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Join @thepgapapi as he chats with tastemakers from all walks of life about art, relationships, success, happiness, and more.


Hustling as a creative, building your team and more w/ Will Azcona | Papi And Friends 79:04 06/10/2021
Overcoming creative struggles, painting for Tyga story, and MORE w/ Sisi Hood | Papi And Friends 72:20 06/10/2021
CCO of Times 10, Overcoming Struggles, Touring Life, and MORE w/ Michael Adrian | Papi And Friends 82:24 06/10/2021
Photography, Fairfax Flea Market, Shooting Models and more w/ Jay Will 46:54 06/10/2021
Chicago, SaveMoneySaveLife, Growing as a creative AND MORE w/ Troy G | Papi And Friends 56:51 06/10/2021
Creating at Nike, What it felt like leaving Nike, Working on NBA creative Going freelance as an artist w/ Darien Birks 68:24 10/10/2020
Talking about Hollyweed, COVID Growth, Future Projects, Making a movie and more w/ JESUSHANDS 51:44 10/10/2020
Finding balance in life, First International interview , what being a visual artist means w/ KristonKK 61:56 10/10/2020
Tips To Land That Music Video, Having Dedication to The Craft and MORE W/ Executive Producer and Video Commisioner Kareem Johnson 44:15 08/20/2020
Shooting with TDE, Tips to Staying Hungry, and more w photographer Williummm 55:46 08/08/2020
Curating Culture, Being a creative from Oakland, and more w/photographer Karl Perkins 49:53 07/31/2020
Puzzle Drop on BBC, Painting your favorite musicians and more w/ Painter Mariella Angela 47:05 07/21/2020
The Black Experience, Balancing music and film, and more W/ Musician and Filmmaker The Moon 46:26 05/30/2020
Tips to being a photographer and copywriter, Shooting with Nike and Adidas, and more w/ Tyree Harris 53:01 05/22/2020
Directing Music Video for Dreamville, The human experience and more! w/ Dir and Photog Mariah Winter 51:04 05/15/2020
Secrets to getting the job/Keys to good creative and more w/ Creative Strategist Marvin James 63:31 05/01/2020
Shooting music videos, beating writing blocks, and more w/ Director William Rouse 55:30 04/24/2020
Creative directing for Private Club Records, Being the plug in Japan, and more w/ CREATIVE DIRECTOR FILTHY MCDAVE 65:51 04/17/2020
Secret sauce to booking gigs, staying hungry, and more w/ Photographer FatJesus 51:44 04/09/2020
Producing in the music industry, Gambino as Inspo, and more w/ Musician Ghettoblasterman 43:36 04/03/2020
Shooting with the Weeknd, building your team, and more w/ photographer and director BAWWSE 54:38 10/25/2019
Hustling as a creative, Balancing Corporate Life With Art, Mental Health, and more w/ artist ChaseMor 49:05 10/18/2019
Love Advice, Being a Creative in LA, How to get gigs w/ - Musician Drew Anthuny 43:17 10/11/2019
Tips to getting started in branding, advice for creatives, and more w/ - Creative Director Tom Francesconi 60:17 10/04/2019
Tips for going on tour, jazz and race, jazz in today society w/ Drummer Donovan Brown 41:23 09/27/2019
What it means to be a creative, social media and creativity w/ designer Zay 30:07 09/20/2019