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080 - Molech: Old God in the New World
What does the ancient Ammonite and Phonecian god, Molech, have in common with Bohemian Grove, Jeffrey Epstein, and the debate over Roe vs. Wade? Tune in to find out. In the first half of this episode we explore the historical references to Molech and try to understand his backstory. Then, in the second half, we explore parallels and curiosities in our current time.    
51:14 07/14/2022
079 - Bread & Circus: The Huxleyan Warning
When cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, then a nation finds itself at risk. What afflicted the people in Brave New World was not that they were laughing instead of thinking, but that they did not know what they were laughing about and why they had stopped thinking. - Postman  Follow Eschaton on Twitter: Become a Patron: Check Out Our Full Catalog:  
42:05 05/04/2022
Update: A New Chapter for Eschaton
Brief update on big changes coming to the podcast. I hope this will be welcome news for long time listeners. Follow Eschaton on Twitter: Become a Patron: Visit the Website:
13:20 05/03/2022
078 - Sleepwalking Into Oblivion
Update on the Russian war in Ukraine with thoughts on what the endgame may look like.  
52:28 04/06/2022
077 - State of Education
Friend of the podcast, David Greenockle, returns for an insightful discussion on the current condition of the American education system and what can be done to improve it. We also discuss the lasting impact of the pandemic and virtual learning on childhood development.  Checkout our entire catalog at If you enoy Eschaton please leave us a review and consider become Patron: Contact the show:  
79:26 02/17/2022
076 - Colder War Redux
The move is complete and we're back after a several month hiatus. This episode is the first to be recorded in the brand new bunker! Pictures will be posted online for Patreon supporters.  With Russia and Ukraine dominating the headlines once more we decided to revisit a topic that was the subject of some of our earliest episodes. While the geopolitical standoff between NATO and the former Soviet block has receeded from mainstream headlines in recent years, don't misinterpret that as improvement. The situation has only deteriorated further since we last covered it on Eschaton and the opportunities for a diplomatic solution appear to be quickly fading. Tune in for more! Contact the show: Check out our entire catalog of shows: If you enoy the show please leave us a review on your podcasting platform. It helps spread the word. Thank you! Follow us on social media @ EschatonPodcast  
54:20 02/03/2022
075 - Manifestation: A Theory of Everything
Have you ever thought about the perceived contradictions in the world and how they might fit together to create a perfect picture of the human experience? If so, today's episode is for people like you and me. In this episode we explore an existential idea that could be described as a theory of everything, and if proven true, the possibilities are endless.  If you enjoy Eschaton take a moment to leave us a 5 star review and tell someone about the podcast. Thanks for the continued support over the last 4 years of shows!  Contact: Website:  
26:59 10/20/2021
074 - Afghan Nightmares
Unpacking recent events that culminated in the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.  If you enjoy this podcast please support the show by leaving us a 5 star review and sharing with your friends. We appreciate it! Contact the show - Learn more -    
40:51 10/01/2021
073 - The Call to Stewardship: Man's Place in the World
In this episode, David Greenockle returns to the podcast for an inspiring conversation about the back to the land movement that is captivating the spirits of modern men and women around the world. We begin with an overview of David's journey into farming over the last several months while gaining some valuable insights and lessons learned from life at Mountain Forge Farm. We then take a step back to look at the big ideas and existential yearnings that have resulted in a growing "back to the land" movement among the young and old alike. Seeds planted many years ago are now preparing to reap a harvest. This is an episode that is sure to leave you feeling inspired and ready to put a plan into action!  Email: Website:  
121:22 09/09/2021
072 - The Way of Nature
To paraphrase Thoreau, we go to the wilderness to learn what it has to teach us, and not come to the end of our lives only to discover that we never truly lived. The natural world is the only universal oracle, equally accessible to all of mankind. Only in nature can the voice of God be heard. But what do we hear when we listen?  
48:20 08/11/2021