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Welcome to the Retrogasmic Podcast! Your very own space-time portal to all things Vintage, Retro and Kits!ch Brought to you by New Zealand Retronauts D.D. Deluxe (and sometimes the lovely Hettie LaBombe), the Retrogasmic podcast promises to take you to a world inhabited by retro style, classic cars, B-movies, pin-up girls, vintage fashion, groovy music and a selection of very, very cool guests. Enlightenment will be available via retro event news, gig info and D.D.’s soon-to-be-legendary vintage trivia quiz, and hopefully we’ll all have a few laughs along the way! A free podcast! A retro podcast! Grab a cocktail, settle down and join us for a trip back in time... #Retro #Vintage #Podcast #New Zealand


"Girls just wanna have fun!" The ultimate girls night out singalong.. did you know it was originally written and sung by a man?!  Another fabulous show packed with well known songs that you never realised were cover versions.. a couple that even surprised our know-it-all host! 
36:06 3/2/21
"TAINTED LOVE! GREAT, I LOVE SOFT CELL!" Nope, it was a cover, and here's the original, along with six other fabulous smash hit songs you didn't realise were cover versions!  If you enjoyed the show please consider leaving us a review on iTunes, or share it to you social media buddies.  Thank you!
32:13 2/2/21
PATTERNS from the PAST! Se2 Ep4
We talk to YouTuber Stephanie Canada about some of the fascinating stories behind vintage sewing patterns and the people that collect them, and play some of her favourite music including Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee and Glenn Miller! 
43:02 1/2/21
James Brown and Michael Jackson?  Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley?  The Bee Gees featuring Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre?  Yep, mash-ups have it all.  As always delivered with panache and style by our very own Retronaut D D Deluxe!  Sponsored by Custom made bowling shirts
39:20 12/2/20
We play some great Elvis tunes and chat with UK journalist and author Zoey Goto who talks about her new book "Elvis Style" and explains why Elvis is one of the world's most iconic figures. Sponsored by custom-made retro bowling shirts.
45:13 11/1/20
We talk to Aussie Rockabilly legend Cherry Divine about the Australian Rockabilly scene, the prejudice that still exists against women in music, midwifery and surviving COVID-19. Plus all the usual mularkey including tracks from Johnny Cooper, The Lincolns and Rusty and the Dragstrip trio.  Welcome to Series two thanks to our wonderful sponsor Custom-made retro bowling shirts.
39:18 10/1/20
Our Christmas Special featuring a yuletide selection of rarities to rock your happy holiday!  Tunes from The Ronettes, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Dodie Stevens, Jimmy Charles and of course James Brown!
32:13 12/22/19
A fascinating interview with Legendary Punk Photographer, Author and Vocalist MORAT (live from Las Vegas). We talk about his novels, his art, his fetish photography and his relationship with Lemmy and Jaz Coleman, as well as playing a few of his favourite tunes.
55:55 12/6/19
We take a trip into the Psychedelic music revolution of the late 1960's and ask "What exactly IS Psychedelic Music?. Featuring Jimi Hendrix, The Amway Dukes, 13th Floor Elevators, Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore, The Substantial Evidence, Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Castaways.
36:23 11/24/19
Today's show features some rare live performances by Ol' Blue Eyes. We chat with our lunatic roving reporter Winki about V8 cars and luminous shoes and review "Teenagers from Outer Space (1959). What better way to spend 35 minutes!?
35:03 11/10/19
DOO-WOP! Ep32.
DOO-WOP!  The history and the music, we cram in as many tunes as we can (including some rare ones!) in a show dedicated to the close-harmony-silly-lyrics phenomena of the 1950's and early 60s.
31:55 10/27/19
The classic icon of Americana - The American Diner.  It's history, the Music and art it's inspired and why this symbol of working class America still lives on, in every city in the world!
33:59 10/13/19
We chat to Martin "The Robot Man" Horspool, about his amazing career as an artist making over 350 incredible Robots out of relics from 1950's and 60's household objects, and about his sell out show in Manhattan and his upcoming week long exhibition in Auckland starting Oct 14th.  Plus music from Sid Vicious, The Velvelettes and Eddie Cochran!
29:46 9/30/19
ECLECTIC LADYLAND!! The life of a vintage blogger Ep29.
We talk to Eclectic Ladyland's Natasha Francois about blogging from her her art deco cinema home, play music from The Retrobaits, Wanda Jackson, The Seeds, Frank Sinatra and the B52s as well as one of the best ever vintage trivia questions!
36:56 9/24/19
The name is Bond, JAMES BOND! Ep28.
James Bond Trivia, Music and a fascinating interview with the Warren Ringham, musical director of the world's foremost James Bond Music Extravaganza "Q The Music"
42:52 9/13/19
GROUP SOUNDS! Crazy Japanese late 1960's Rock Ep27.
Sit back and listen to some of the amazing GROUP SOUNDS bands of the late 1960's that changed the face of popular music in Japan and it's experimental sound still influences bands today. Marvel as we review "Invaders from Mars" (1953) and (hopefully) be at least vaguely entertained when we chat to our eccentric roving reporter in "Where's Winki?".
38:50 8/27/19
BETTIE PAGE - Queen of Pinups! Ep26.
We talk in depth with Bettie Page biographer Tori Rodriguez and musician and Bettie's nephew Ron Brem. A fantastic interview with two fascinating people who reveal some amazing details about the life of this pinup legend.
41:26 8/14/19
Elvis Aaron Presley. His life and music. We chat with leading Elvis Tribute artist Che Orton about life as an Elvis, and the upcoming major competition at Elvis' home, Gracelands.
50:03 7/31/19
DD chats to NZ surf legends The Bull Kelp Surfers and plays a fantastic selection of instrumental surf rock from The Atlantics, The Chantays, The Surfaris and of course Dick Dale. 
41:25 7/19/19
Sure got the Blues (part two) Ep23.
In part two of our feature on the history of "The Blues" we move into the fascinating post-war era with music and from BB King, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Dixon, Walter Horton, The Yardbirds and a whole lot more.
50:26 7/8/19
Sure got the blues - (part one) The Pioneers Ep.22
We take a look at The Blues, it's roots and history, and the pioneers of the music that influenced popular music as we now know it. Music by Bessie smith, T-Bone Walker, Mamie Smith, Cleo Brown Billie Holiday, Sonny Boy Williamson and more.
36:02 6/24/19
We Can See The Strings, But We Don't Care! (part two) Ep21.
Part two of our special dedicated to the Supermarionation work of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson - THUNDERBIRDS! CAPTAIN SCARLET! JOE 90! Music & Trivia from the shows!  We Can See The Strings, But We Don't Care!
32:43 6/10/19
We Can See The Strings, But We Don't Care! (part one) Ep.20
The first of a two part special dedicated to the Supermarionation work of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson - Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Stingray!  We Can See The Strings, But We Don't Care!
30:43 5/29/19
A tribute to Doris Day Ep19.
We take a sentimental journey and pay homage to the the life and music of the legend that was Doris Day, who passed away last week aged 97.
34:54 5/16/19
The Stray Cats! Ep.18
We take a  look at the career of the band that re-introduced the world to Rockabilly in the early 1980's, The Stray Cats! 
37:33 5/11/19
Begging Bowl! The Recliner's new album drops Ep17.
We talk to the Recliner Rockers about their new album and get the exclusive on a chance to win the band playing live in your lounge!  We review "The Motherless Oven" by Rob Davis, Vintage Trivia and our B-Movie "The Monster that challenged the world!"
37:36 4/29/19
LES BAXTER - The Emperor of Exotica! Ep16.
Ep16. LES BAXTER - The Emperor of Exotica! We feature legendary exotica composer, arranger and band leader Les Baxter along with the return of Vintage Trivia, a chat with our roving reporter Winki and another B-Movie review!
31:16 4/20/19
20th Century Style Icons - The Guys! Ep15.
We take a look at the men who changed the way we defined Cool!  Rudolph Valentino, Cary Grant, Elvis, James Dean and David Bowie.
30:32 4/8/19
20th Century Style Icons - The Gals Ep.14
We throw the spotlight on the women who's looks and lives influenced style, fashion and culture in the 20th Century. Lillian Gish, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.
29:24 3/18/19
ONE MAN BANDS! Blues, Grooves & Lil' Chuck the One Man Skiffle Machine! Ep.13
We interview the fascinating Lil' Chuck who gives us the exclusive on a couple of tracks off his new album, and we feature songs by one man band legends Jesse Fuller, Vince Mondi and Don Partridge.
34:59 3/5/19