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Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News

Dive into the week's big technology news on Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News every Friday. Joined by Australia's leading tech journalists, co-hosts @alexkidman and @adam_turner channel-surf through the headlines in search of the big picture.


Ethereum outshines BitCoin, Aussie AI develops dementia for good: Vertical Hold Ep 327 28:28 05/06/2021
Who won big in the 5G mmWave auction? Will Apple's ECG get your heart racing? Vertical Hold Ep 326 35:35 04/29/2021
Apple springs out iPad Pro, AirTags and colourful iMacs: Vertical Hold Ep 325 48:18 04/22/2021
What surprises will Apple spring, what's HP's Instant Ink, who's losing the smartphone wars? Vertical Hold Ep 324 35:21 04/15/2021
Facebook privacy breach, tighter social media laws: Vertical Hold Ep 323 29:40 04/08/2021
Does the NBN make the grade? Why is Sony shuttering the PlayStation Store? Vertical Hold Ep 322 36:54 03/31/2021
Would you pay for a Twitter undo button? Is Instagram-for-under 13s safe? Vertical Hold Ep 321 31:04 03/25/2021
Netflix cracks down on account sharing; Apple, Google, Sonos in smart speaker smackdown: Vertical Hold Ep 320 35:19 03/18/2021
Epic takes on Google down under as Peloton cycles into view: Vertical Hold Ep 319 28:54 03/11/2021
Online safety bill threats to censor the net, NFTs rock the art world: Vertical Hold Ep 318 35:38 03/04/2021
Facebook vs Australia fallout, Disney's Star arrives: Vertical Hold Ep 317 34:25 02/25/2021
Mars special: Perseverance and beyond: Vertical Hold Ep 316 34:50 02/18/2021
NBN makes money and upgrades fibre, Telstra scraps postpaid plan billing, StarLink touches down in Australia: Vertical Hold Ep 315 30:11 02/11/2021
NBN halts HFC connections, Kayo scores more Aussie sport: Vertical Hold Ep 314 33:49 02/04/2021
Google threatens to leave Australia, What will Paramount+ and Disney Star bring to streaming: Vertical Hold Ep 313 41:37 01/28/2021
Facebook slams media code, Telstra blasts spectrum deal: Vertical Hold Ep 312 28:55 01/21/2021
CES 2021, Samsung Galaxy S21 Hands-On, Trump v Twitter: Vertical Hold Ep 311 46:27 01/14/2021
How has 2020 re-shaped podcasting and what lies ahead? Vertical Hold Ep 310 30:04 12/22/2020
Disney wishes on a Star, digital TV turns 20: Vertical Hold Ep 309 35:53 12/17/2020
Can Apple's Airpods Max justify THAT asking price? What's in store for the Samsung Galaxy S21? Vertical Hold Ep 308 34:36 12/10/2020
Why are NBN's upgrade quotes so crazy? Is the COVIDsafe app finally worthwhile? Vertical Hold ep 307 37:22 12/03/2020
Who wants Twitter Fleets, does BritBox deliver the best of British: Vertical Hold ep 306 42:28 11/26/2020
Why is sport heading to streaming, Are "Green" telcos really all that green: Vertical Hold ep 305 35:05 11/19/2020
Apple Silicon unveiled, Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 battle to win over gamers: Vertical Hold ep 304 47:26 11/12/2020
Why did Optus buy amaysim, what will Open Banking mean for Aussies: Vertical Hold ep 303 29:34 11/05/2020
Who's winning the NBN fibre upgrade lottery, Why is Vodafone launching fixed 5G?: Vertical Hold ep 302 33:58 10/29/2020
What happens if the DOJ splits up Google, Chromecast vs Fire TV Lite: Vertical Hold Episode 301 30:12 10/22/2020
Apple embraces 5G with iPhone 12, unveils HomePod mini: Vertical Hold ep 300 63:03 10/15/2020
Apple teases 5G iPhone, what's the future of 5G in Australia?: Vertical Hold Episode 299 30:09 10/08/2020
Telstra unveils fixed-wireless 5G, Google unleashes new Pixel, Chromecast, Nest: Vertical Hold ep 298 41:19 10/01/2020