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Welcome to the Purpose Chasers ® Podcast I’m your host Mark Crandall. In 2015 I left my career as a therapist to use my drug-addicted criminal past coupled with a traumatic childhood to help 1000s of individuals just like you reinvent themselves. I was tired of dreading my day-to-day life. I was working unfulfilling jobs, wasting time playing video games, binging on tv, just trying to get my mind off of the fact that I had a calling to do more, to be more. For years I wanted to write a book, to become a speaker, and to empower others to achieve their dreams. In 2016 I took a stand. I invite you to do the same. Purpose Chasers ® it is time to take a stand. As Purpose Chasers ® we refuse to settle for average, we chase our dreams, accomplish our goals and support, encourage and challenge our community to create the lives we want to live. Why have we Purpose Chasers ® taken this stand? “Because life is too short to not live fulfilled” I want to thank you for being a part of the Purpose Chasers ® community and invite you to seek the support that allowed me to take my stand towards creating the life of my dreams. I invite you to join our Purpose Chasers ® community on Facebook at: and receive exclusive content and coaching from me and follow us @thepurposechasers on all social media as well.


Lesson #8: Ripping the E-Brake (HCH 021) 17:33 10/13/2020
Heart Centered Hustlers - Teaser 10:07 08/21/2020
Ep. 91: ANNOUNCEMENT of My Future 09:38 07/10/2020
Ep. 90: COVID-19 and Removing the Pressure and Noise 08:22 07/03/2020
Ep. 89: Rick Alexander - Ambitious Heroes and Heartache 42:34 06/26/2020
Ep. 88: Marcus Anderson - The Gift of Adversity 49:15 06/19/2020
Ep. 87: Danielle McGinnis - Human Healing and Optimization 52:48 06/12/2020
Ep. 86:Sense of Accomplishment -The Greatest Coaching Session I've Been on the Receiving End of 11:34 06/05/2020
Ep. 85: Casey Romero - Taking a Stand 43:13 06/02/2020
Ep. 84: Getting Results (Academy Launch) 07:51 05/29/2020
Ep. 83: Sell without Being a Scumbag 14:02 05/26/2020
Ep. 82: Anne Beaulieu - The Courage within the Money 41:17 05/22/2020
Ep. 81: Community Highlight-Russell Beebe 20:25 05/19/2020
Ep. 80: Power of Your Circle Masterminding: Stop Trying to Look Good 12:56 05/15/2020
Ep. 79: Rob Mack - Finding Happiness in Hollywood 46:28 05/12/2020
Bonus - Mother's Day Gratitude with Little Mark 05:47 05/10/2020
Ep. 78: Purpose & Movement - Meeting Your Audience Where They Are 17:23 05/08/2020
Ep. 77: Debilitating Slumber 07:51 05/05/2020
Ep. 76: Why There is NO Such Thing as Pressure or Persuasion 07:03 05/01/2020
Ep. 75: Larry Hagner - Dad Edge Alliance 40:36 04/28/2020
Ep. 74: I Get Interviewed by Rick Alexander 43:54 04/24/2020
Ep. 73: The Victim's Response to Choice 13:27 04/21/2020
Ep. 72: Angela Pugh - Addiction Unlimited 49:52 04/17/2020
Ep. 71: Purpose & Movement - The "Give & Ask" Approach 14:30 04/14/2020
Ep. 70: The Power of Choice 12:32 04/10/2020
Ep. 69: Everyone Wants a "Purpose" 11:56 04/07/2020
Ep. 68: Cathy Christen - Life as a Masterpiece 51:07 04/03/2020
BONUS- COVID-19 What Opportunities Are You NOT Seeing 11:46 03/31/2020
Ep. 67: Are These Phrases Stopping You from True Transformation? 11:54 03/27/2020
Ep. 66: Community Highlight: Clyde Bryan - From Hating Life to Building a Multi-Million $ Company 43:50 03/24/2020