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Episode 87 - Godzilla: Half Century War
KES and Slick put up an poll and you decided you wanted this to be a book club podcast.  We asked what do you want, Godzilla suit design tiered rankings, Godzilla: Half Century War, The Fly (1986) or Gappa.  You chose, in a landslide I might add, Half Century War.  Your hosts jump into the background of the comic, the story, the writing, the art, and our overall opinion.  Was this the Main Event of the comic world?  Tune in to find out. We also talk figure purchases, news, and we book the next several episodes of content.  Next up: Kong Kristmas!
68:14 12/05/2022
Episode 86 - Godzilla And Kong: Booking The Territory 1
Slick and KES don't so much predict as much as give their own takes on what the next Monsterverse Movie should be.  Slick takes a hands off approach, gives observations and direction for where he thinks it should go.  KES delivers a 3 act summary with some details laid out and others left to the imagination.  Like, for instance, what would a cyborg kaiju that has DNA from multiple kaiju in the monsterverse look like?  And what if Ren Serizawa had survived?  This isn't so much meant to be what we would want as much as it is if we were tasked with making a movie what direction would we go in?  We also talk fig purchases and whats up next.  Check it out!
78:02 11/21/2022
Episode 85 - Godzilla Day 2022
In this episode KES and Slick cover all the news that came out of Godzilla Day.  We got a new movie announcement from Toho, 2 short movies featuring Godzilla fighting Gigan for the 50th anniversary of the release of Godzilla vs Gigan, Gigabash DLC news, Godzilla Battleline updates, and of course new merchandise.  We also cover news items we didn't hear about.  To cap the main segment off we talk about our trip to the movies to see Godzilla X Mechagodzilla. We also, as per usual, discuss our recent purchases and round out the episode with more from the resurrected OIWF
90:44 11/07/2022
Episode 84 - Bride of Frankenstein
KES and Slick review what some say is the best movie of the Universal Monsters, Bride of Frankenstein from 1935.  This movie was directed by James Whale and is known for it's religious imagery, it's attempt to follow the novel by Mary Shelley, and for introducing one of the most iconic "monsters" in cinema history, the Bride! Do we think Bride of Frankenstein good like drink or do we think it's bad like fire?  Listen to find out. We also discuss upcoming shorts from Toho for Godzilla Day, Godzilla Fest, upcoming toy announcements, our episodic purchases, and the triumphant return of the OIWF featuring the openly vile World Toy Organization.  It's a hoot.
65:42 10/24/2022
Episode 83 - Gamera vs Barugon
KES and Slick are back talking about the friend to all children before he was the friend to all children in Gamera vs Barugon.  There are no kids, and the adults are all mischievous jerks who get whats coming to them.  It's a strange and dark tale of Opal theft, diamond theft, murder, and revenge.  What, I'm serious.  It's really dark.  We get boughts of Malaria, betrayals, scorpion bites that lead to death, brawls, violence, romance, vampirism.  This movie basically covers it all.  We also talk about new fig purchases and whats in store for episode 84!
60:16 10/10/2022
Episode 82 - Gojira Kun & Godzilla The Series (Gameboy)
KES and Slick put the controllers down and pick up the OG handheld console the Gameboy (and Gameboy Color) for another gaming 2 pack episode.  We're covering Godzilla/Gojira Kun, which are the US and Japanese versions of the same game.  We talk differences, whats good, whats bad, and if we recommend it to someone who's never played a Godzilla game.  On the flip side we also briefly talk about Godzilla The Series's attempt to woo us with it's graphical prowess and whether it succeeded or not.  We also talk fig purchases and other merch puchases over the past 2 weeks and also our plans for topics in October.  It's going to be a hoot!
60:04 09/26/2022
Episode 81 - Super Godzilla & Kaijuu Daikessen
Slick and KES are celebrating the 16 bit Godzilla games this episode.  We're talking Super Godzilla and Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen.  We talk what was good, what was bad, and we bring you back to the early/mid 90's gaming space of 2d fighters ruling the roost.  We also go into how we felt about the games at first and how, if at all, our opinions changed as we got older.  It was a hoot. We also talk new figure/merch purchases and finally, after long last, we break out silence on the OIWF
82:22 09/12/2022
Episode 80 - Godzilla Battle Line Returns!
In a fortuitous twist of fate, SNES Godzilla games has been pushed back 2 weeks.  This episode, KES and Slick are joined by SirMelee and ShinRobjira once again to catch you all up on whats been happening with the mobile game Godzilla Battle Line.  KES and ShinRobjira are new players trying it out for the first time while Slick and SirMelee are veteran players among the top in the world.  KES and ShinRob give opinions on RNG, leveling up, gameplay, and the experience of people just jumping in now while Slick and SirMelee give their opinions on the newer units entering the game and the direction the game has taken.  We all give suggestions on how to improve but overall we're enjoying the experience.   
99:41 08/29/2022
Episode 79 - Godzilla NES Games
KES and Slick are gonna take you back to the past.  To play the Godzilla Games on NES.  Godzilla and Godzilla 2 on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System for listeners born this millennium) are two very different games.  Godzilla is more or less what you'd expect.  Godzilla and Mothra square off against a group of Toho monsters being controlled by the aliens from Planet X and the only way to stop them is by playing some side scrolling shoot em up levels and fight the monsters in 30 second intervals.  Godzilla 2 is more or less a strategy game that incorporates some type of slot machine attack mechanics.  Were either of these any good?  Are either worthy of the title "Monster of Monsters"?  And just who did develop Godzilla 2? We also both managed to find the Playmates Titan Tech Godzilla and Kong figures.  Are they contenders for fig of the year?  Plus we talk about whats coming down the pipe with future episodes but chances are thats all going to pushed back for a special episode next. 
77:02 08/15/2022
Episode 78 - Final Wars Drinking Game
KES and Slick embark on the bold journey of playing a drinking game to Final Wars.  Is our best enough to save this movie?  And what is up with those suits!? We've done a dive into Final Wars before so this is more just be a fly on the wall and hang out with us watching this movie and trying our best to make up more rules while the Godzilla portion of the movie takes a break to bring you mostly B movie Matrix. We also don't talk about SDCC news because there barely was any, fig purchases, and what might be on the horizon for future episodes.
151:07 08/01/2022
Episode 77 - Godzilla 1985
KES and Slick are back with a conversation about Godzilla 1985.  We originally covered Godzilla Returns but we skipped all 23 flavors of Godzilla 1985 so now we are remedying that.  Slick sets the table with a luxurious spread that is the background of this Americanized version.  It would be called a variant in the fig community.  We talk about differences between the films, Raymond Burr's return to the franchise as Mr. Martin, what was cut, what stayed, and of course...Dr. Pepper. Finally we put this movie in it's rightful place, reviewed by a couple fans. Forever enshrined in the loving eternity of the internet. Stick around for a second discussion about Mezco's Rount 1 Destroy All Monsters set. KES got his and surprisingly Slick, after setting a figure record with 21 last episode...well, you'll just have to listen.
57:49 07/18/2022
Episode 76 - Ultraman 66
We put up the poll.  You voted.  Ultraman won so you're getting an Ultraman episode finally.  Jurassic Park never stood a chance.  KES has never really watched any Ultraman but Slick has dabbled and so the dynamic of the podcast of Slick being the grizzled vet and KES being the fish out of water rookie is in tact.  We watched episodes 1, 2 and 8 of the 66 series.  Did it rule?  Did it stink?  Did KES go over Slick's and see his Mezco Ultraman and Red King and get jealous?  Find out.  But also yes that did happen. We also have a kaiju sized figure portion of he pod.  Slick has set the record for most purchases between episodes.  KES had a big showing for him.  2 purchases there.  What did we get?  Listen to find out.  Next week's segment promises to be a good one too.
87:12 07/04/2022
Episode 75 - Clash of the Titans (2010)
KES says the Celtics are done in Game 6, Slick says there will be a Game 7.  One of them was correct. Anyways, this episode we're not going too far into the past.  Just a dozen years back to the magical time of 2010.  Before the world went ahead and got insane we had the fad of remaking classic films.  Judge Dredd, RoboCop, Total Recall, and even Clash of the Titans.  In this modern take, we have CGI replacing the stop motion and we have updated, modern fighting scenes.  This movie also decided to just go all out with the cast, including reuniting Ralph Fiennes with Liam Neeson from Schindler's List.  Was in enough to make it a modern classic or does it just merely peak out of the shadow of it's source material?  You be the judge.  But also we are the judge in this episode.  We also talk fig purchases.   PS - Enjoy both of us stumbling over pronouncing Ralph Fiennes.
66:23 06/20/2022
Episode 74 - Reptilicus (w/ Matt From The Atomic Turtle Podcast)
KES and Slick brought in Matt from The Atomic Turtle Podcast to help them talk about Danish kaiju classic Reptilicus. We go deep into the backstory of this Sydney Pink vanity project (according to Netflix).  We talk the making of this movie and how they basically filmed 2 versions at the same time (English and Danish), the monster, the cast, the pros and the cons.  Plus we got to catch up with our bud and that was nice. We also talk fig purchases and KES has a fun story about an encounter while on a fig hunt.  Tons of fun in this one. 
93:25 06/06/2022
Episode 73 - The Giant Claw
This week KES and Slick are shamed by their bosses for pranking them into thinking there was a UFO.  This prank wound up backfiring because, sadly, it wasn't a UFO.  It was...THE GIANT CLAW!  A flying battleship with the wingspan the side of like 2 or 3 triple wide mobile homes lined up next to each other.  Is it a classic?  Is it required viewing?  Is it any good?  Find out what our boys have to say! We also review some new purchases.  The Playmates GvK Playset and the GvK mini figure 6 pack highlight this segment.  We also find out whats in store for us next.  Anyone order a danish?
57:28 05/23/2022
Episode 72 - Pacific Rim: The Black(Season 2)
KES + Slick drift their way through Season 2 of Pacific Rim: The Black.  We talk improvements, favorite scenes/characters, kaijus, villains, plot, the whole shabang.  This was announced to be the final season of the series.  Was 2 enough, could this have gone on longer and did they do a good job tying this all up?  Listen in and find out.  And please excuse Slick, he was battling allergies.  We also talk our newest fig purchases and OIW...wait nevermind.
57:58 05/09/2022
Episode 71 - Raiga: God Of The Monsters
Nobody warned us what we were in for this week and so let this be the warning to you all.  Raiga: God Of The Monsters is the Sharknado of monster movies.  It's bad.  It's almost so bad it's good  It's just bad.  How bad?  It's a piss joke.  It's a 90 minute piss joke.  Yeah.  There you go.  I saved you.  You're welcome. We also do the usual and talk figs and bury the OIWF segment and made it a twitter exclusive.  It's our Sunday Night Heat now.
59:36 04/25/2022
Episode 70 - The Beast From 20000 Fathoms
KES and Slick navigate the cold waters of the Arctic, the lighthouses of Maine, the shores of Massachusetts, and riding the jet stream all the way to...NEW YORK CITY? All salsa jokes aside, we're talking about the Ray Bradbury story turned into almost a full length feature film, The Beast From 20000 Fathoms.  What is a fathom?  Is it like a gil? What's a gil? Anyways, this stop motion masterpiece gets in depth treatment with backstory and discussion about the film itself.  From concept to production, personal preferences on how to work, and the overall execution, we talk about it. It's a good time. We also talk about our recent purchases, the new Mezcos, Super7's, Playmates, and more!  It's the greatest night in the history of our sport.
70:18 04/11/2022
Episode 69 - Pacific Rim Uprising
In our nicest episode ever, we mispronounce our way through Pacific Rim Uprising.  From it's start/stop production to it's eventual release, reception, and history to the characters that came back and the monsters and jaegers that excited us.  Is this light hearted end of the world movie destined for the gold or is it flat on it's back looking at the lights?  We'll let you know in this very timely review. We also talk about the Monsterverse news of a new movie and our weekly figure purchases.  It was a J-tail of a time let me tell you!
67:16 03/28/2022
Episode 68 - Atari Pipeworks Godzilla Games
KES and Slick are joined by their pal ShinRobjira to discuss the excellent Atari Pipeworks Godzilla fighting games.  We talk roster, arenas, our mains, likes, dislikes, story, and the making of these games.  We go into our experiences with them and what these games meant to us when they came out and what they mean to us now.  It's a grand old time and one of our funnest episodes.   We also talk figure purchases and we also broke Rob when we introduced him to the Cody Rhodes "Where's that referee, he tried to **** on me" line.  
123:11 03/14/2022
Episode 67 - Rebirth of Mothra III
Our journey into the 90's Mothra Trilogy has ended.  Do we go out with a whimper or with a bang?  Find out in this dive into this totally not Legend of Zelda inspired plot with time travel and The Land Before Time sprinkled in.  Likes, dislikes, monster designs, characters, and sets are all covered.   We round things off by talking upcoming figures and figures we purchased in the past 2 weeks which was the Playmates GvK Battle Roar Godzilla and Slick also talks about his rad new Mezco acquisition.   Finally at the end of the podcast where everyone keeps their secrets we talk OIWF nonsense.  I mean news. The not sinister at all World Toy Organization acquires gold and the "real" World's Championship is defended when Neca Shin Godzilla defends against #1 contender Dandai Mecha King Ghidorah.  
58:40 02/28/2022
Episode 66 - Rebirth of Mothra II
KES is back with Slick to continue on with the 90's Mothra Trilogy.  Mothra II was released in 1997.  For more info contact [REDACTED]. A rare instance where neither KES nor Slick have ever seen this movie before.  The internet seems to think this movie is bad, is it?  Listen and get the definitive take on this movie.  Or just watch it and formulate your own opinion like we did.  We also talk new fig purchases.  Slick expands his Imperial Godzilla figures while KES finalizes another NECA collection (King Kong).  All in all a solid week.   We round things off with OIWF talk.  The not at all sinister World Toy Organization led by Ms Namikawa has awakened Imperial Godzilla and he's on a bit of a hot streak, do they have gold on their mind?  And after suffering a loss at the hands of the invading Power Rangers who kicked in the forbidden door, The NECA World Order have to contend with new challengers, first Burning Godzilla must defend the Interkaijunental Championship against Cursed Order member PM Kong. And Shin Godzilla awaits his first challenger for the self appointed "Real" World's Championship.  That challenger will be the winner of the Big Game On Sunday Battle Royal!  
78:22 02/14/2022
Godzilla: Battle Line (w/ SirMelee) BONUS EPISODE!
Surprise bonus episode! Slick is joined by  YouTuber SirMelee for an in-depth convo about the hit mobile game…Godzilla: Battle Line! We recap the game’s brief history and give our thoughts on its current state!  Check out SirMelee’s Battle Line guides on YouTube at:   Follow us on Twitter @odoislandpod!
97:52 02/03/2022
Episode 65 - Rebirth Of Mothra
KES and Slick and Toho leave Godzilla behind to check out what Mothra is doing in the first movie of the Hesei Mothra Trilogy, Rebirth of Mothra.  This movie came out the year after Godzilla vs Destoroyah and aimed at a younger audience, thought there is some darker imagery in this movie.  We have the Elias sisters and their evil third sibling at the center of this battle for the world as Mothra must go against Desghidorah, a silver 4 legged 3 headed monster hidden in a tomb for 65 million years.  Also at the heart of the movie is a very splintered family that might need giant monsters destroying the world to bring them together as a family once more. We also have some fig purchases and big OIWF happenings in this episode.  
79:36 01/31/2022
Episode 64 - Gammera The Invincible
KES and Slick journey to the arctic to get some literal and figurative Cold War hot takes but wind up watching the first (US Version) Gamera movie, with double the M's.  We go into the background, the director, the suits, the sets, and all that jazz as we discuss this often riffed on classic. We also talk purchases (very slow 2 weeks) and all the ridiculousness that happens in the OIWF.  We also have a new thing to do when figuring out our next movie.  
60:52 01/17/2022
Episode 63 - Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II
We have done it.  We have now watched every Godzilla movie for this podcast.  KES has now watched every Godzilla movie.  He's a certified Godzillaologist now. Uhh, anyways.  We talk the movie, background, designs of the kaiju, music and everything that makes this movie go.  Did we love it?  Did we hate it?  Listen and find out! We also talk recent figure purchases, OIWF had the week off, and we put up a poll on Twitter for what we should cover next.  You wanted it, you got it.  Original Gamera on deck! 
64:42 01/03/2022
Episode 62 - King Kong (1976)
It's our 3rd annual Kong Kristmas and this year we're doing the 1976 remake from Dino Di Laurentis.  This movie has it all.  Drama, romance, action, suspense, horror, comedy.  Beautiful landscapes and sets.  A wonderful score from renown composer John Barry.  A great cast featuring Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, and Jessica Lange.  So why isn't this better?  Well, we dig into the history of this movie and look into what happened.  The big question is did we like this better than Peter Jackson's Kong (it got a double jobber vote, our lowest combined ranking). Find out in this romp of an episode. We also go into our episodic purchases, since it's Christmas we exchange gifts, and we talk about our favorite purchases of the year.  Oh yeah and some OIWF stuff.  Stick around to see how we open up 2022.  This closes out 2021 for the Podcast From Odo Island.  Thank you for following us this far and there's still a lot more to go!
86:52 12/20/2021
Episode 61 - RAMPAGE
FINALLY, THE POD HAS COME BACK TO ODO ISLAND!  Thats right folks, we're traveling halfway across the US with former 8x WWE Champion The Rock in this video game/kaiju movie RAMPAGE.  Sure, they don't destroy cities on their way to their final destination, and sure maybe Lizzy isn't a lizard and sure, it doesn't exactly stay faithful to the game, but does that mean it's bad?  Uhhh kinda.  Well some stuff is cool.  But listen anyways for in in depth look into what makes this movie work and what doesn't.  We also make up for a missed episode of Zone Fighter, Godzilla Destruction gets nuked, and then we talk purchases and one of the biggest weeks in OIWF history.  It's a happening, if you smell what the pod is cooking.
76:19 12/06/2021
Episode 60 - Godzilla In Zone Fighter Part 2
We're back in the zone!  KES and Slick check out 4 more episode of Zone Fighter featuring our favorite giant nuclear bad boy with a heart of gold, Godzilla! The Zone family is fighting off the evil forces of the Garogas and their Fearbeasts.  They call upon their bestie/sparring partner Godzilla to help bail them out.  Watch as Godzilla and Zone Fighter, who gets second billing in his own show, face off against Gigan, uhhh...Screwhead...Octopushead...Jar Jar Binx with sunglasses, Brain Megalon, and the one who gets a hole shot through him...close enough.   We also go over our bi-weekly purchases and give OIWF the episode off. 
47:09 11/22/2021
Episode 59 - Cozzilla (Luigi Cozzi‘s Godzilla)
Happy (belated) Godzilla Day!  The Podcast From Odo Island continues our tradition of celebrating the big guy's birthday in questionable ways.  This year we're going against Toho's wishes and watching Luigi Cozzi's Godzilla.  It's in Italian, it was made in 1977, and it has weird colors on the screen throughout it's padded duration.  It's basically the 1956 US version with some "bonus scenes" and by bonus scenes we mean a shark and Octopus fighting and random WWII atrocities.  It's...not the best but we have a fun conversation about it. We also go into our weekly purchases and OIWF shenanigans as always.  
69:14 11/08/2021