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Two Boston Guys Whack Up A Pie

Comedians Tony V and Jimmy Dunn have some laughs while sharing a pie.


Pumpkin Plea
Jimmy and Tony need your help to bring one of the greatest ideas of all time to fruition. They want to procure giant pumpkins, carve them out and float them down the river. Tune in to find out how you can help
25:09 09/27/2022
Giant Pumpkins, Swastikas and World Records
Jimmy and Tony cover a lot today. They talk about comedy, their quest to paddle giant pumpkins down the Charles River and a variety of recent world records.
34:09 09/21/2022
Giant Pumpkin Boats
Tony and Jimmy have an interesting idea. They want to carve giant pumpkins into boats and row them down a river in Boston. We discuss the logistics and what need to happen to make this great idea a reality. Jimmy also talks about his trip to Portland and what makes that city a great tourist destination.
34:32 09/07/2022
The Best Idea Ever?
Jimmy Dunn and Tony V were intrigued by one of today's news stories. After some discussion, they may have come up with the best idea ever.
34:10 08/31/2022
Bill Burr Closed for Tony V at Fenway Park
Jimmy and Tony talk about Tony performing at Fenway Park. It was historic. They also discuss The Hampton Beach Comedy Festival.
37:49 08/24/2022
I'm Funnier Than That Guy
Jimmy and Tony talk about some big shows they have coming up in the next week. Be sure to check out The Hampton Beach Comedy Festival. Tickets available at Tony will be performing at Fenway Park on August 21. You may still be able to get tickets. You'd be a fool to miss this show.
42:02 08/15/2022
Robot Redux
We're back and Tony's still worried about the rise of the robots. We also talk about chess, chocolate and more.
43:36 07/27/2022
Fourth of July Recap
Jimmy and Tony talk about Tony's movie role in Fourth of July. They also cover a Fourth of July story about robot dogs. There's also a story about a pastor who gets very excited at Starbucks.
37:37 07/06/2022
Don't Piss in the Elevator
Jimmy recounts the trial and tribulations to replace his EZPass. We also dive into a couple of important news stories.
31:57 06/15/2022
Watching Plovers F*ck
Tony is back from Woodstock (kind of). He and Jimmy discuss the trip. They also cover some interesting news from around the world.
45:15 06/01/2022
Counting Penguins
Producer Ed is on the road, but the show must go on. Tony and Jimmy talk graduations, parking, horses and penguins. 
38:45 05/25/2022
Live from The Rex Theatre 05-13-22
Tony and Jimmy did a live podcast at the Rex Theatre in Manchester, NH. Producer Ed tagged along and recorded it for you listening pleasure.
46:03 05/16/2022
Southside Dumpster
This week, Jimmy and Tony cover some local news, national news and give their expert opinions on the 2022 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame inductees.
32:43 05/04/2022
Tony V at Fenway Park
This week's episode focuses on the only story that mattered this week. Tony and Jimmy dive deep on this one.
38:41 04/20/2022
Poison Berry Pie
Jimmy and Tony V have a lot to talk about this week. They discuss Gilbert Gottfried, flight attendants and poison pie.
35:35 04/13/2022
Full Contact Oscars
Jimmy and Tony talk about the Academy Awards ceremony. They have an idea about how to make it more entertaining.
40:00 03/30/2022
Roast Beef Is My Life
Jimmy and Tony talk about comedy venues this week. They cover some old ones as well as a new one. 
47:35 03/23/2022
The Triumphant Return of Tony V
Tony is back from Aruba, and he and Jimmy have a lot to catch up on. They cover Tony's time in Aruba as well as some important news stories.
50:24 03/16/2022
Trouble in Paradise
Tony's in Aruba. Things go well until Tony disappears into a fog of technica difficulties. Before Tony disappears, he and Jimmy cover GoPro problems, drunken robots, some Olympic events and even a game show winner.
29:07 02/16/2022
Wife Loves Bologna
Tony and Jimmy talk about the revitalization of Salisbury Beach before diving into some compelling national news about bologna, football, orgasms and the Joker.
44:15 02/09/2022
Printin' Meat and Other Wonders of the World
Tony V and Jimmy Dunn continue to solve problems. They talk about tent cities, cocaine coconuts, trouble at the Golden Corral and printing beef.
44:35 02/02/2022
Stop the Spread, the Mailman's Dead
Jimmy Dunn and Tony V have some follow up on the Staten Island Ferry, as well as talking about Jimmy's new boat, pizza, strippers, Melania Trump and erectile dysfunction.
48:29 01/26/2022
Is That Your Pickle?
Tony and Jimmy cover a ground this week. They bring you stories about weed brownies, crows, the Staten Island Ferry and so much more.
43:14 01/19/2022
North Korean Burritos
Jimmy, Tony and Ed start out talking about the weather, but move on to more fascinating things like Ford Broncos, the sidewalk in Keene, N.H., plumbers and so much more.
45:45 01/12/2022
Tony V Is Not a Virologist
Jimmy and Tony are joined by Producer Ed. They talk about Emo Philips, Weird Al, Ford convertibles, North Korean missiles and so much more.
50:06 01/05/2022
Happy Whatever It Is
Over the holidays, Tony and Jimmy have been displaced from their normal recording spaces, but somehow they manage to persevere. Gus V makes a special appearance. 
35:07 12/29/2021
Everybody's Got Issues
Tony and Jimmy talk about a lot of stories and issues. They cover fantasy football nerds, baseball hall of fame, Nantucket, Ford Broncos, tiny sandwiches, Santa shortages, car thieves and weed brownies.
32:53 12/08/2021
A Very Special Thanksgiving Episode
Jimmy and Tony cover an unbelievable number of topics in this holiday delight. The discuss football, family, parades, boats, Grammy awards, Kid Rock, hotel reviews, airline travel and goats.
28:17 11/24/2021
Does America Really Run on Dunkin?
Jimmy and Tony bring you all the news you need to know. This week, the NFL, a roadrunner in Maine, Egyptian scorpions and a cow on a waterslide are all in the news.
43:02 11/17/2021
Is Sand a Toy?
There's a lot going on in the world. Tony and Jimmy help you make sense of it all. They cover car dealerships, the toy hall of fame, cotton candy lobsters and so much more.
41:04 11/10/2021