Show cover of Cashing in on Creativity Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

Cashing in on Creativity Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

Artists, authors, musicians, or creative entrepreneurs with talent, experience, will benefit from this podcast. This is a podcast that helps you take that creative itch and offers you ways to turn it into a viable business, product, or service. I am going to show you through the eyes of others how you can take an idea or talent, and make it something that brings you money in over time allowing you to create a career do something that you love. The show features topics, interviews, and ideas to take your creative talents and turn them into profitable ideas. Want to know how a musician takes their love of music and makes a living? How about learning how a cartoonist created a business because he loves to draw? How did that author write their latest book? How does a jewellery maker, photographer or software maker make money with their passion? The show interviews real people actually making money from their creative crafts hopefully inspiring you to do the same.


CC266 Radio Remote and Musician Interview at the Oddspot 27:57 09/23/2021
CC265 Getting to the Bottom Of It With David A Hagel 23:57 09/16/2021
CC264 Musicians’ Life on the Rock with Jamie Taylor 58:36 09/09/2021
CC263 Smokie: Life Beyond Alice-Cashing in on Creativity Book of the Month 27:42 09/02/2021
CC262 The Art of Customer Service for Creative Entrepreneurs 09:45 08/26/2021
CC261 Taking the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast to Television 26:42 08/19/2021
CC260 Are You Adding Value to Your Audience as a Creative Entrepreneur 09:46 08/12/2021
CC259 Take the Big Leap as a Creative Entrepreneur with the Book of the Month 14:28 08/05/2021
CC258 3 Tips to Improving Your Creative Brand 13:48 07/29/2021
CC257 Building a Photographic Brand with Marika Adamopoulos 37:22 07/22/2021
CC256 The Life of a Musician with Darren Bailey 37:16 07/15/2021
CC255 The Humor Advantage: Book of the Month 12:52 07/08/2021
CC254 Celebrating Canadian Artists 28:52 07/01/2021
CC253 Writing Songs with Mike Murchison 33:10 06/24/2021
CC252 Online SEO Tips with John Vuong 36:01 06/17/2021
CC251 Music and Mental Health with Jeff Pilon 36:53 06/10/2021
CC250 Outrageous Advertising: Book Club Episode 10:10 06/03/2021
CC249 Improving Your Creative Brand with Brittany Pickrem 40:07 05/27/2021
CC248 Creating Animation with Crossroads Studios 44:33 05/20/2021
CC247 Pivoting Your Focus as a Musician During a Pandemic 38:53 05/13/2021
CC246 Lead Yourself-Lead Others: Book Club 42:53 05/06/2021
CC245 Creating Income from Your Art With Jigsaw Puzzles 30:35 04/29/2021
CC244 Ghost Write Your Next Book with Laura Gale 25:55 04/22/2021
CC243 Self Publishing Your Book with Jyotsna Ramachandran 36:22 04/15/2021
CC242 Website Design for Creative Entrepreneurs with Brandi Bernoskie 36:54 04/08/2021
CC241 Success as the Ugly One in the Middle: Book Club 20:37 04/01/2021
CC240 Building a Successful Brand with Renbert Mortimer 26:58 03/25/2021
CC239 Expand Your Business to Seven Figures with Chris Kenney 42:20 03/18/2021
CC238 Scaling Your Service Business with Andrea Freeman 35:47 03/11/2021
CC237 You’re Good Enough Now-Book Club Episode 20:18 03/04/2021