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The show is basically a peek into the service industry or odd jobs of people that want to blow some steam off. We talk about the worst part about your job, sex, drugs, money, tipping, etiquette, and more. We always end the show with a poop story !


Last Episode
Thank you for the support over the years this will be the Last Episode for My Shity Podcast! Cheers my friends! 
21:35 9/13/22
Ep.145 Life At Sea With Ryan and Lesli
Captain Ryan VanDeusen and Chef Lesli VanDeusen tell us what its like working in the Charter Industry and guess what? They are looking for an extra person to join the team you can contact them here at   
58:04 4/19/22
Ep.144 Axe Throwing with Michael Dolan
Michael is ranked nuber 11th Axe throwing guy in the world ...ya its a thing if you didnt know!  I hope you enjoy this episode 
55:32 4/12/22
Ep.143 Bartending with Lea
Lea does a Lightning round of bartender questions check out all of her stuff here: Lea  
38:24 4/5/22
Ep.142 Kris Kippler -Voice Actor
Mrs. Kippler is really refreshing and entertaining with her background in voiceacting. She provided excellent content in her career. Go check out her podcast and see what she is up to on her website:  
36:11 3/29/22
Ep.141 Game Writer Geoffrey Golden
Geoffrey is a  narrative designer for video games with a passion for interactive storytelling. As a writer with over 15 years experience, hia career spans multiple "medias": comics, audio fiction, tabletop games, cartoons. check out his website here;  
49:04 3/22/22
Ep.140 Bartending with Matthew Rangel
Matthew Rangel will tell you what it is like in the day and life of a bartender you should check out his IG here matthew.t.rangel or his TikTok here:therealmattyr hope you enjoy as much as I do 
38:20 3/15/22
Ep.139 Writer Clint Arthur
Clint shares stories of How he went from a loser driving a taxi for 6 years to multimillionaire Celebrity Entrepreneur and what he learned from international superstars and 5 US Presidents that helped him get to his life of luxury as told in the stories from his Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Wisdom Of The Men” and like always a pood story to top it off 
41:13 3/8/22
Ep.138 Beekeeping With Sam Barimani
Sam and I talk about Beekeeping the amazing life of bees and why its important to care about these amazing little beings.check out his insta here: Sam Barimani and If yo want to see more on bees check out his other IG here Stinson_bees 
41:45 3/1/22
Ep.137 Gay Porn Actor Joel Someone
Gay Porn Actor Joel Someone tells us all about what its like working in the gay porn industry. Go show him some love on his IG here  
66:10 2/22/22
Ep.136 Ex Stripper Pixie and Next On Stage One
Ex Stripper Pixie joins My Shity Podcast to talk about some strip club debauchery and her show NEXT ON STAGE ONE go check her and Mr. J out from the link above 
37:50 2/15/22
Ep.135 Vinnie Tortorich
This Episode I talk with Vinnie Tortorich from Fitness Confidential podcast and book, Fat A Documentary, Fat A Documentary 2 and Beyond Impossible to talk about his movies, book, and a little fitness I hope you enjoy 
48:00 2/1/22
Ep.134 UPS With Kevin and Esmeralda
let's see what its like to work for UPS! a day in the life of Kevin and Esmeralda. We talk about working in the holiday season and everyday life! cheers I hope you guys enjoy  
48:01 11/30/21
Ep.133 Comic Anthony Natarelli
This Episode of MSP I talk with Anthony Natarelli about doing stand up comedy and shitting your pants! I hope you guys enjoy 
52:52 11/23/21
Ep.132 Allen Clark Comic And Podcaster
Allen Clark is the host of Potential Problems Podcast and a New Mexico stand up comic check him out on IG here Allen Clark
50:22 11/16/21
Ep.131 Josh M of Jantmor Interviews
Josh has an impressive body of work in the world of gaming, voice over and some bands also check him out here Jantmortv and you can pretty much find everything you need from that link 
28:24 11/9/21
Ep.130 Bungalow Jonathan Mixed Media
go check out Bungalow Jonathan here there is a link to his website in the bio 
32:17 11/2/21
Ep.129 Artist With Brian
Go check out my Homies Podcast Artist With Brian he was even cool enough to interview me! I hope you enjoy also here is his IG so you can stay up to date with what he has going on 
50:02 10/26/21
EXODUS  is a new performance ensemble, directed by April Cleveland, creating wild theatrical events in Santa Fe for audiences who are dying to feel alive. go check them out through the hyper link on IG to stay up to date on what's going on.
51:36 9/21/21
Ep.128 Witchcraft W Tammy
Tammy from Bad Moon Apothecary  tells us all about witchcraft or Paganism for that matter. I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. Go show Tammy some love
58:01 9/14/21
Day Drunk With John Hanson
Welcome Back John Hanson ! We were not sure if we were going to record an episode today, so we got day drunk and recorded one at the end of the day. I alway have fun shooting the shit with this guy and I hope you enjoy 
66:35 9/7/21
Ep.130 Bungalow Jonathan Mixed Media
Bungalow Jonathan tells us about his success with social media and is lack of success with some of his past music. Go follow him on IG or TicTok and show him some love all of the links are on his website here  
32:17 9/7/21
Ep.126 Burlesque Performer P.No Noire
P. No and I talk shop about Burlesque and performance art go support P.No Noire on Ig here P.NoNoire on IG and stay up to date on shows. check out his side project here Bawdy Suit on IG  
64:22 8/31/21
Ep.125 Burlesque With Faggedy Randy
Wow, I get the pleasure of interviewing Faggedy Randy if you are not lucky enough to see him live watch him preform here: Faggedy Randy live! check us out on YouTube and  also check out Bawdy Suit. 
63:53 8/24/21
Ep.124 Podcaster and Screenwriter Brian
Brian from Artist With Brian Podcast joins me and tell me all about his dreams of being a successful Screenwriter you can check him out at these hyperlinks and go support his Podcast Artist With Brian he was nice enough to even have me on. 
49:09 8/17/21
Ep.123 Ask a Sex Therapist With Dr. Anne Ridley
Dr. Anne Ridley and I go over some listeners questions and talk shop please go support her on IG here Dr. Ann Ridley  or here website here Modern Aphrodite. and support your local business!
49:17 8/3/21
Ep.122 Guru Killer Cameron Shayne
Cameron is the Father of Budokon Mixed Movement Arts and Host of Guru Killer Podcast check out his pod here:  all his links to are on his IG Bio here: cheers hope you enjoy       
75:31 7/6/21
Ep.121 Real Estate With Daniel Huberman
We check in with Alonzo for the first 30min or so then we get into the meat and potatoes with Daniel Huberman check him out here: don't for get to look up the podcast on YouTube cheers 
122:59 6/22/21
Ep.120 The Boston Bidet With Mark Wilder
On this Episode we check in with Producer Emma the first half then we get right into the interview with Mark Wilder aka the Boston Bidet stick around and you will find out how he earned that title. check him out on IG here:  
81:30 6/8/21
Ep.119 Drywall With Vito
Vito and I turn what started at a short segment into a whole podcast I hope you guys enjoy and check me out on YouTube 
70:13 5/11/21