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UnScripted: Authentic Leadership Podcast

John and La'Fayette come together to provide unique perspectives on important leadership, business, spiritual, social, and political topics. Join us while we discuss important topics and how leadership can make a difference for your business, family, faith and community. UnScripted: Authentic Leadership is also a community for leaders to come together to unite, develop, and empower leaders in the area's of business, family, faith, and community. #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast #Leadership #Leaders #personal-development #self-help


Stick To The Vision Plan Feat. Special Guest Rodney H. Dixon #Podcast #Vision #Leadership 43:07 06/22/2021
Mastering The Art Of Public & Online Speaking and Communication! Feat.Special Guest Brenden Kumarasamy (MasterTalk) #Podcast #Leadership 44:35 06/14/2021
Leaving A Lasting Legacy! Feat. Special Guest Dr. Peter Lane & John Lebrun Jr. #Podcast #Legacy #UnscriptedLeadership 46:23 06/07/2021
From IED Explosion To Veteran Inspiration! Feat.Bobby Henline & Jamie Burton #Podcast #UnscriptedLeadership 49:13 05/31/2021
Overcoming Depression! Feat. Special Guest Dr. Lloyd C.Williams #Podcast #UnscriptedLeadership 51:39 05/24/2021
It's about how you think, not what you do! Feat. Special Guest Dr. Ted Sun #Podcast #UnscriptedLeadership 53:21 05/17/2021
The Danger Of Being A Envious Leader! #Podcast #UnscriptedLeadership 49:39 05/11/2021
Get Out Of That Funk! #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast 53:25 05/02/2021
God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called! #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast 44:19 04/26/2021
Being An Accountable Leader! Feat. Rory Mitchell (Podcast Creator and Host of the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast) #UnscriptedLeadership 41:25 04/18/2021
Defusing Tense Situations! #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast 59:09 04/12/2021
Handling Conflict Management! #UnscriptedLeadership #Podcast 39:28 04/05/2021
Creating A Positive Culture At Work! Feat. Amy Lynn Durham @createmagicatwork 46:54 03/28/2021
⏪ Unscripted Rewind! Being A Empathetic Leader! #UnscriptedLeadership 37:24 03/22/2021
Making Necessary Endings As A Leader! #UnscriptedLeadership 39:09 03/15/2021
Non-Positional Leadership (Leading From The Middle) #UnscriptedLeadership 46:04 03/08/2021
Developing Self Respect! 41:56 03/01/2021
Authenticity Is The New Presence! Feat. Becky Morrison 38:15 02/22/2021
You Are Good Enough! 55:16 02/15/2021
The Power Of Instinct! 48:45 02/09/2021
The Proof Is In The Pudding! 42:20 02/01/2021
Fatherhood: The Importance of Being Present Feat.Dr.Vibe | @thedrvibeshow 46:30 01/25/2021
Leadership Development Feat. Courtney Wetzel | @blushleadership 45:11 01/18/2021
Using Your Creative Edge! 46:50 01/11/2021
Resolution vs Resilience 46:25 01/04/2021
Unwrapping the gifts inside of you! 40:46 12/21/2020
Your words have power! 42:19 12/14/2020
Just Do It! 50:20 12/08/2020
Death to external-validation 48:24 11/30/2020
Started from the bottom, now I'm here! 46:54 11/24/2020