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Invisible Wheelchair Podcast - Hidden World of OCD

When OCD's anxiety does not show itself outward in a physical sense it becomes a hidden secret to only those that have it and the ones that support them. The world outside has no clue of the anxiety's present and thus it becomes the invisible wheelchair of the person who is dealing with the anxiety. It is time for the world to see and understand what that anxiety is doing to people.


IWC Interview Podcast: Dr. Jonathan Hoffman - NBI Clinic - OCD Specialist 31:49 09/21/2021
IWC Throw Back Thursday: Interview from June 2019 - Dr. Chad Wetterneck - Rogers Behavioral Health Center 33:06 09/16/2021
IWC Podcast 59: OCD Messing with Mom 30:46 09/07/2021
IWC Podcast 59: Tapping Recording for OCD Messing with Mom 09:27 09/07/2021
Stories From the OCD Side: Keith Ramachandran Tells His OCD Story 21:49 09/01/2021
Special IWC Interview: Marriage and Mental Health with Keith and Erin Ramachandran 28:33 08/27/2021
Off The Cuff Podcast: Techniques for Calming Kids for School 33:54 08/19/2021
IWC Interview Podcast: Dr. Diana Hill - ACT Therapist 38:39 08/17/2021
IWC Throw Back Thursday: June 2018 - What About the Others 22:15 08/12/2021
IWC Podcast 58: OCD Messing with Dad 28:49 08/03/2021
IWC Podcast 58 Tapping Recording: OCD Messing With Dad 11:55 08/03/2021
Stories From the OCD Side: Erin Ramachandran Tells her husband's OCD story 21:13 08/01/2021
Of The Cuff Podcast: My Interview by Parenting Impossible - Annette Hines 44:08 07/29/2021
IWC Interview Podcast: Annette Hines - Legal Needs for Special Needs 31:36 07/20/2021
IWC Throwback Thurs: Aug 2017 Interview with Wayne Connell - Invisible Disabilities Association 25:37 07/15/2021
IWC Podcast 57: Helping People with Disabilities 26:45 07/06/2021
IWC Podcast 57 Tapping Recording: Helping People with Disabilities 11:45 07/06/2021
Stories From the OCD Side: Maia Kinney Petrucha tells her story 30:42 07/01/2021
Special IWC Interview: Dr. Russell - Student Coaching vs Tutoring vs Therapy 36:41 06/29/2021
IWC Off The Cuff Podcast: Ways to Handle Anxiety During a Pandemic Part 2 41:24 06/25/2021
IWC Interview Podcast: Dr. Z Returns - Talking OCD, ERP and ACT 35:29 06/15/2021
IWC Throw Back Thursday: First Interview with Dr. Z 32:09 06/10/2021
IWC Podcast 56: Bergen 4 Day OCD New Treatment Possibilities 21:56 06/02/2021
IWC Podcast 56 Tapping Recording - Bergen 4 Day OCD Treatment 14:33 06/02/2021
Stories From The OCD Side: Ginger McGee Tells Her Son's Story of Tourettes and OCD 28:04 06/01/2021
IWC Off The Cuff Podcast: Ways to Handle Anxiety During a Pandemic 32:16 05/27/2021
IWC Interview Podcast: Jenna Overbaugh - OCD Specialist Therapist 25:51 05/18/2021
IWC Throwback Thurs: Nov 2019 - 25 Ways to be successful in treating OCD 32:38 05/13/2021
IWC Podcast 55 Tapping Recording – Post Partum OCD 13:14 05/04/2021
IWC Podcast 55: Postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 29:52 05/04/2021