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Stories of light, because light itself is a story.The first podcast series dedicated to Davide Groppi’s search for his own light. Light to see and feel people and space. Light like a vision, but also like a feeling.


Special event 2022 | An imaginary dialogue in search of light and magic
Light to live, to listen to.An imaginary dialogue between Davide Groppi today and Davide Groppi the child, still searching for his idea of light and magic. The search is not yet over, today as before it leans continuously towards new frontiers and boundaries to be overcome. A continuous experiment that has led us to rethink some of our most popular lamps and to present anabsolute novelty.Live the digital experience
03:47 04/14/2022
LIGHT and ART - Ep. 1 | Robert Delaunay - Windows Open Simultaneously 1st Part, 3rd Motif, 1912
Curated by Peggy Guggenheim Collection for Davide Groppi.Windows Open Simultaneously (1912, Robert Delaunay).This work is one of the “fragments of a rainbow” proposed by Delaunay in his Windows series, resulting from the scientific knowledge at the beginning of the Twentieth century about light and colour, an integral part of the author’s artistic journey.In Windows the reflection on light is at the centre of the artist’s work. A light that fragments reality, creating an iridescent rhythm that forces the eye to move constantly across the canvas, searching for an impossible point of reference.“Here, light is here revealed in all its truth”, written by Apollinaire, referring precisely to Delaunay’s work.
06:38 07/28/2020
LIGHT and ART - Ep. 2 | Tancredi Parmeggiani - Untitled, 1953
Curated by Peggy Guggenheim Collection for Davide Groppi.Untitled (1953, Tancredi Parmeggiani).Tancredi Parmeggiani was a precocious and innovative artist. In his work, the iridescent and hazy light of Venetian winters, the inspiration by Byzantine mosaic and the Kandinskian use of colour lead to an iridescent “spatial pointillism”, with which he created solid structures pervaded by soft light that almost vaporised in the atmosphere. An artist’s parable, that of Tancredi, which was interrupted by his suicide in 1964 but was destined to remain unique due to his personal interpretation - typically Venetian - of the most innovative styles at his time.
06:05 07/28/2020
LIGHT and ART - Ep. 3 | Egidio Costantini - Twenty-three glass sculptures after sketches by Picasso, 1964
Curated by Peggy Guggenheim Collection for Davide Groppi.Twenty-three glass sculptures after sketches by Picasso (1964, Egidio Costantini).The transparency of glass makes it welcoming to light, ready to receive it, be shaped by it. Venetian art seems itself reflected in glass: painting of light, art, vibration of water and sky.Egidio Costantini, the “master of master glassmakers”, challenged himself with the modernity of great Twentieth century art, bringing the designs of Picasso, Chagall, Arp and many others to glass, in an initiative that Cocteau called “La fucina degli Angeli (The Forge of Angels)”.Twenty-three glass sculptures after sketches by Picasso is a series of sculptures that were inspired by drawings by Pablo Picasso, which were delivered to Costantini personally by the Spanish artist.
05:39 07/28/2020