian introduce themselves and their backgrounds before starting Emata. Lillian was passionate about designing solutions for everyday Africans while Bram wanted to move beyond just shuffling money between the wealthy. **5:07** - The origin story of Emata - realizing banks weren't financing farmers and building a data-driven solution.**7:14** - On the value of startup accelerators for constant learning, expanding your network, and discovering unknown challenges on the horizon. **10:18** - Why Emata applied for many accelerators early on, but has gotten more selective over time. There's always a new level to reach.**15:02** - For startups in nascent ecosystems, the exposure and learning accelerators provide is crucial. **18:46** - Expectations for the VC4A Showcase: learning from other founders, meeting investors, and bringing conversations to the next level.**23:05** - The relationships and "emotional support" between cohort founders last long after programs end. **25:01** - Don't do it alone - keep going and keep putting yourself out there until you find the right programs and supporters.**27:26** - Behind the success are often many rejections - persistence pays off.**28:40** - A message to VC4A: thank you for building the African startup ecosystem and keep going!**References**:- Emata website: VC4A Venture Showcase: Africa Early Stage Investor Summit (AES): inspired by the resilience and vision of African startup founders like Bram and Lillian. Tune in to Entrepreneurs Talk Africa to hear more startup journeys, lessons learned, and tips for aspiring founders across the continent.
29:12 10/31/23
VC4A Venture Showcase Mini Series - Daisy Isiaho
In this episode, host Jason Delorie interviews Daisy Isiaho, co-founder and CPO of Zuri Health, a healthtech startup in Kenya. Daisy shares her experiences participating in the 2022 VC4A Venture Showcase Women's Founder Edition program.Key topics covered:Daisy's background and mission with Zuri HealthThe importance of accelerator programs for African startupsKey benefits Daisy gained from VC4A and other accelerators: mentorship, peer learning, funding accessUnique aspects of the VC4A Women's Founder EditionTips for entrepreneurs considering applying to accelerator programsTimeline0:00 - Intro0:33 - Daisy introduces herself and Zuri Health3:09 - Daisy shares her journey into healthtech and starting Zuri Health4:50 - Overcoming obstacles as a female founder in Africa5:49 - The value accelerator programs brought Zuri Health8:06 - Specific benefits: knowledge, mentorship, peer learning, partnerships9:38 - The importance of tailored mentorship12:48 - What makes VC4A Venture Showcase unique15:06 - Supporting female founders in Africa16:59 - Tips for getting the most out of accelerator programs19:53 - Key takeaways and encouragement to apply22:40 - Final advice: go for it!ReferencesZuri Health: Venture Showcase:, creators of Claude AI: https://www.anthropic.comThe shownotes provide a quick engaging overview of the podcast episode, highlighting Daisy's journey building Zuri Health and her experience in the VC4A accelerator program. The timeline marks key parts of the discussion to help guide listeners. Additional references give context and links to learn more. Overall, the shownotes serve as a valuable companion to summarize and promote the podcast episode.
26:02 10/18/23
VC4A Venture Showcase Series - Abu Cassim
In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Jason Delorie interviews Abu Cassim, Lead for the Acceleration Team at VC4A, about their Venture Showcase program. BriefThe VC4A Venture Showcase provides acceleration support including mentorship, training, and investor connections to growth-stage startups in Africa and Latin America. With deep investor involvement throughout the program, 65% of participating startups raise funding within a year.Top Moments - [1:20] Key differences between incubation and acceleration programs- [5:26] VC4A Venture Showcase aims to increase early-stage funding in emerging markets   - [8:11] Continuous investor engagement makes VC4A unique- [12:25] 65% of startups raise funding within a year of participating in the program- [15:41] Support provided for seed and Series A startups  - [18:46] Focused on high-impact sectors like climate, agriculture, and cities- [22:13] Access to top investors and mentors throughout AfricaLearn MoreGet involved with VC4A programs and meet investors and mentors:- VC4A Venture Showcase website: VC4A platform to connect: Related resources- Harvard Business Review - "What Startup Accelerators Really Do" INC Magazine - "Do Accelerator Programs Really Make Startups More Successful?"
24:51 10/4/23
Special Episode - Buntu Majaja - South African Innovation Summit
In this episode, host Gerald Ami interviews Buntu Majaja, CEO of the South African Innovation Summit, one of the largest startup events in Africa. They discuss the innovation landscape across the continent, promising industries and solutions from African entrepreneurs addressing local needs.Episode SummaryBuntu shares insights on the industries receiving the most startup investment in Africa - fintech, healthtech, edtech and clean energy. He sees these as building critical infrastructure to enable further entrepreneurial growth.Examples of innovative African startups making an impact: off-grid IoT energy solutions in Malawi, growing oyster mushrooms in harsh conditions in Botswana, cybersecurity company expanding globally out of South Africa.The South African Innovation Summit on Sept 27-29 unites thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and thought leaders to grow African innovation. Buntu invites listeners to join and learn.Episode Timeline[00:50] Welcome and introducing Buntu Majaja[01:46] How is Buntu feeling ahead of the Innovation Summit[03:28] Top startup investment industries in Africa[08:02] Examples of innovative African startups solving local problems[12:12] Overview of the South African Innovation Summit[15:01] Closing wordsResources MentionedSouth African Innovation Summit:
16:59 9/7/23
Investor Readiness - Joseph Rutakangwa - Rwazi
Listen to Founder Joseph Rutakangwa Share His Entrepreneurial Journey on Entrepreneurs Talk Africa SummaryIn this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Gerald Ami speaks with Joseph Rutakangwa, founder and CEO of consumer insights startup Rwazi. Joseph shares his unique journey across Africa and into entrepreneurship, from early community development projects to launching a profitable startup poised for growth. Timeline Highlights0:39 - Joseph introduces his background growing up in Tanzania and Uganda before becoming a student in the US. He started doing community development projects in Tanzania at 19. 4:55 - Joseph pivoted from graphic design and videography to focus on sustainable community impact, leading him to launch Rwazi.9:53 - He explains Rwazi's model of leveraging mobile technology and local consumers to capture granular consumer data and insights in African markets. 14:45 - Joseph discusses the challenges faced by African startups, including lack of early funding and dependence on revenue versus external capital. 19:52 - Rwazi is now growing quickly in the US, helping American companies export using hyperlocal data from emerging markets.24:13 - Joseph shares advice for aspiring founders, stressing the importance of sales skills and focusing on revenue generation.ReferencesFor more on emerging market consumer insights, listen to BCGTalks' episode on "The Human Cloud".Joseph mentions benefiting from Google's AI Impact Challenge grant.Rwazi's data-driven approach connects with principles in the book "Data-Driven Business Decisions" by Sharda, Delen, and Turban.
17:11 8/18/23
Investor Readiness - Ismael Belkhayat - Chari
🎙️ **Entrepreneurs Talk Africa: Investor Readiness with Ismael Belkhayat**In this engaging episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Jason Delorie kicks off an investor readiness series with special guest Ismael Belkhayat, a successful entrepreneur behind several ventures, including the innovative e-commerce and fintech app, Chari.Belkhayat delves into the investor readiness mindset, discussing how expectations have changed over time, from fast growth to a focus on sustainable, profitable business. He also outlines the key differences between seed and Series A stages of funding, emphasizing that investors look for strong founders in the seed stage, whereas they shift their attention to the company's performance in the Series A stage.Delorie and Belkhayat dig deeper into the complex criteria involved in Series A funding, including due diligence, valuation, investment memos, and business proofs of concept. And as an entrepreneur who applied twice for the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator, Belkhayat stresses the importance of resilience and learning from failure.A fascinating aspect of this discussion is the unique challenge of co-founding a startup as a married couple. Belkhayat candidly shares his perspective on balancing work and personal life, arguing that being a married couple can in fact be a strength in entrepreneurship.With nuggets of wisdom and engaging dialogue, this episode is a must-listen for all current and aspiring entrepreneurs!**Podcast Timeline**- 0:00 - Jason Delorie introduces Ismael Belkhayat and Cherry- 2:04 - Belkhayat clarifies a fact about North African startups- 3:14 - Discussion about how investor readiness has evolved- 4:49 - Delorie asks about differences between seed and Series A stages- 5:10 - Belkhayat explains the differences between seed and Series A stages- 7:49 - Delorie summarizes the key distinctions between these stages- 9:16 - Belkhayat provides an in-depth view of seed and Series A funding- 13:38 - Delorie emphasizes the importance of passion and effective fund utilization- 15:25 - Belkhayat shares his experience of applying for Y Combinator- 19:40 - Delorie on the importance of keeping investors updated- 20:58 - Belkhayat discusses the challenges of being co-founders and a married couple- 24:21 - Belkhayat's final advice for entrepreneurs (stay tuned!)**References**1. Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)2. Y Combinator3. Chari: Ismael's startup4. Yassir Algerian ride-hailing companyCheck out this enlightening episode and gain insights from a seasoned entrepreneur on the ever-changing landscape of investor readiness.
26:20 6/26/23
ETA News - Episode 1 - June 2023
Welcome to the "News of the Entrepreneurs Talk Africa" podcast where our founders Marc, Jason, and Gerald explore the dynamic world of African entrepreneurship. They kickstart the series by delving into the current state of startup funding, the rise of generative AI, the shift in venture capital mindsets, and the impressive surge in female entrepreneurship across the continent.Timeline00:00:06 - Introduction to the podcast and hosts.00:00:57 - The trio begins their discussion on the current funding situation for startups in Africa.00:11:07 - Jason emphasizes the importance of investment opportunities for growth in fragmented ecosystems like Africa.00:12:34 - Gerald introduces a paradigm shift in companies' utilization of investment funds.00:13:47 - Jason points out investment opportunities from grant-giving organizations.00:16:39 - Marc shares details about the Africa Business Heroes program from the Jack Ma Foundation.00:19:04 - Gerald explores the expanding presence of tech hubs and incubators in emerging African markets.00:21:55 - The team dives into the importance and utilization of generative AI for African entrepreneurs.00:26:40 - Jason argues that AI has become a necessary tool for all businesses.00:28:04 - Jason provides insights into investment trends and prospects in Africa.00:30:46 - The hosts discuss the rise of female entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa.ReferencesGenerative AI: Explore further about AI on OpenAI and Technology Review's Article on GPT-4, as well as AI initiatives by Google and Microsoft.Discover thriving African entrepreneurs at FCB dot AI, She Leads Africa, Lionesses of Africa, and African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative.Venture Capital: Know more about Savvy, Fred Swaniker from ALU, and African tech hubs.Female Entrepreneurship: Learn about it from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and Soul Rebels.Additional resources: African Business Angel Network, DEG Developed PPP Ventures program, Go-Getters Agri Prize, Agri Hack, Africa Business Heroes program, Rwanda tech hubs: KLab, [Impact Hub Kigali](https://impacthub.rwEnjoy! And let us know what you think about this new season!
34:51 6/12/23
Evolution Series - Stephano Rose - Next Avenue
In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Jason Delorie reconnects with Stephano Rose, an African diaspora entrepreneur based in Australia and the founder of Next Avenue. Join them as they delve into Stephano's journey, the growth of Next Avenue, and his valuable insights for success in the African market.Key Takeaways:1. Building Structure and Agility: Stephano highlights the importance of balancing structure and agility as Next Avenue scaled. Maintaining lean operations while establishing key processes allowed the team to pivot and adapt to changing market needs.2. Cultivating a Strong Company Culture: Next Avenue prioritizes its team's growth and culture by actively listening, mentoring, and encouraging feedback. This fosters a collaborative environment that leads to better solutions for clients and long-term relationships.3. Staying Connected with Africa: Despite being based in Australia, Stephano emphasizes the significance of staying connected with the African ecosystem. By maintaining relationships and engaging with prospects, Nexavenu has built a pipeline for future opportunities on the continent.4. The Post-COVID African Ecosystem: Stephano observes that Africa is still catching up and recovering from the challenges brought by the pandemic. While some businesses remain risk-averse, others are seizing opportunities and moving faster. Small enterprises can be more agile and adapt quickly to changes in the market.5. Overcoming Challenges in Growth: Finding the right people at the right time has been a significant challenge for Next Avenue in the past two years. The uncertain business landscape and waves of COVID-related disruptions affected the availability of skilled individuals and slowed down decision-making processes.6. Financial Literacy and Sales Skills: Stephano emphasizes the importance of developing financial literacy for entrepreneurs. Understanding cash flow management and finance enables better decision-making and sustainable growth. Sales skills, including negotiation tactics and go-to-market strategies, are also crucial for success.7. Remote Work and Sustainable Growth: Next Avenue has embraced remote work and found it to be a flexible and efficient approach. However, finding the right people remains essential, as remote work doesn't eliminate the need for talent and fit within the team.8. Looking Ahead: Next Avenue has plans to expand its presence in the European and American markets while continuing to serve clients in Africa. The company aims for sustainable growth, focusing on organic expansion and leveraging its expertise and experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.Words of Wisdom:Stephano encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to maintain a continuous learning mindset. He recommends investing time in resources such as YouTube videos to gain essential knowledge in areas like finance and sales. Reflecting on progress regularly and being honest with oneself are vital for personal growth and navigating the entrepreneurial journey.Recommended Resources:- YouTube: Stephano suggests exploring YouTube videos on managing cash flow and understanding company valuations for valuable insights.- Entrepreneurs Talk Africa Podcast: Tune in to the full episode with Stefano Rose to gain deeper insights into his entrepreneurial journey, growth strategies, and valuable advice for entrepreneurs in Africa.Conclusion:Discover the evolving journey of Stephano Rose, the founder of Next Avenue, as he shares his experiences, challenges, and growth strategies on Entrepreneurs Talk Africa. Gain valuable insights into building a successful business, staying connected with the African ecosystem, and developing key skills for sustainable growth. Don't miss this inspiring episode!
28:18 6/5/23
Evolution Series - Gabriel Delerue - Fleeti
The Rising Potential of Africa - A Conversation with Jason Delorie and Gabriel DelerueWe met Gabriel for the first time  in March 2021, Season 5, Episode 10. In this episode we move from Mauritius to Morocco where Gabriel and his family now reside. Gabriel, co-founder and CEO of Fleeti, shares his growth, expansion ambitions, and challenges he faced over the last two years.Join us on this exciting episode of "Entrepreneurs Talk Africa", as we delve into a fascinating conversation with Jason Delorie and Gabriel Delerue. The dynamic duo discuss the evolving entrepreneurial landscape in Africa, the importance of infrastructure development, and the growth potential of the continent. This conversation will inspire, educate, and pique your curiosity.Key points discussed in this episode:1. **The Changing Face of Africa** - Jason Delorie shares his observations on the fast-paced movement, development, and investment in African infrastructure. Gabriel Delerue reflects on the increasing self-sufficiency seen in many African countries, where local talent is stepping up to meet domestic needs instead of relying on foreign aid or intervention. 2. **Africa's Self-Sufficiency Trend** - Gabriel talks about the growing trend of countries leveraging local talent and resources for their development, reducing reliance on foreign entities. He discusses the effects of this trend on the continent's growth and positivity.3. **Business Growth Lever** - Jason asks Gabriel to reveal the one thing that had the most impact on his company's ability to scale in different markets. Gabriel emphasizes the importance of focus and hard work, and how these have been vital to their business growth.4. **Advice for Entrepreneurs** - Gabriel shares his insights on the challenges of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of focusing on a single problem at a time. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to "fake it till you make it" and persist in the face of failure.5. **Looking Ahead** - Gabriel gives an exciting update about their future plans, revealing that they aim to expand their company to three more countries by the end of the year. He also shares his thoughts on balancing a day job with a side hustle to validate your business idea.Reference:'t miss out on this insightful episode! Dive into the podcast to gain a deeper understanding of Africa's entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned, and strategies for scaling businesses. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, this conversation is a goldmine of valuable advice.Remember to rate and review our podcast on your favorite listening app. We love to hear your feedback!
24:12 5/21/23
Evolution Series - Madvee Muthu - Bees with Stories
In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, we catch up with Madvee Muthu, the founder of Bees with Stories, as she shares her journey over the past two years in the sustainable beekeeping industry. She discusses the challenges faced, milestones achieved, and the importance of personal touches in her business. Tune in to hear Madvee's insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.Show Notes:00:00 - Introduction to Madvee Muthu, founder of Bees with Stories02:03 - Recent challenges in the beekeeping industry, including security issues and weather conditions affecting the colonies05:32 - The importance of sustainable beekeeping practices and maintaining strong, healthy colonies07:45 - Challenges in finding larger outlets for selling honey, and the role of volume in the business model10:50 - Milestones achieved in the past two years:Being a finalist in the Best of Organic Market 2021Selected for Cornell University's interdisciplinary case study programInvitation to join the Swedish team as a honey expert in an international competition14:15 - The power of personal touches in marketing and customer engagement17:05 - Returning customers and the importance of product tasting19:30 - Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:Distinguish between noise and real advice from experienced individualsLearn from others in your ecosystemEnjoy the journey and embrace the ups and downs22:38 - Conclusion and closing thoughtsReferences:Best of Organic Market 2021: University's interdisciplinary program: out this inspiring episode with Madvee Muthu as she shares her experiences and insights in sustainable beekeeping and entrepreneurship. Listen now!
27:01 5/2/23
Evolution Series - McKevin Ayaba - Setup a Startup
In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Gerald Ami speaks with McKevin Ayaba, a fellow African entrepreneur, CEO of Cerebral, and ecosystem builder. They discuss the unique challenges and opportunities faced by African entrepreneurs and the importance of creating a more technical and entrepreneurial economy in Africa.Highlights:McKevin shares some of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Africa, including structural issues, access to international markets, and external shocks like bank failures.The high costs of traveling across the continent are a significant burden for startup entrepreneurs.McKevin emphasizes the importance of investment readiness and believes that both investors and founders need to do more.Policies play a critical role in attracting investment to the continent, and African governments should consider waiving certain taxes and incentivizing investors.Despite the challenges, McKevin believes that Africa has a wealth of opportunities, particularly in the fields of technology and innovation.AI is one of the most promising technologies for the continent, and McKevin encourages entrepreneurs to continue innovating and learning.To create a more technical and entrepreneurial economy, Africa needs to focus on education, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation from primary school through university.McKevin shares his hopes for the future of Africa's startup ecosystem and believes that with the right support and investment, the continent can become a global leader in entrepreneurship.Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Summit and Awards: In this insightful conversation, McKevin Ayaba shares his perspectives on the challenges and opportunities faced by African entrepreneurs. As an ecosystem builder and advocate for entrepreneurship in Africa, McKevin's insights provide valuable context for those looking to understand and engage with the continent's thriving startup scene. Listen to this episode to learn more about how Africa can embrace its unique strengths and develop a more technical and entrepreneurial economy.
17:09 4/27/23
Evolution Series - Antoine Paillusseau -
Navigating the Future of Chatbots, API Collaboration, and the Importance of Building Sustainable BusinessesIn this episode of Entrepreneurs Take Africa, our host Marc Israel sits down with Antoine Paillusseau, the CEO of, to discuss the power of AI in shaping the future of conversational solutions and the importance of building sustainable businesses.Key discussion points include:The benefits of AI and chatbot technology in improving customer experienceHow is integrating GPT-4 into their platformChallenges faced during the development and growth of the companyUpcoming projects and initiatives, including an AI-powered negotiation toolThe importance of collaboration and opening up APIs for a more inclusive approachMoving towards productizing and focusing on sustainable business modelsAdvice for aspiring entrepreneurs in AfricaMentions and https://www.fcb.aiGPT-4 by OpenAI: Watson: this insightful conversation, Antoine shares the incredible opportunities presented by AI and conversational solutions, such as enhancing customer experiences and promoting collaboration. He also discusses the challenges in recruitment, sales, and building a sustainable business model.Antoine highlights the upcoming projects and initiatives that is excited about, including an AI-powered negotiation tool and the opening up of APIs for a more collaborative approach to their technology.Finally, Antoine shares invaluable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa, emphasizing the importance of storytelling, building sustainable businesses, and focusing on inclusivity and multiculturalism.Don't miss out on this fascinating discussion on the future of AI, chatbots, and the essential role they play in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business. Listen now!
24:59 4/17/23
Evolution Series - Sebastien Leblanc and Florent Masson - MIPS
Welcome to Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, the essential podcast for Africans trailblazing entrepreneurs, brought to you by The Talk Collective. In this episode, Marc Israel interviews Florent Masson and Sebastien Leblanc from MIPS, a payment orchestration system for merchants and consumers. They discuss their entrepreneurial journey, the challenges they have faced, and the importance of taking risks and trying new things.During the podcast, Sebastien Leblanc shared how they started MIPS and how their experience as entrepreneurs helped them to build a fast and agile company that makes decisions quickly. He emphasized the importance of having a mindset that is not afraid to take risks and try new things. Florent Masson added that it is crucial to get feedback from customers as quickly as possible and use that feedback to improve products or services.The hosts also discussed the challenges of being an entrepreneur and how to overcome them. They talked about how bureaucracy can be a major obstacle to innovation and growth, and how to avoid falling into the trap of becoming too bureaucratic. They also shared their personal experiences and successes, including how they were able to get their logo displayed in multiple spots at a food court, and the launch of their new product, MIPS fidelity system.If you're looking for some entrepreneurial inspiration and insights, this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa is a must-listen. Be sure to check out the show notes for a direct link to MIPS and its payment orchestration system.MIPS website:
25:03 4/10/23
Evolution Series - Chris Rey - Apollo Scooters
In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Jason Delorie sits down with Chris Rey, Chief Growth Officer of Apollo Scooters. They discuss Chris's journey in building a successful company from scratch and the importance of growth and empathy in business.Chris shares how he started his company, Apollo Scooters, and the challenges he faced along the way. He emphasizes the importance of being resilient, taking calculated risks, and staying focused on your goals.They also talk about the importance of building a team and empowering them with the right resources and equipment to succeed. Chris shares how he hires based on attitude and empathy, and how he values his team's input and feedback.Throughout the conversation, Chris emphasizes the importance of customer centricity, quality control, and the ability to adapt to change. He also shares some of his favorite books and podcasts that have helped him in his journey.This episode is a must-listen for any aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a successful company through growth and empathy.Key takeaways:Being resilient and taking calculated risks are important in building a successful company.Empathy and customer centricity are key to building a loyal customer base.Building a strong team and empowering them with the right resources and equipment is crucial for success.Quality control is important as you grow and expand your customer base.The ability to adapt to change is important in a fast-paced business environment.Recommended reading:"Good to Great" by Jim Collins"The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben HorowitzThank you for listening to Entrepreneurs Talk Africa. Please give us a five-star rating and share this podcast with other aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at
23:30 4/3/23
Evolution Series - Victor Maina - Duhqa
In this episode of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa, host Marc Israel welcomes back Victor Maina, the founder of Duhqa, a startup on a mission to connect millions of small retailers with manufacturers through technology. The episode delves into the progress and evolution of this African startup, with insights and stories of success to inspire and inform entrepreneurs. Victor explains how Duhqa has been connecting  pop shops with manufacturers for the past two years, and how the app they've developed allows retailers to choose products and prices. The back end of the app collects data to give manufacturers insights into consumer behavior.[00:02:51] Evolution of Duhqa's business.[00:04:14] One-stop-shop party planning.[00:08:28] Well-funded competitors.[00:13:34] Fastest delivery in the market.[00:16:09] Overcoming challenges as a founder.[00:19:08] Company growth and expansion.[00:22:53] Starting a business.Enjoy!
24:51 3/27/23
Evolution Series - Justin Lock & Erik Wand - Kamix
"Be ready to get your hands dirty" is the closing sentence from Justin and it introduces well this first evolution episode.We welcome Justin Lock, CEO and founder, and Erik Wand, VP of Operations, of Kamix. Kamix solves the problem of remittance, sending me to and from Africa to other countries in the world, at 0% commission. Yes, you read well, 0% commission. How do they do this ? With a great app, infrastructure and organization. You will learn more from their website, In this episode, Justin and Erik come up with their stories of growth and struggles over the last two years. Justin appeared in Season 2, Episode 9, in October 2020 ! This new episode is providing great insights from Kamix journey and unveil their bright future. Enjoy listening to this episode and remember to let us 5 stars on your favorite podcast app.
25:21 3/20/23
Evolution Series - Entrepreneurs Talk Africa Rebirth
Hello fellas,We are back! We’ve missed you and I hope you’ve missed us too (I heard it was the case from some of you). After a six months break to rethink, rekindle and regroup, we are back for a new season (the twelfth) and a new breath. In this episode, Jason, Gerald and I go through the whys, the hows and the future. We are very happy to be back and look forward to serving your ears with the best about African entrepreneurship!Marc
27:10 3/13/23
Special Debrief Episode - Inclusion by Code - SnapBrillia
Here's the debrief of my conversation with Ninh like Tran, founder of SnapBrillia. As usual, this is the key takeaways from the full conversation that you can find here.
06:42 9/9/22
Special Episode - Inclusion by Code - SnapBrillia
When I read the following sentence "Empower people to collaborate and share their knowledge while building the future of the open-source web with, and for, the community", I immediately thought, wow! It was rich and I wanted to learn more.I had the chance to meet the founding team of SnapBrillia through Seedstars, and the more we were discussing, the more I became certain it would be a great addition to the podcast. Yes, it's not targeting Africa per se, it's not even set in Africa, but I felt SnapBrillia's mission and its founder's experience would inspire African entrepreneurs.So here's my interview with Ninh like Tran, founder of SnapBrillia! Enjoy!
26:28 9/5/22
Funding Series - Umazi - Debrief with Cindy van Niekerk
We, Jason, Gerald and Marc debrief on Cindy's interview about Umazi and her experience as a female founder in a very male environment. The full episode can be found here.
11:25 7/17/22
Funding Series - Tulix - Debrief with Brian Muriu and Alistair Gould
In this episode, we welcome the three co-founders of Entrepreneurs Talk Africa for their key takeaways of the discussion with Brian and Alistair, co-founders of Tulix. The full episode is here.
11:28 7/11/22
Debrief with Alundas Havens from Alpha Podcasters
In this debrief episode, we come back on Marc's conversation with Alundas Havens from Alpha Podcasters. The full episode can be downloaded here.
10:10 7/6/22
Funding Series - Duhqa - Debrief with Victor Maina
We come back on Duhqa and our conversation with Victor. For the full episode, go there.
15:17 7/6/22
Funding Series - Giving Way - Debrief with Orit Strauss Raz
Find Jason, Gerald and Marc debriefing on Marc's discussion with Orit, founder of Giving Way. You can find the full episode here.
08:08 7/4/22
Funding Series - AiCare - Debrief with Arthur Mulwa
In this debrief episode, Jagon, Gerald and Marc come back on their discussion with Arthur, founder of AiCare. For the full episode, go there.
15:11 6/20/22
Funding Series - Yugo - Debrief with Kaushik Rathod
In this debrief episode, get the most of our conversation with Kaushik, founder of Yugo. As usual, if you want the full episode, just go there.
12:16 6/13/22
Alundas Havens from Alpha Podcasters
Podcasting is made of encounters. We met a couple of very successful podcasters, along them features Alundas Havens from Alpha Podcasters. In this special encounters episode, we discussed entrepreneurship, life and the universe with Alundas.  A special episode like no others from across the Atlantic with a perspective on creating your life, particularly when nothing was initially planned!
27:38 6/6/22
Funding Series - Key Takeaways - From the founders
We're closing this series of episodes about funding with the key takeaways from Jason, Gerald and Marc. What are the three or four items that are making a difference in the funding stories of those startupers? Discover each takeaway and why it has been picked. Stay also tuned for more goodies coming from Entrepreneurs Talk Africa soon!
28:58 5/29/22
Funding Series - Umazi - With Cindy van Niekerk
Due diligence, two words that can make any web trusted service shiver. Due diligence is front and center to many regulated and non-regulated industries, as soon as they want to do business with each other. In this episode, we meet Cindy van Niekerk, CEO and founder of Umazi, a company whose mission is to build trusted relationships through the exchange of verified information. At the crossroads of distributed ledger technologies, Umazi provides transparency, collaboration and compliance.Cindy walks us memory lane that lead her and her team to build Umazi. Discover lessons of trust, resilience, courage and sheer determination. Enjoy!
27:49 5/23/22

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