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The BBQ Beat Podcast hosted by Kevin Sandridge shares great stories related to BBQ and Grilling as told by the people who inspire them. Guests include competition BBQ pitmasters, food industry insiders, BBQ and grilling product manufacturers, and event promoters from the US and abroad. If you love BBQ and have an appreciation for live-fire cooking – this is the Barbecue podcast for you.


BBP086-Talking Fire and Wine with Mary and Sean from Vindulge 75:22 08/17/2021
John Scharbauer on 138 Years of Cattle Ranching, Progress, and Riding for the Brand 74:48 07/05/2021
KCBS is Celebrating 35 Years and Wants You to Join the Fun 71:22 05/21/2021
Talking with Chris Marks of Three Little Pigs 78:38 04/29/2021
Talking with Jason Hardee About The Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown 78:43 03/27/2021
Grilling Up Meat District Delights with Zack Phillips 67:25 03/12/2021
Talking Traeger Grill Patent Litigation with BBQ Expert Derrick Riches 67:48 02/15/2021 Randy Watson is Living his Best Live Fire Life 75:23 01/20/2021
Always Hustling - Ray Sheehan on Crafting Flavors and Promoting Your BBQ Brand 64:14 12/27/2020
Author Robert F. Moss on Barbecue, the History of an American Institution 105:46 12/04/2020
BBQ in Britain with Kevin Edge of Edge BBQ 72:24 10/22/2020
Sous Vide Meets Live Fire with Darrin Wilson 71:13 10/05/2020
Daina Falk of Hungry Fan Talks Eating Well on Game Day 79:48 09/01/2020
Saffron Hodgson of 84:19 07/18/2020
How to Make Charcuterie at Home with Rey Tagle 79:42 06/12/2020
David Bouska of Butcher BBQ 61:46 04/27/2020
Catching Up with Daniel Vaughn of Texas Monthly Magazine 67:48 04/13/2020
Talking Masterbuilt Gravity Series with John and John II McLemore 66:30 03/18/2020
Talking About BBQ in Norway American Style 72:11 03/01/2020
Halal BBQ Pitmasters out of Dallas Talk Food, Culture, and Eating Well 70:21 01/29/2020
Jon Jackson on Helping Veterans Find Solace and Healing at Comfort Farms 63:58 01/03/2020
The Lee Brothers - Hotbox: Inside Catering, the Food World's Riskiest Business 56:46 12/17/2019
Inside the Small Batch World of Oakridge BBQ with Mike Trump 88:15 11/28/2019
Sam Jones Talks Whole Hog BBQ, Family, and Friendships at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q 79:02 11/21/2019
Recapping the 2019 Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue 47:36 11/05/2019
Hanging at Grove Roots Brewing with Bob and Dave from Flame Boss 51:58 10/22/2019
Sitting Down with Chef Michael Ollier of Certified Angus Beef 75:03 10/18/2019
BBQ Greats Talk About Giving Back at the 2019 Firebox Invitational 31:21 10/14/2019
Talking About Cheshire Pork's Product Line with Joe Riscky of Fort Worth, TX 50:50 09/16/2019
Hanging with Tony Roberts of Proud Souls Barbecue and Provisions 96:17 08/05/2019