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Opt-in Podcast

Donors are like meerkats, or at least, they should be. It’s hard to miss a meerkat standing at attention, watching, listening and actively participating in their surroundings. Your donors should be paying attention to your non-profit in the exact same way. This podcast explores how non-profits are creating an Opt-in culture with their donors to keep them engaged.


Restructuring a nonprofit with Nicole Kraftick 17:44 12/08/2021
Alumni retention with Carolyn Norton 17:00 11/30/2021
Tailoring The Donor Experience with Judy Zhu 13:15 11/16/2021
Staying relevant with Emily Bauer 12:40 11/02/2021
Approaches to Stewardship with Steve Trautman 18:42 06/29/2021
Changes in Philanthropy with Gwen Walden 17:25 06/15/2021
For-profit lessons and A.I with Tyrell Warren-Burnett 22:06 06/01/2021
Donor relations with Dan Holinda 17:01 05/18/2021
Technology Change with Joshua McLemore 23:19 05/04/2021
Starting a University Foundation with David Janes 24:10 04/20/2021
Crisis and Innovation with Joel Rice 19:47 04/06/2021
Donor Relationships and Higher Ed with David Williams 25:42 03/24/2021
Connecting leaders with Chelsea Edwards 21:01 03/12/2021
Team Buy-in with Keturi DeLong 21:37 03/01/2021
Diversity in Philanthropy with Tanya Rumble and Mariya Yurukova 29:29 02/08/2021
Email Engagement with John Walsh 18:11 01/25/2021
Providing value with Dr. Mick Smith 19:10 01/08/2021
Building a brighter future with Daniel Germain 21:23 12/14/2020
Innovative leadership with the Jewish National Fund-USA 16:04 11/22/2020
Progress over perfection with Jada Hoerr 16:30 10/26/2020
How to become donor-centric with Kittie Fahey 19:36 09/25/2020
Building a robust long lasting non-profit with Barbara Grantham 17:12 08/14/2020
Making the pie bigger with Margaret Eaton 08:30 08/10/2020
Adapting a non-profit during a pandemic with Deborah Gillis 14:59 07/31/2020
Digital transformation with Mark Koenig 16:08 07/31/2020
How to save a non-profit with Mari Perez-Dowling 22:57 07/31/2020