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the 2020 summer academy podcast

exploring new horizons on waves Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts a sound expedition over the seas, creating connections far beyond the horizon by building relation-ships. ~ ~ ~    ~~~    ~~~    ~~~    ~ ~ ~  For many people this year, the horizon has become a blurred line; the Summer Academy, too, is being held under special circumstances. Many teachers and students, unable to come to Salzburg, are participating from a distance. Time for a personal outlook: what do I focus on at present, and how far does this go? What are my expectations for the future – and will I have to change them? Am I interested in the immediate, or rather in the more distant? A project idea by ohnetitel – netzwerk für theater&kunstprojekte


exploring new horizons on waves ~ trailer 01:25 08/07/2020
no. 1 ~ In the harbour 07:00 08/12/2020
no. 2 ~ On the ship deck 07:00 08/15/2020
no. 3 ~ Rough sea 07:00 08/18/2020
no. 4 ~ Land ho! 07:00 08/21/2020
final credits 02:33 08/24/2020