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Pickled Peppers Hop Talk

Hello and Welcome! Pickled Peppers Hop Talk is a podcast comprised of beer company owners and avid entrepreneurs, Tyson and Tanner, AKA TnT. It's all about beer, history, entrepreneurship and current whacky news in which the guys give their opinions on outrageous happenings around the world. Tune in to hear about the brews they are experimenting with, current news affecting the beer industry, a fun history game called Guess The Year and current crazy news from around the world with producer and co-host, Amanda Nichoal! Also, the boys are always dropping value bombs from their latest learnings or business successes. PPHT is to make you feel like you're in the conversation having a beer with the boys after work. So, come have a beer with us and enjoy this educational comedy podcast!


The Hangover Prevention Ring! 48:00 11/08/2021
Buzz & The Evil Emerald Berg 44:35 11/01/2021
Stop Wasting Money On Seltzer & Hold My D! It's our 100th Episode! 61:09 10/26/2021
The Paradigm of Oxygen & Testical Baths 47:40 10/18/2021
The Big Reveal & WTF Are Digital Rockstars? 62:49 10/11/2021
The Mackindra IPA & Brain Implants 53:23 10/04/2021
Small Smash Beers or Big and Hoppy? 38:42 09/27/2021
WaOoh Black Beauty. Bottle Bombs. 40:56 09/20/2021
Let's Get Silly! Now Let's Get Serious. 53:20 09/13/2021
2 Barrel Brewing & The Secret Moon Vault 56:43 09/06/2021
Massive Brew Day & Safety = Death 64:28 08/30/2021
Current Beer Trend & Mac N Cheese Ice Cream With Chuck Ford 58:21 08/09/2021
Imperial IPA & Return Of The JetPack 48:16 08/02/2021
Pina Coladas & How Amanda Can Never Lose EVER! 62:43 07/19/2021
Coffee Kolsch & Tyson's New Mini 32:08 07/12/2021
7 Day Beer & Why You Might Actually LOVE Trump 58:46 07/05/2021
GIMME MY F****** CREAM CHEESE! & Brown Ale On Tap:) 67:41 06/28/2021
How To Make Your Own Seltzer & Does AUS and Canada Do Anything? 52:00 06/14/2021
Crossover To The Dank Side 50:46 05/20/2021
Maybe The Best Beer Ever. 48:57 05/17/2021
Who Drank The Beer?! 53:24 05/10/2021
Big Brew Day & The Hornet Hazy IPA 48:16 05/03/2021
Tasting The Magnolia Saison 44:49 04/26/2021
After Hours with Mr.Smallbatchbrewer 115:09 04/21/2021
Send The Morons To Mars 56:19 04/19/2021
Magnolia Saison X3 39:00 04/12/2021
Hello there. My name? Salmon. Explosive Salmon. 46:01 04/05/2021
Cyprus Smoked Hurricane Stout & Pecan Saison! 35:04 03/29/2021
The Ragin Cajun Challenge Accepted 31:13 03/08/2021
Bear In The Shit House Bites Woman's Ass! 32:50 02/22/2021