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EP 290 Sunday Review, Monday Preview 14:22 12/06/2021
EP 288 Fashalamadon Friday, Betting with Big Amo. #NFL #NFLUK #Week13 34:28 12/03/2021
EP 287 #DALvsNO preview, looking at all the betting angles, what to make of this unusual game? 13:29 12/02/2021
EP 286 #FantasyFootball7s Rewind, Top Performances of the Week, close competition for playoff spots. 21:53 12/01/2021
P 285 Top 5 Power Rankings, #IDP Waiver Scoops, and Monday Recap 19:15 11/30/2021
EP284 Sunday Review, Monday Preview #NFL #sportsbetting 18:01 11/29/2021
EP 283 Fashalamadon Friday, Betting Breaking down of #NFL #NFLUK #Week12 action.. So much complaining about 3 GREAT Turkey Day games… smh 37:33 11/26/2021
EP 282 Thanksgiving special, Betting with Big Amo. A detailed look at all 3 Turkey Day Games WE ARE WINNING MONEY TODAY!! 35:05 11/25/2021
EP 281 #FantasyFootball7s Rewind, Top Performances of the Week, so many close divisions 22:42 11/24/2021
EP 280 Monday Review, #IDP Waiver Wires, Iggy’s Top 5 Power Rankings 18:35 11/23/2021
EP 279 Sunday Review, Monday Preview, will Tom Brady bounce back in a big way? 19:03 11/22/2021
EP 278 Fashalamadon Friday, Betting w/ Big Amo! Week 11= Amazing Sunday Action 28:15 11/19/2021
EP 277 #NEvsATL preview, Fantasy goes and NOs. Betting - straight bet, player prop, same game parlay, and boost 14:42 11/18/2021
EP 276 #FantasyFootball7s Rewind, Top Performances of the week, 1 10-0 team, don’t give up 31:59 11/17/2021
EP 275 #LAvsSF review, #IDP Waiver Wire scoops, Top 5 Power Rankings 14:51 11/16/2021
EP 274 Sunday Preview, Monday Review. Apologies for missing Friday 23:31 11/15/2021
LIVE EP 273 #BALvsMIA preview, fantasy starts and betting angles, thank you Veterans. 19:05 11/11/2021
EP 272 #FantasyFootball7s weekly recap, Iggy’s Week 10 Play or Pine 25:24 11/10/2021
EP 271 #CHIvsPIT, good game. #FantasyFootball7s Top performances of Week 9, Josh Allen, wow! 20:24 11/09/2021
EP 270 Sunday Review who is #1 in NFL?, Monday Preview #CHIvsPIT betting angles, will fields do well. 18:34 11/08/2021
EP 269 Fashalamadon Friday, Betting w/ Big Amo. Covering #NFL Week 9 angles, props, parlays, and more. Happy Bonfire Day! 45:11 11/05/2021
EP 268 #NYJvsIND preview. Straight bets, player props. Specials, and boost. Who to play for your #FantasyFootball roster, plus a new DFS format for all 15:28 11/04/2021
EP 267 Week 9 Plays for your roster, plus thoughts on the TE position. 24:26 11/03/2021
EP 266 #FantasyFootball7s Week 8 review, winners/losers, great matches, and highest fantasy performance per position 29:57 11/02/2021
A funny halloween story MNF preview, Sunday Review. Betting angles for #NYGvsKC 17:00 11/01/2021
EP 264 Fashalamadon Friday, Betting with Big Amo. TNF Review #NFL #NFLUK #Week8 #sportsbetting 32:51 10/29/2021
EP 263 #GBvsARI preview, Perplexed Packers or Fantasy Fashalamadon? Betting angles and a DFS, plus #Week8 #PlayorPine 26:59 10/28/2021
EP 262 Best Performances of week 7, Betting Review, & Utilizing information correctly 24:38 10/27/2021
EP 261 #FantasyFootball7s Review, the most mind blowing stat/win I have ever seen in #fantasyfootball Waiver wire adds 24:39 10/26/2021
EP 260 Sunday Review, Monday Fantasy and Betting Preview. I was right about the Chiefs. Sam Darnold is who we thought he was. 21:38 10/25/2021