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Say Watt?

Since 1982 Rick Zwetsch, a lifelong cyclist, has been a fan of Race Across America and the ultra-cyclists who take on this grueling ride – touted as the world’s toughest bike race. After being asked many times over the years if he would ever attempt it… one day, at age 60, he surprised himself—and his partner Caryn—by saying “yes!” How does an avid, but recreational cyclist go from seasonal hobby to tackling a 3,000 mile, 12-day ride only completed by 13 people over the age of 60 in its 38-year history? What does it take for a Colorado couple with an already (overly) full life to integrate the learning training, planning, qualifying races, and necessary crew development? Ride along as Rick and Caryn share the ins and outs, ups and downs, and highs and lows of their journey. On route they will talk with others who have attempted Race Across America, their crews, race owners, officials, media, and the many people who are an integral part of the ultra-cycling community. Can he do it? Will he make it? What will it take for Rick to join the ranks of the few, the proud, the RAAM-finishers in June of 2021? At the end of the day, is it really about the race, or is it the journey that matters most?


Mother Nature - 1 Team Z Cycling - 0 57:34 06/28/2021
2021 Race Across the West Race Plan 24:24 06/09/2021
Biking in Blue for Black Lives with Alisha Zellner 51:29 06/02/2021
Cross-Country with Heath Saffer and Omar Baloch 46:55 05/25/2021
Countdown to Race Across the West 22:30 05/20/2021
The one, the only......Aduuuummmmm Ashwill 56:26 04/23/2021
Inspiring New Ultra-Cyclists with Gavaskar Josephs 50:14 03/16/2021
Take One for the Team: Eleanor Allen and David Fellows of Team EA/Water for People 62:07 02/09/2021
Free Year End Buffet! 50:26 12/18/2020
Jen Orr’s 24-hour WR Attempt Debrief 25:21 11/27/2020
Jen Orr’s 24-hour WR Attempt 23:11 11/07/2020
Chris Lennert, Left Hand Brewing & Bike MS 40:28 10/26/2020
Natchez Trace 444 and Some Nifty Guitar 33:33 10/09/2020
Dave Brillhart, Data Fields, DaveAde and The 444 58:10 09/25/2020
RAAM Hall of Famer George Thomas Interview 49:04 09/07/2020
Fun With(out) Helmets, NT444 Prep and Feedback 42:06 08/18/2020
Dex Tooke and some “Unfinished Business” 42:36 08/05/2020
Welcome to Season 2! 21:17 07/23/2020
VRAW Debrief: What Worked, What Would We Change? 33:41 07/07/2020
VRAW Time-lapse: A real-time race report 57:09 06/23/2020
A Look into Rick's Plan for the First Ever vRAW 36:58 06/09/2020
It’s a Rick & Rick Extravaganza! 53:00 05/29/2020
Countdown to VRAAM/VRAW/the60 Continues – Get the Latest from Anthony Gordon 24:14 05/15/2020
Michael Davies-Hughes: On what it takes to (almost) finish RAAM 69:20 05/13/2020
Anthony Gordon: The ultimate RAAM/RAW pivot – going online! 61:14 04/30/2020
Jo Schaalman: Fueling cross-country cycling through conscious nutrition 54:49 04/23/2020
Plot Twist: When your focus shifts forward an entire year 26:20 04/14/2020
Bugs & Bones: Shifting focus to meet a changing reality 23:39 03/26/2020
How YOU Doin’? 3.5 Months to RAW Check-In 50:26 03/03/2020
Dr. Vince Marcel and the Infinity Bike Seat 70:03 02/18/2020