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A podcast by SproutFive on caregiving with big little questions.


COSI, STEM, and Early Education with Stephen White
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13:32 05/21/2021
Phonological Awareness with Dr. Shayne Piasta
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29:02 05/21/2021
Adapting Home Environments for Littles With Special Needs with Jennifer Haddow
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41:16 05/21/2021
Tantrums - Why They Happen. What Can We Do? with Dr. Tyanna Snider
On the show today we're throwing a fit over this week's episode that will make you want to scream. With joy that is over all the tips and insights provided by our cohost. Dr. Tyanna Snyder, a pediatric psychologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Every day she is working with families on a range of topics from picky eaters to sleep problems. In this week's episode, Dr. Snyder, unpacks temper tantrums, and provides a host of tools that can be used in and out of the classroom when helping overcome big emotions.Support the show (
30:39 04/12/2021
STEM and Early Learners with Dr. Mandy McCormick Smith
On the show today we’re talking changes, making mistakes, and getting STEM-y as we dive into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with early learners.  This episodes guest co-host comes to us from the College Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. Dr. Mandy McCormick Smith is an Assistant Professor of STEM Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Dr. McCormick Smith’s work focuses on Culturally Informed Pedagogies, Play-based Science Instruction, and Early Childhood/Elementary Science Education. Be sure to stick around for the end of the episode where we provide a few experiments you can do with your littles at home. Support the show (
29:14 03/05/2021
Teaching the ABCs with Dr. Shayne Piasta
Ah - Bu - Kuh - Du. How well do we actually know our ABCs, and how effective are we at teaching this critical first step in reading to our littles? Today’s guest, Dr. Shayne Piasta, is an Associate Professor of Reading and Literature in Early and Middle Childhood in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the Ohio State University. She also is a faculty fellow at the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy. Her research focuses on early literacy development and how it is best supported during preschool and elementary years. Dr. Piasta is an acclaimed scholar, and the reason I got into child development and early education. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to ask Shayne about alphabet knowledge and better understand how we can be more effective when teaching littles about letters.Support the show (
29:58 02/05/2021
Health and Wellness with Dr. Sarah Denny
Today’s guest co-host is making a home visit and answering your questions on pediatric wellness. Dr. Sarah Denny is an attending physician in the Division of Primary Care Pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and as an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. She is the Co-Chair of Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention for the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and  at the national level, serves on the Executive Committee for the Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Denny is Co-Director for Resident Advocacy Education at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and enjoys teaching pediatric residents how pediatricians can effectively advocate for the needs of their patients. I asked Sarah to join me on Circle Time to answer your questions on health and wellness during the first 2,000 days. Support the show
27:15 12/04/2020
Arts Around Columbus with Tom Katzenmeyer
From kitchen refrigerators to city skyscrapers, guest co-host, and president and CEO of the Greater Columbus Arts Council, Tom Katzenmeyer knows the importance of art for our littles in our community. This special arts edition of Circle Time is part of our month-long art celebration "ARTober!" You can join in on the ARTober fun by joining our virtual gallery opening and auction on October 28 at 7 PM. For more information and to RSVP visit, or bid on art at! All proceeds benefit high-quality early learning in Columbus, Ohio. Support the show (
22:39 10/23/2020
Kindergarten Readiness and a Community Approach with Jane Leach
Today’s guest co-host is a lifelong educator now tasked with a big mission for the future of our community. As executive director of Future Ready Columbus, Jane Leach is working with the public, private and community partners to ensure every child in Franklin County enters kindergarten ready for lifelong success. The Bright By Text service Jane mentioned truly is one of my favorite tools for families. By texting “futureready” that's f-u-t-u-r-e-r-e-a-d-y to 274448 you will receive periodic tips and resources tailored to your little’s age to help them grow into healthy, happy, and successful adults.Support the show (
28:57 10/16/2020
Brain Development and Children’s Critical First Years with Dr. Laura Justice
On the show today, a billion tiny connections to be made and using a goose to do it. Today’s guest co-host is a name to know in early childhood! Dr. Laura Justice is a language scientist, an expert on children’s literacy intervention, and is a Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology at Ohio State University. In 2005, Laura received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President George W. Bush, and if being a word-class researcher wasn’t enough, Laura is the Executive Director of the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy and the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning, putting her at the center of Columbus’ early childhood community.Support the show (
26:20 09/25/2020
The Power of Kindness and Giving Back with Kathy Jackson
On the show today way to instill kindness and giving in your little. Columbus Ohio’s Remarkable Woman of 2020, and serving as volunteer extraordinaire at South Side Early Learning, Kathy Jackson, knows a thing or two about teaching kindness and how to get involved in our communities regardless of our age. From South Side Early Learning in Columbus, OH gather round for Circle Time.Support the show
23:01 09/11/2020
Back to School with Thia Thissen
On the show today a little secret on squashing those back to school jitters. Assistant Director of Family and Student Services Thia Thissen discusses strategies for easing first day of school anxiety for littles and parents. From South Side Early Learning in Columbus, OH gather round for Circle Time.Support the show (
24:26 09/04/2020
An Early Investment into Our Community with Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown
On the show today we talk with Columbus City Council President Pro Temp Elizabeth Brown. From City Hall to the White House, how one investment can build brains and strengthen neighborhoods. From South Side Early Learning in Columbus, OH gather round for Circle Time.Do your part in supporting high quality early learning by voting this November! Visit for more information on how to register to vote.Support the show (
29:27 08/14/2020
Talking Race with Kelly Whickham Hurst
On the show today Kelly Wickham Hurst talks about big topics for little learners. How and when do we begin to have the conversation around race, or are little simply “too little” for this dialogue? From South Side Early Learning in Columbus, OH gather round for Circle Time.Support the show (
19:50 07/31/2020
2,000 Days to Get It Right
Riddle me this: if you want to set someone up for success in life, when is the most critical age to begin? From South Side Early Learning in Columbus, OH, gather round for Circle Time.Support the show (
03:41 07/16/2020
Welcome to Circle Time
From South Side Early Learning in Columbus, OH, welcome to Circle Time.Support the show (
02:28 07/16/2020