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On Air With SICK USA

On Air With SICK USA includes discussions on manufacturing and warehousing industry trends, product innovations, and some exemplary uses of sensor technology in today’s market. As one of the world’s leading providers of sensor intelligence technology, SICK has created this podcast as a way to provide our customers information on topics that are important to them. In this first season of our podcast, we’re providing some valuable information on the use of autonomous mobile robots or AMRs in the manufacturing and material handling industries. On Air with SICK USA is a podcast created by SICK USA. Get more information about SICK USA at or send us an email at


S2 E8: Common misunderstandings about cobot safety. Featuring Paul Santi from FANUC America. 45:33 09/09/2021
S2 E7: How can safety and smart manufacturing work together? Featuring Ted Rozier 31:12 08/26/2021
S2 E6: Industrial robots and safety standards. Featuring Roberta Nelson Shea 35:24 08/12/2021
S2 E5: What's the impact of industrial robots and RIA in industry? Featuring Safety Experts from FedEx and Procter & Gamble 40:21 07/29/2021
S2 E4: Making industrial mobile robots safe around people. Featuring Melonee Wise from Fetch Robotics. 28:28 07/15/2021
S2 E3: What is the industrial robot safety standard? With Carole Franklin 41:25 07/01/2021
S2 E2: Trends in Safety and Safety Standards. Part 2 with Chris Soranno 37:22 06/17/2021
S2 E1: How has safety evolved over time? Part 1 with Chris Soranno 37:22 06/03/2021
S1 E8: How can we encourage more women to work in robotics? Featuring organizers of Women in Robotics Boston 30:42 12/03/2020
S1 E7: How are AMRs impacting academic research? Featuring Dr. Alexander Wyglinski 24:56 11/12/2020
S1 E6: How Can AMRs Help Fight COVID? Featuring John Black from Brain Corp. 23:21 10/29/2020
S1 E5: What are some AMR trends in the retail market? Part 2 with John Hayes from Vecna Robotics 20:20 10/15/2020
S1 E4: How do AMRs work in a retail and distribution setting? Part 1 with John Hayes from Vecna Robotics 24:35 10/01/2020
S1 E3: Does AMR safety hinder productivity? Part 2 with Stefan Nusser from Fetch Robotics 20:32 09/17/2020
S1 E2: What is an AMR? Part 1 with Stefan Nusser from Fetch Robotics 16:08 09/03/2020
S1 E1: Why is SICK excited about robotics? Featuring Experts from SICK AG 23:36 08/20/2020
Intro to On Air With SICK 01:22 07/20/2020