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New Theory Podcast is an online platform for forward thinkers. As New Theory Podcast provides you with exclusive access into the mind of the thought leaders covering Business and Lifestyle for Generations X, Y and Z. The evolution of thought often begins with a New Theory. Check out


How To Make Money Passively through eCommerce Automation
Vlad Varizhuk is the founder and CEO of Enopoly, an e-commerce automation platform and industry leader. Varizhuk is a former boxer turned self-made entrepreneur. He believes in building mutually-beneficial relationships in the e-commerce space and leads Enopoly to provide all that clients could ask for, doing the ‘heavy lifting’ while they sit back and profit. For more information about Varizhuk and Enopoly, please visit
25:23 07/26/2022
Arsenal NFT Creator Launches Crypto / NFT Venture
Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun is the creator, owner and project lead at Arsenal NFT. He has over eight years experience in network engineering and over a decade in cryptocurrencies. His goal is to change the way Crypto/Defi projects interact with their communities while providing the tools and groundwork for all who participate to earn passive income from the Arsenal NFT Ecosystem. For more information on how to qualify for a free token, please visit
36:35 07/26/2022
Edgar Vitari of Suave Tequila on How to Scale in a Competitive Market
Edgar joins Tom on the New Theory Podcast. Edgar shares his story how his company launched Suave Tequila.   Check out Suave Tequila here:
23:03 07/21/2022
Peter Szalontay | DataMilk CEO | Grow Your Business Through AI
CEO of Datamilk. A Mathematician and Ex-Googler passionate about data and AI. Peter is adamant that AI is the next frontier - DataMilk only just scratches the surface of its capabilities. He believes that we must learn to wield the power of AI and direct its energy into creating positive social change. Check out DataMilk here:
34:16 07/19/2022
Interview with David Moatazedi CEO of Evolus
Tom chats with Evolus CEO David Moatazedi as they discuss the aesthetic industry and scaling his company for success. #jeuveau #botox
44:08 07/19/2022
How Nick Collins Scaled His Digital Business? | New Theory Podcast
Nick Collins joins the New Theory Podcast as he shares how scaled his business into a strong digital focused agency. Learn more about Nick here:
29:35 07/14/2022
Get Into the ATM Business | Top Side Hustles | Paul Alex
Paul Alex joins the podcast as he shares his course and support on how to get into the ATM business. It's a great side hustle for those who are looking to make extra income. Learn more at:
24:26 06/15/2022
Jen Maxfield | Out of Your Comfort Zone | More After the Break
Jen Maxfield is an Emmy Award–winning reporter and anchor who joined NBC New York in 2013. Prior to joining the station, she worked for Eyewitness News (ABC7) in New York City as a reporter and substitute anchor for ten years. Maxfield started her broadcast career in 2000 in upstate New York before moving to New York City in 2002. She has reported live from thousands of news events over her 22-year career and estimates that she has interviewed more than ten thousand people. Check out her book More After the Break here: #MoreAfterDark #EmmyWinner
26:46 05/11/2022
Billion Dollar Idea Through Crypto Mining | Dr. Friedman and Ben Weiss
Tom (filling in for Jason) talks to Dr. Friedman and Ben Weiss who are launching a crypto mining platform that is going to be a game changer. What are your thoughts? Drop your comments below.
32:39 05/05/2022
Master the Key of Success with John Feloni
Tom fills in for Jason as John Feloni discusses the 7 covenants for success. John is a best selling author and CEO of Stock Squirrel. Learn more about John at
22:36 05/04/2022
Ted Clark Live Interview | From Shipping Clerk to CEO | New Theory Podcast
Ted Clark, Author of From Shipping Clerk to CEO joins Jay and Tom on the Podcast. Here is a link to Ted's book: Also check out Jason's company:
44:58 04/01/2022
Get Alternative Funding | Business and Real Estate Investment | JSV Capital
Jason and Tom break down how to get money for your business and real estate investment without having to deal with traditional banks. Jason is the founder of JSV Capital. Learn more about JSV Capital here: #MerchantCashAdvance #LineofCredit #BusinessFinancing
45:23 02/23/2022
Interview with Penelope Przekop -How To Have a 5 Star Career
Jason interviews's Penelope Przekop as she shares the secrets of having a 5 Star Career. Check out Penelope here: Learn more about Jason Venturelli and JSV Capital here:
54:26 02/10/2022
Interview with Tommy Mello | Home Service Millionaire
Jason interviews Home Service Millionaire Tommy Mello. Learn more about Tommy: Learn more about Jason, JSV Capital:
63:05 02/03/2022
How To Make Seven Figures Online with Michelle Hext
Jason interviews Michelle Hext as she shares secrets with how to make seven figures online. Check out Michelle here: Learn more about Jason at
55:17 12/27/2021
Blue Collar Investing
Jason interviews a blue collar investor that illustrates you do not need a lot of money to get started. Check out
43:08 12/16/2021
Mother of Young Heroin Addict Opens Up "This is Us"
Author Christine Naman and her daughter discuss their journey with her daughters heroin addiction. Her book can be found here: Check out JSV Capital:
64:55 12/08/2021
Optimizing Your Health through Bioidentical Hormones
Jason Venturelli interviews Dr. Greg Brannon, author of the Hormone Handbbook. Check out the Hormone handbook here: Dr. Brannon's website: Check out JSV Capital for your business financing:
61:03 12/02/2021
The Disciples of a Narcissitic Leader with Rhadia Gleis
Radhia Gleis is known for her raw, irreverent and unvarnished ways of sharing her insights with others. She realizes that songs and poetry, art and writing are composed more about pain and triumph over adversity than pleasantry. With a bit of humor and honesty, and guided by her internal north star she takes the reader on a journey to understanding what most people do not ponder and provides a different perspective so that they can make a conscious choice for themselves. Check out her website here: Check out Jason's company at #NewTheory #Podcast
76:02 11/30/2021
Jason Venturelli Interview Vinny Bracco
Jason Venturelli, new host of New Theory Podcast interviews Vinny Bracco who went from Wall Street to Bookmaker. Check out for your business financing needs.
49:10 11/23/2021
How to Create a Legacy with Dave Cantin
Tom and Dave chat about how to overcome serious obstacles in life and build a legacy for the next generation. Check out JSV our sponsor: Check out Dave here:
26:04 10/17/2021
New Podcast Armchair MBA and relaunching New Theory
MBA and Button Man has ended and now is the Armchair MBA.  Also I'm relaunching New Theory with my friend Jason Venturelli of JSV Capital.  Stay tuned for more great content that you expect from New Theory.
01:38 10/17/2021
Overcoming Depression to Help Men Succeed Through Fashion and Mission
Taylor Draper, CEO and co-founder of INHERENT can relate and talk to many , as he has dealt with his own struggles with depression, Opening up about feelings through fashion, Draper is offering everyone to walk in his shoes, and suit, literally. Taylor’s eye opening story started when his marriage was struggling and and he was at a very low point, one thing he decided to do for himself, and his marriage was to get up, get dressed (in a suit) every day, this was the start of Draper advocating for his own health. Suiting up saved his marriage and never looked back. Check out IHERENT:   Check out our sponsore JSV Capital for your business financing needs:  
23:05 10/06/2021
Why You Shouldn't Rely on Facebook and Google to Grow Your Business
Yesterday was an eye opener as the shutdown crushed small businesses b being down. If you rely on these platforms for your business, you're in big trouble. I discuss some alternatives to these large platforms.
04:29 10/05/2021
Are You the Father? Paternity vs. Fatherhood
Jared Rosenthal is the founder of Health Street, an integrated software solution that offers DNA testing at more than 10,000 clinics nationwide. As a father himself, Jared can addresses the challenges that come with being a father and having to deliver devastating paternity test results, also sharing insight on what it truly means to be a father, despite biological relationship. Check out JSV Capital:  Show sponsor
18:51 09/15/2021
Chatting with Bill Staxx, From Addict to Podcaster
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
20:30 09/13/2021
Housing Market Predictions Going Into 2022 with Nurit Coombe
Nurit Coombe joins the New Theory Podcast to discuss the current crazy real estate market and predictions for 2022. Check out Nurit here:
21:50 08/05/2021
Alternative Forms of Financing for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Jason joins New Theory podcast as he discusses ways to secure funding for your business. Check out JSV Capital here:
28:44 07/28/2021
Navigating the New Jersey Real Estate Market with Naeem Boucher
I interview star real estate professional Naeem Boucher
21:49 06/27/2021
Interview with Chan Kinchla from Blue's Travelers
I chat with Chan Kinchla from the Blue's Travelers.
22:39 06/10/2021