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The Stay Focused Podcast: Photography advice to help you stay focused in camera and with your photography goals! Beyond just tips and tricks this podcast was designed for new to intermediate portrait photographers, not only to teach you, but also guide you so you can feel focused on your photography goals. Learn from Emily and her expert guests as they help you learn more about the basics of photography, different genres and ways that you could begin your own portrait photography biz! The Stay Focused Podcast is an extension of the photography website,, which helps new and intermediate portrait photographers take and edit better pictures!


SFP 147 Need more time to learn photography? Here's how. 15:49 08/10/2022
SFP 146 Focusing on the Simple Parts of Starting A Photography Business An Interview With Mac Hughes 28:44 05/26/2022
SFP 145 How Photography Helps With Grief and Other Uncomfortable Emotions An Interview with Shannon MacFarlane 30:01 05/12/2022
SFP 144 Styling Your Clients...and Yourself! An Interview with Georgia Michalopoulou 26:23 04/28/2022
SFP 143 Optimizing Your Photography Brand Story 29:19 04/20/2022
SFP 142 How To Start Your 401K When You're A Photographer An Interview With Matt Ruttenberg 22:41 04/13/2022
SFP 141 Move Your Photography Goal Forward With This Easy Strategy 20:33 04/06/2022
SFP 140 What? You want me to get on video! Getting Comfortable IN FRONT of the Camera An Interview with Rick Toone 31:43 03/30/2022
SFP 139 How to Build an Engaged Community on Instagram An Interview With Stephy Rigby 28:46 03/23/2022
SFP 138 Crafting Your Perfect "About Me" Page An Interview with Sami Miles 27:56 03/16/2022
SFP 137 Ease-ify Your Content Creation For Photographers! An Interview with Jen Liddy 33:48 03/09/2022
SFP 136 Getting Your Work Published! An Interview with Lexi Clifford 29:09 03/02/2022
SFP 135 The mistakes you are making marketing your photography business An Interview with Tammy Johnston 27:54 02/23/2022
SFP 134 Creating Your Own Opportunities An Interview With Christi Pratte 23:41 02/16/2022
SFP 133 Get Organized With your Social Media An Interview With Nichole Howson 20:41 02/09/2022
SFP 132 Can photographers learn from influencers? This might surprise you. 12:04 02/02/2022
SFP 131 Copywriting for artists, makers, doers, and dreamers! An Interview with Olivia Carson 35:28 01/26/2022
SFP 130 Photography Finances 101An Interview With Kelly Mathis 24:09 01/19/2022
SFP 129 How to Find The Right Photography Education An Interview with Colleen Channer 27:50 01/12/2022
#128 Answers to Your Questions! 17:41 12/27/2021
127 Creative & Custom Marketing Strategies For Your Photography Business 21:17 12/22/2021
126 All Things Instagram Reels-Photographer's Edition 33:01 12/15/2021
125 This one is all about MINI SESSIONS! 26:04 12/08/2021
#124 Releasing the Pressure of Perfection 29:36 12/01/2021
123 How To Set Boundaries With Friends & Family 19:02 11/24/2021
122 Creating a Killer Client Experience! 31:47 11/17/2021
#121 How to not get caught up in "procrasti-branding" and instead actually launch your biz 22:14 11/10/2021
#120 Simplifying the process of progress toward your photography goals 28:08 11/03/2021
#119 How To Get Past Being An Outsider Looking In With Your Photo Goals 14:22 10/27/2021
#118 Getting into Equestrian Photography + how to serve your clients! 26:08 10/20/2021