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The Next Frontier

Our world is experiencing a tsunami of digital disruption—shaking the very foundations of established institutions, industries and service-based businesses. A recurring theme affecting each is the shifting role and ultimate value of experts and intermediaries in this technology-driven, highly networked ecosystem. Welcome to The Next Frontier podcast where we’ll break down and analyze the forces at work in our world, our culture and our businesses. Our goal is to unlock the challenges to reveal the opportunities and what it means to provide advice in the 21st century. In each episode, we’ll examine this rapidly evolving reality with probing questions like: ~How is the digitization of our world altering clients’ sentiments and expectations? ~How is the business of “advice” and “guidance” coping with and preparing for this stark reality? ~What are the new and different skills, methods and insights that will redefine the value of the human intermediary—both professionally and personally? ~Where will high tech and high touch intersect in your business? ~Is the digitization of our lives redefining trust? Disclosure: This content is provided for general informational purposes only. The views expressed by non-affiliated guest speakers are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of First Clearing or its affiliates. First Clearing and its affiliates do not endorse any guest speakers or their companies, and therefore give no assurances as to the quality of their products and services. This channel is not monitored by First Clearing. For more information on our podcasts visit First Clearing is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo and Company. Copyright 2018 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved. First Clearing provides correspondent services to broker-dealers and does not provide services to the general public. CAR-0618-05371


Bill Coppel: The Next Frontier Final Episode 04:44 09/03/2021
Erik Strid: Helping Clients Navigate the “Exploring” Phase of Life 49:23 09/02/2021
Robb Baldwin: What’s Driving Custodial Decisions in the RIA Space Today 23:27 09/01/2021
Susan Quinn: Leadership Lessons we Learned from COVID 35:59 08/30/2021
Ethan Zuckerman: Building a Trust Bridge in an Era of Misinformation 42:27 08/25/2021
Bill Coppel: Season 3 Close – Separating Fact from Fiction 09:00 06/23/2021
Sherri Snelling: What Advisors Should Know About the Cycle of Grief 41:59 06/02/2021
John Lawton: 21st Century Leadership for an Ever-Changing Landscape 18:33 05/12/2021
David Hohimer: Enhancing the Client Experience Through Authenticity 33:55 04/21/2021
Vaughan Scott: Enhancing Your Value Through Empathy and Emotional Intelligenc 36:40 03/31/2021
Jeff Gitterman: Investing for a Sustainable Future 37:54 03/10/2021
Mark Widmer: Delivering Transformational Experiences to Help Families and Businesses Thrive 40:50 02/17/2021
Andy Raub: The Five Biggest Retirement Dangers That Money Can't Fix 42:04 01/27/2021
Brian Hamburger and John Peluso: Perspectives on the Evolving Advice Business 43:05 01/13/2021
Dr. Tim Bono: Simple Secrets to Smart Living and Well-Being 56:41 12/30/2020
Tony Sirianni: Navigating an Industry in Transition 39:04 12/16/2020
Mindy Diamond: Navigating Choice to Build Your “Best Business Life” 35:49 12/02/2020
Marc Spilker & John Peluso: Perspectives on the Evolving Advice Business 47:02 11/18/2020
Anita Shaughnessy: Weaving Well-Being into the Fabric of Advice 35:06 11/04/2020
Chip Conley: Rewire, Don’t Retire 42:30 10/21/2020
Marc Freedman: Finding a New Life Currency as We Age 49:24 10/07/2020
Sam Fiorello: Is it Time to Revisit the Art of Planning? 44:14 09/23/2020
Sherri Snelling: Home Sweet Home – Navigating Where and How to Live Out Our Bonus Years 40:20 09/09/2020
Season 2 Close - A Pause to Reflect 03:40 07/29/2020
Dr. Tim Bono: Can Money Buy Happiness? Part 2 28:04 07/15/2020
Dr. Tim Bono: Can Money Buy Happiness? Part 1 30:06 07/01/2020
Susan Quinn: Crafting a Brand Experience To Help Set Your Business Apart 45:14 06/17/2020
Bill Burnett: Designing a Life of Meaning and Purpose, Part 2 28:43 06/03/2020
Bill Burnett: Designing a Life of Meaning and Purpose, Part 1 33:36 05/20/2020
Hope Reiner: Easing the Burden of Loneliness with Authentic Friendship 25:57 05/06/2020