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The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers - Trucking, Transportation Helping Truck Drivers have Successful Trucking Careers and Businesses in the Transportation Industry. The Lead Pedal Podcast for truck drivers talks all things trucking for people in the transportation industry helping them improve their business and careers. Interviews, trucking information, and other features that are helpful for truck drivers and those in the transportation industry The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers has main episodes released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and bonus material on other days. You can learn more about the host and show on our website or better yet SUBSCRIBE to the show on your favourite podcast platform.


LP691 Featured Truck of the Week - 2004 Peterbilt 09:17 09/24/2021
Ontario Truck Driving School Launches New Safety Association 08:11 09/23/2021
LP690 Tilbury Truck Wash Professionals of the Highway Charity Tour 26:53 09/22/2021
Gene Emslie of Rims Transport Talks About Hiring Owner Operators 05:33 09/21/2021
LP689 Recapping the Big Rigs Truck Show 2021 41:37 09/20/2021
LP688 Featured Truck of the Week - Starlite Cargo 08:54 09/17/2021
Life on the Road with Richard Saini of Bison 16:42 09/16/2021
LP687 Professionals of the Highway Charity Tour Stops at Ontario Truck Driving School in London Ontario. 24:20 09/15/2021
Rosedale Technology with Al Clutterbuck 05:36 09/14/2021
LP686 WTFC Releases Human Trafficking Certification Program for the Trucking Industry 36:25 09/13/2021
LP685 Featured Truck of the Week - Custom Blue Volvo 07:00 09/10/2021
Drivers Share What They Like About C.A.T. Transport 05:41 09/09/2021
LP684 Recruiting Through Technology With Cloud Trucks 32:47 09/08/2021
Get Your Workplace Fit for Duty With DriverCheck 02:50 09/07/2021
LP683 Sharp Transportation and Rims Transport on Giving Back to Their Communities on Charity Tour 34:53 09/06/2021
Working for Bison Quebec Style with Real Durand 07:19 09/03/2021
LP682 Featured Truck of the Week - Custom Yellow Kenworth T-680 06:27 09/03/2021
Truck of the Month Contest with Chrome Supply Warehouse 02:19 09/02/2021
LP681 Guests, Events, and Updates for September 2021 on The Lead Pedal Podcast 25:28 09/01/2021
The Drive Forward Program is helping local Students 04:44 08/31/2021
LP680 Tips to Get the Most of Your Training as a New Driver 14:52 08/30/2021
Cocoon More Money as a Truck Driver with Cocoon My Data Rewards 02:50 08/27/2021
LP679 Featured Truck of the Week - Tas Dump Combination 05:59 08/27/2021
Finding Passionate Truck Drivers with the Drive Forward Program 04:44 08/26/2021
LP678 Map Reading - Is It Still a Skill That Truckers Need? 12:50 08/25/2021
Trucking with Bison’s Carrin Cabral 20:01 08/24/2021
LP677 KRTS and Transrep on Professionals of the Highway Charity Tour 2021 19:12 08/23/2021
Cocooning Your Data with Jeff Bermant 14:16 08/20/2021
LP676 Lead Pedal Podcast Featured Truck - The Trillium Trucker 2020 Western Star 07:21 08/20/2021
Training in the Yard with Ontario Truck Driving School 10:25 08/19/2021