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A discussion on the important topics of today and what effect they will have on the world of tomorrow. This father and son discussion crosses generational lines as we gain insight into how the issues of are becoming the reality of tomorrow.


Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 22 "No More Yesterdays"
Are we standing at a crossroad where history threatens to repeat itself? Join us, Joseph and Michelle Whalen, as we journey into the eerie similarities and jarring differences between the ideologies of nationalism and anti-Semitism that marked the Nazi era and the politics of our modern world. We explore how economic turbulence and exclusion ideologies have in both instances fueled nationalist sentiments and encouraged scapegoating of minorities. However, we find hope in today's heightened public awareness and education about the perils of such extreme ideologies.Venture with us as we scrutinize anti-Semitism, from its terrifying manifestations in the Nazi era to its disconcerting presence in today's digital world. We unravel how the Nazi regime used well-planned state-sponsored policies and propaganda, while today, the digital realm has become the playground for propagating anti-Semitic ideologies. Together, we illuminate the global response to anti-Semitism, the struggles in monitoring it in this digital age, and how entrenched prejudices and stereotypes continue to stoke this issue. As we grapple with the fear of history repeating itself, we turn our attention to the institutional safeguards in place, and the dangers looming in our society. We discuss the perilous manipulation of hate by some politicians and highlight the need for individuals to rally against such practices. Let's remember, the power of education is our strongest weapon in combating hatred and extreme nationalism. Listen, learn, and be part of the conversation. Moreover, let's connect via email and social media, share your insights, and do subscribe to our podcast for more enlightening discussions.Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
60:17 11/27/23
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 21 "Is The Supreme Court Broken"
With a series of landmark rulings from the Supreme Court, some which were precedent breaking, almost all in support of the current conservative agenda, is the Supreme Court Broken?Are nine unelected justices, three of which were hand picked by probably the most controversial president in American history dictating the direction of a government that is supposed to be a Republic of the people?That’s what we’ll be discussing on today’s episode of Insights Into TomorrowSupport the show
72:24 7/31/23
Insights Into Tomorrow Episode 20: "Don’t Touch That Dial"
With automakers like BMW, Tesla, Audi, Porsche and Volvo taking steps to remove AM radios from their electric vehicles what is the fate of this aging but reliable form of communications?Support the show
60:22 6/26/23
Insights Into Tomorrow Episode 19: The State of Microsoft Games
On January 18th, 2022, Microsoft announced that they were acquiring Activision Blizzard in an all-cash transaction valued at $68.7 billion, or $95 per share. However, in the year and change since this announcement, things have not gone as planned for Microsoft.  Today, we’re going to look at some recent developments for Microsoft games including the state of the Activision-Blizzard deal,   the rough release of Redfall, and what the future looks like for Xbox.Support the show
64:57 5/30/23
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 18 “Artificial Intelligence”
Is the future of AI more like HAL 9000, Skynet and the Matrix?Or is it more like Wall-E, Star Trek’s Commander Data or C-3PO from Star Wars?Some of the world’s most brilliant minds like Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking recognize the tremendous potential for artificial intelligence but also offer words of caution at its developmentIs artificial intelligence the next step in our evolution, or the first step in our ultimate destructionHow will AI impact what humans create, and could humans be entirely removed from the creative process?Support the show
79:06 1/16/23
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 17 "Woman's Rights are Human Rights"
There has been a disturbing trend in recent years in the United States.  An assault has been waged on basic human rights.  Victims of this assault have been chosen by the color of their skin and their gender All are victims that have been targeted for generations and have fought for their equal, human rights.In this episode of Insights Into Tomorrow we’re going to take a deeper look at the assault on women's rights. We’ll take a look at this history of women's rights through the years, we’ll examine the current state of women's rights, we’ll explore the threats against those rights. Before we leave we’ll take a special look at the current issue of abortion and the impending supreme court decision that threatens to overturn Roe v. Wade Support the show
69:00 6/27/22
Insights Into Tomorrow Episode 16: “Microsoft's Gaming Monopoly”
On January 18th, 2022, Microsoft announced that they were acquiring Activision Blizzard in an all-cash transaction valued at $68.7 billion, or $95 per share. This is arguably the biggest piece of news in the history of the games industry. Today, we’re going to take a look at why this acquisition is so important and what it means for Microsoft and the industry going forward. In addition, we’ll hit some key elements that should be remembered surrounding this news. Support the show
68:01 2/14/22
Holiday Special 2021: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Continuing our annual holiday tradition the Insights Into Things hosts bring you our 2021 Holiday Special: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.This retelling of the Dr. Seuss classic is told through the voices of our shows hosts. If you're lucky enough to catch the video version of this performance you'll also get to see original artwork for the production done by our own Madison Whalen.Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with this classic tale told by the voices your familiar with.Support the show
10:35 12/24/21
Insights Into Tomorrow Episode: 15 “Battleground Afghanistan”
After 20 years of military operations, over $2 trillion dollars, an estimated 160,000 lives 50,000 of which were civilian, 2,448 American Service members, 3,846 US Contractors, roughly 66,000 Afghan national military and police, 1,144 allied service members, 44 aid workers, 72 journalists and over 50,000 Taliban and other opposition fighters the United States is finally pulling out of Afghanistan. While that is an exceedingly high toll to pay for America’s longest war ever those numbers are just a fraction of what the long term consequences will cost. In today’s episode we’re going to take a look at the long war in Afghanistan, the history surrounding the disputed country, how we got here, what went wrong and what the future holds for the country, the region and the world as a result of what’s happened there.Support the show
58:02 8/30/21
Insights Into Tomorrow Episode: 14 “The Specter of Student Debt”
This week we’re talking about the pandemic of student debt. Why is it a problem in the United States? We’ll talk about a brief history of student debt. We’ll take a look at what is driving the rise in student debt. And we’ll look at possible solutions to this problem plaguing today’s youth.Support the show
59:09 7/12/21
Insights Into Tomorrow Episode: 13 “Modern Monopolies”
Today we’re discussing monopolies in the modern age. We’ll understand what a monopoly is, how they operate and why they are detrimental to a free and open market, yet they are a unique product of capitalism. We’ll take a brief look at the history of monopolies in American and how they’ve been handled before we look to the future with today’s monopolies and the complications inherent in regulating them.Support the show
70:39 5/17/21
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 12 "The Cryptocurrency Conundrum"
In this episode  we’ll talk about what Cryptocurrency is, and understand a little about blockchain technology and how it works. Then we’ll take a look at some of the real world impacts cryptocurrency is having on today’s economy and weather it’s something worth investing in.  Finally we’ll look at how cryptocurrencies are changing the world and what the future of crypto is and talk a little about NFT’s and their place in the crypto universeSupport the show
67:29 3/22/21
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 11 "The Trump Legacy"
In this post inauguration episode we reflect on the legacy of Donald J. Trump and the impact he's had on the country, the world and the presidency. We'll run down some of his most notable accomplishments in office and give credit where it is due. We'll also look at some of the more significant failures he's faced while in office. Then we'll take a look at what the long last impact of his time in office will have on numerous aspects of life moving forward before we look to the future of the Biden administration and discuss the challenges facing the new president and how we think he will handle them.Support the show
63:23 1/25/21
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 10 "Decision 2020 Trump vs. Biden"
In this episode we put Trump again Biden in a statistical matchup of the ages. From the tail of the tape analysis all the way through 5 rounds of head to head competition we look at the two candidates in detail. Using survey data from two well respected surveys we'll compare each candidates stand on Key Issues versus how survey respondents polled. Round 2 will look at reasons respondents gave for voting for either candidate.  We'll look at personality traits of each candidate in Round 3. Round 4 is a measure of voter confidence in key issues as it relates to each candidate. And the fifth and final round looks at which candidate is more trustworthy.All throughout the match up we'll provide color commentary and analysis of the candidates and the issues measured. In the end we'll tally up each candidates results in a 10 point must system and give you our thoughts.Support the show
60:20 11/2/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 9 "Entertainment À la carte"
This week we tone it down a bit from the hard hitting topics we've been talking about and take a look at streaming services and how we get our entertainment. We'll take a quick look at the history of Radio, Television and Cable to see how our entertainment options have evolved. We'll explore niche options for customizing our entertainment options like VCR's, DVR's and the rental market.We look at today's options and the evolution of streaming media and how it is affecting the entertainment industry today. How are awards shows, cable networks and movie theaters evolving to meet our ever changing demands.Finally we'll look to the future and where we thing the industry is going. Is there a future for traditional cable providers? Is radio a dying medium? How will ubiquitous internet change the entertainment industry?Support the show
70:55 9/14/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 8 "Voter Suppression"
We explore the controversial topic of voter suppression in this episode. We'll take a look at the various forms of voter suppression dating back to the founding of our country up until the present time. We'll investigate the various laws that on the surface were portrayed as a method of preserving the integrity of our voting system but in reality were tied to the ever present but rarely proven fear of voter fraud.We dive deep into the current voter suppression techniques employed today that are designed to manipulate, inconvenience and disenfranchise a large portion of the voting public. We'll discuss the corrupt, racist and anti-democratic motivations for such schemes and how they are eroding our political system.Finally we'll look to the future of voter suppression and the impact it will have on our country as a whole. All in an attempt to educate the voting public. Because if there's one thing politicians fear it's an informed, educated and motivate block of voters who are immune to the tried and true manipulative techniques that all politicians employ to gain themselves political office.Support the show
59:43 8/17/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 7 "Deadly Force"
In the wake of the death of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and so many other minorities at the hands of police we take a look at the concept of deadly force. We'll explore what deadly force is by looking at the legal standard for deadly force. We will explore the authority invested in police to use force, when that use of force can be escalated and the rules around how and when police can use force.We'll examine the Use of Force Continuum and explore the lack of a centralized set of standards for police within the United States and how that in combination with varying local laws can lead to abuse of police authority. We'll explore the inconsistent and decentralized training of police throughout the country. We will examine laws that have been on the books for years that were designed to shield rogue elements of the police force from public scrutiny.We have a broken system of law enforcement in this country today that is resulting in deadly outcomes far more frequently then it should. We'll explore some of these break downs in the system and we'll also look at changes that are happening now thanks to the sacrifices of individuals like Eric Garner, George Floyd, Rayshard Books and many  more. A change is need, and a change is happening now with more reforms and consequences to come.Support the show
78:05 7/13/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 6 "Artificial Intelligence"
Is Artificial Intelligence the future of human development or the potential downfall of human civilization?What is the state of Artificial Intelligence today?What are the pro's and con's of artificial intelligence?We address these and many other questions in this episode of Insights Into Tomorrow. We'll take a look at the four different levels of Artificial Intelligence and where today's rudimentary AI has the potential of going.Then we'll ask the tough questions about AI. Should we allow AI to develop self awareness? Should AI be able to make life and death decisions? Will AI rob humans of jobs and safety.There are a lot of questions and a lot of concerns about AI that need to be asked and answered before we get too far down the rabbit hole and reach a point of no return.Support the show
59:51 6/8/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 5 "SETI"
What is the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, when did it start, is it worth what it costs and what happens if we find something?We'll investigate these questions in this edition of the podcast while also looking at a history of SETI, radio astronomy and how academics, enthusiasts and the cold war drive America's efforts with SETI. We'll ponder the philosophical question of whether there is intelligent life in the universe and we'll talk about the Drake Equation and how many of it's guesswork variables are quickly forming up to be factual estimates based on current findings in our understanding of the universe.We will also take a look at the costs of SETI, it's research and the bureaucracy that it depends on. We'll explore the benefits that we've seen from the efforts of people like Carl Sagan and Paul Alan to deepen our understanding of life in the universe. And we'll ask you the audience to decide if the investments have been worth the benefits.In our final segment we'll talk about the various scenarios facing the human race should we encounter other intelligent life. We'll it be a peaceful and beneficial first contact like that depicted on Star Trek. Or do we face an apocalyptic Independence Day style catastrophic first contact? Are we as a civilization even ready for first contact and what impact could it have on us as a species?We'll explore all this and more on this episode of Insights Into Tomorrow!Support the show
63:40 5/11/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 4 "Outbreak"
Coronavirus, the latest pandemic spreading across the world, is this a sign of the end of times? In this episode we look at what the coronavirus is and the impact it's having on the world at large. We also look at past pandemics that have scared the world into thinking the end was near and the impact they have had on how we react to the spread of disease and the evolution of medical technology to cope with unimaginable numbers of victims of these afflictions.We'll examine what the future holds when the next great pandemic strikes. What can we do to come together and pool our resources to prevent these outbreaks from becoming so widespread and how to humanely treat those stricken by them. Another insightful look at a major issue with far reaching consequences.Support the show
59:50 2/17/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 3 "Battleground Iran"
This week's episode is ripped from the headlines as we explore the rising tensions between the United States and Iran. We look back at nearly a century of history between the two nations and what brought us to the current brink of war that exist between the two countries. We'll explore the current relationship not only between the United States and Iran but also how that relationship is influencing the United State's position around the world with both it's allies and adversaries. Then we'll take a look at the various scenarios laid out before us and speculate on the direction that the current conflict will go, the impact on future administrations and the overall stability in the region.Support the show
63:00 1/20/20
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 2 "Video Game Monetization"
We take a deep dive into the effect but sometimes controversial monetization strategies of videos games. We'll look at the various types of monetization outlets, strategies and pro's and con's of each methodology. We'll also take a briefly look at the history of video games and how they've traditionally been monetized in the past before we look at today's modern crop of video games and how developers are making money on them.We'll explore concepts such as subscriptions, micro-transations, free to play, advertising and much more. We examine traditional retail as well as digital distribution models and how to fit into the evolving technology available to game manufacturers. An examination of past game companies and where their business models failed gives us a glimpse into today's strategies and money making decisions.Finally we'll look at the future of gaming monetization. From the economics of the current models and how they align with other similar subscription based industries to the government regulation that micro-transactions and loot crates are forcing various legal entities around the world to investigate for potential violations of gambling ordinances. We look at the direction of the video game industry and how it's going to impact us in the coming years not just in the video game industry but across the board.Support the show
54:02 12/2/19
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 1 "Presidential Impeachment"
In this episode we explore the nature and definition of presidential impeachment while looking at how it has been employed in the past. We look at what the process entails, how it should be employed and how congress is using it in the modern world. We also look at the current process underway, examine the merits of the facts and explore the impact such actions will have on the future of our country.Support the show
70:59 11/4/19
Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 0 "Gun Violence"
In our first episode of our newest podcast on the network we introduce our newest show host Sam Whalen as we discuss Gun Violence in America. We take a look at the Second Amendment, how it's evolved since the inception of the country and how gun violence compares statistically to other types of deaths in country. We'll also take a look at the effect mass shootings are having on our society and look at some of the proposed solutions to the issue of gun violence and how all of this will shape the future of America moving forward.Support the show
65:48 10/5/19