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Leading with Health

Leading with Health is the podcast where women dive into societal change through the lens of healthcare. It is for women who want to create a healthcare system that actually cares. If you like science and healthcare and want to make the world a better place, then this podcast is for you. Host Jennifer Michelle has a Master’s in Public Health and Epidemiology, is a former EMT, and is President of Michelle Marketing Strategies.


Rachel Trobman on Health IT and Chronic Pain 31:02 09/20/2021
Crystal Lander on Women and Climate Change 33:01 09/09/2021
Nichole Wilson on Healthcare Consumerism - Leading with Health 29:15 08/16/2021
Sabrina Runbeck on How Not to Self-Sabotage 28:47 08/02/2021
Kristy Dickinson on Patients as Active Members of Healthcare Team 29:05 07/20/2021
Ann Messer on Medical Education across Cultures 29:59 07/05/2021
Roxie Mooney on Strategies for Successful Healthcare Innovation 28:51 06/22/2021
Huong Diep on Pregnancy Loss in the Transgender Community 30:54 06/08/2021
What to Do about COVID Anti-Vaxxers 18:18 05/25/2021
Jennifer Nelson Carney on Healthcare Regulations and COVID 29:53 05/19/2021
Almeta Cooper on Environmental Health and Social Justice 38:57 05/10/2021
Rhonda Collins on Nurse Cognitive Burden 24:31 05/03/2021
Grace Colón on Patient-Led Treatment 22:34 04/28/2021
Cathy Ferree and the "FIX" Opioid Crisis Museum Exhibit 28:15 04/21/2021
How to Connect Despite Very Different Viewpoints 10:48 04/13/2021
Marinah Farrell on Midwifery in North America 41:12 04/06/2021
Will the Future Be about Creating Surprises? 11:15 03/31/2021
Jhaymee Tynan on Healthcare Leadership and Mentorship 31:58 03/23/2021
Is Your Marketing Ethical? 13:00 03/17/2021
Leonore Okwara on Community-Based Participatory Research 32:23 03/10/2021
Christie VanHorne on How to Talk to Your Doctor 28:19 03/01/2021
Shanna Swan on Endocrine Disruptors and Environmental Health 33:31 02/22/2021
Quisha Umemba on Community Health Workers and SDOH 34:07 02/16/2021
Embracing Our Flaws 16:35 02/10/2021
Tara Davis on Healthcare Tech as the Great Equalizer 29:11 02/02/2021
Building Bridges against the Odds 22:04 01/27/2021
Jennie Jacoby on Black Women's Maternal Health 29:21 01/18/2021
Hierarchies are a Failed System. Let’s Build Something Better. 21:46 01/13/2021
Khalilah Johnson on Access for People with Developmental Disabilities 29:22 01/05/2021
Happy New Year 00:37 12/16/2020