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Crown Yourself™ presents, The Princess and the B Podcast for all the b's that go into building your empire - your business, your body, your bank accounts, your relationships with boys, your babies, and mainly, your belief systems. Your host, Kimberly Spencer is an award-winning high-performance coach, and trainer, Amazon bestselling author, wife, momma, personal development junkie, unsinkable optimist, and the founder of, with a successful 10-year track record as a business owner. She’ll share the secrets, strategies, stories and the step-by-step of how to rule your life and business as the Queen you were born to be. Each week, Kimberly and her guests share actionable tips, tools, and easy to implement advice for you to master your productivity, happiness, wealth, health, motivation, creativity, love, contribution, fulfillment, freedom, and personal growth — with a sexy side of silliness and sparkle to skyrocket you to success. Get inspired, reprogram your mind, boost your confidence, increase your sales, and create a body, business, and life that rules! Got a question, topic, or fellow empire-building bossbabe you’d like to hear on the show? Go to


(#151) Misinformation VS. Dis-Information: What's the Dif? 15:53 09/21/2021
(#150) How to Trust Your Gut + Liberate Yourself from Outdated Labels 35:13 09/13/2021
(#149) Building a 7-Figure Business Making Love with Luma Matchmaker April Davis 56:14 09/08/2021
(#148) SPEAK UP! Find Your Voice and Become a Communication Queen 38:25 08/30/2021
(#147) How Podcasts Generated $70,000 in New Business in 2020 20:38 08/23/2021
(#146) Creating 6-Figure Branding on YOUR Terms with Emma Veiga Malta 65:53 08/21/2021
(#145) Maximizing Your Money + Time: My Top 3 Profitable Productivity Tips 26:31 08/18/2021
(#144) Healing Mind Body and Spirit with Naturopath David Sandstrom M.D. 63:59 08/04/2021
(#143) Practicing the Art of Surrendering Attachment 27:05 08/02/2021
(#142) Exit Rich with Michelle Seiler Tucker 53:44 07/28/2021
(#141) How to Get People to Respect You 11:23 07/12/2021
(#140) Unleash Your Heart with Abigail Gazda 54:20 07/09/2021
(#139) The #1 Skill to Generate MOMENTUM in Your Business!! 18:23 06/28/2021
(#137) Recommitting to the Vision (and then Recommitting AGAIN!!!) 21:25 05/31/2021
(#136) Law of Attraction and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Hypnotherapist, Victoria Gallagher 66:10 04/14/2021
(#135) Building Confidence and Self-Esteem as a MOMPRENEUR! 15:29 04/12/2021
(#134) Back to School to Health and Wellness University Founder, Fernando Flores 80:16 04/07/2021
(#133) What it Means to DECIDE to Create Your Dream Life 27:32 04/05/2021
(#132) Breaking Down Attachment Theory with Thais Gibson, Founder of Personal Development School 59:11 03/31/2021
(#131) How to Make a Healthy Business Baby (even when you're BROKE AF!) 09:59 03/29/2021
(#130) On the BRINK! Get a Fresh New Lens for Your Business with Andi Simon 69:22 03/24/2021
(#129) Unmasking the Myth of Urgency - BTS Mindful Monarchs Coaching Call 29:58 03/22/2021
(#128) Connect to Your Brain's Healing Power with Music with "Dr. Pianist," Makiko Hirata 77:18 03/17/2021
(#127) QUEEN TV! 7 Entrepreneurship Lessons from Elders' React's Rock (aka MY DAD!) 24:50 03/15/2021
(#126) Making a Millionaire Mindset with Jarrod Hanning 59:59 03/10/2021
(#125) Growing through Grief: Love, Death, and Resurrecting a New YOU! 55:52 03/08/2021
(#124) Preparing Your Business for 2021 and Beyond with Futurist, Lynn Casey 68:39 03/03/2021
(#123) Emotional Healing vs Toxic Positivity 35:08 02/08/2021
(#122) It Feels Good to Feel Good with Cheryl Meyer 65:56 02/03/2021
(#121) Overcoming Burnout 36:04 02/01/2021