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Kevin Ecock talks wine, explores wine, and tastes wine with experts from across the world of wine. This is the Wine Pod.


Edouard Baijot MW: Fine Wines at E&J Gallo 31:33 11/23/2021
Jim Collins Vice President of Vineyard Management at E&J Gallo 29:24 11/17/2021
a Podcast with Beth Liston of Dark Horse 30:12 10/28/2021
Bodega Tandem: Brilliance in Navarra 42:17 10/15/2021 : A podcast with Will Mullin 30:51 09/29/2021
PradoRey: Ribero del Duero Excellence 29:41 08/20/2021
Nicolò and Matteo Luxardo: 200 Years of Excellence 27:50 08/09/2021
Matthew Nugan of Nugan Estates: a Great Australian Success Story 28:31 07/28/2021
The Allotment Wine Co : New Shoots for Our Wine Trade 28:51 07/14/2021
Alison Flemming MW: Reh Kendermann and the Wines of Germany 28:31 07/01/2021
Virginia Willcox at Vasse Felix: A podcast from the Heart of the Margaret River. 30:38 06/10/2021
Gerard Bertrand: Peace, Love, Harmony and Exceptional Wine 27:34 05/21/2021
Wine Intelligence - a podcast chat with Richard Halstead 29:51 05/19/2021
Ehrmanns and Sherry : a podcast with Peter Dauthieu jr 35:19 05/06/2021
Lanzarote Wine Tours and Wine Shop: A Fabulous Experience 28:36 04/27/2021
Roka: The Cabots - from Westport to Slovenia 42:21 04/14/2021
Kanonkop Pinotage: Deidre Taylor on the Jewel from South Africa 31:56 04/01/2021
Clive Weston of Nautilus Wines: Among the Very Best from New Zealand. 39:29 03/23/2021
Gaia Wines of Santorini and Nemea: Leon Karatsalos tells us his story. 28:05 03/19/2021
Federica Boffa of Pio Cesare: 140 years of Barolo Barbaresco excellence 29:26 03/09/2021
Wine in China and Chinese Wine: A podcast with Janet Wang 30:30 02/23/2021
Veronique Drouhin: Making Magic in Burgundy and Oregon 28:08 02/16/2021
The Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard: one of the Finest in the World 28:51 02/11/2021
Martin Codax; Rias Baixas, Monterrei and Bierzo Wines 28:34 02/01/2021
Astrolabe in New Zealand: Simon Waghorn' s Extraordinary Wine. 34:06 01/22/2021
Bodega 695 Wineshop: A Podcast with Ed Jolliffe 29:07 01/18/2021
Happy 2021: a Champagne Pannier Podcast to Welcome a New Year 28:31 12/30/2020
Highbank Orchards Part 2: Irish Apple Wine in time for Christmas! 28:00 12/23/2020
Highbank Orchards: Irish Apple Wine in time for Christmas! 30:20 12/17/2020
 Emma Symington MW of Wine Australia 29:04 12/01/2020