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A Breakbeat and Bass House podcast hosted by veteran DJ Justin Johnson. Also focused on living a lifelong sustainable rave life that includes fitness, nutrition, mental health, and more.


Techtonic Funk Brigade - Episode 46 - BREAKS
1. Huda Hudia & DJ30A “My Feelings”2. The Darrow Chem Syndicate “The Return of the Living Bomb” (Huda Hudia & DJ30A Remix)3. Eztereo & Guau “Human Behaviour”4. Perfect Kombo & Hankook “Little Virgy”5. Huda Hudia & DJ Santana “Fine Day” (DJ30A & Huda Hudia 2021 Remix)6. Javy Groove “Ravidiced”7. Rasco “Pure Bassline”8. The Darrow Chem Syndicate “My Daddy ‘SUGA’” (Huda Hudia & DJ30A Remix)9. Baymont Bross “Original Flava”10. Ondamike “Banging the Beats”11. Perfect Kombo “Low”12. The Darrow Chem Syndicate “The Fred Soul” (Kid Panel Remix)13. Bowser “Spectral”14. Gunjack “Agent Provocateur”15. Brothers of Funk “Tear It Up”16. Diego Infanzon “Danger Time”17. United States Beat Squad “Party Starter”18. DJ Justin Johnson “MEMORIES” (Breaks Mix)
70:53 05/21/2022
Techtonic Funk Brigade - EP 45 (BASS HOUSE show)
TTFBP045 BASS HOUSE show1. Alex Amaro "Rise" (Nightenjin) Dread MC, Taiki Nulight "Messi" (Orient Records) Pickle "Rump" (SPINNIN' RECORDS) Nicky Genesis "Funky Soul" (Night Bass) Le Duke "Tonight" (Etiqueta Negra) GAWP "Moon" (Heldeep Records) Matroda "Deep Inside" (Terminal Underground) Born I, Brohug "Gold On My Crown" (Dim Mak) Dread MC, Hoda "Hydraulics" (The Archives) JOYRYDE "ON FIRE" (HARD Recs) FOOLiE "I Said Feat. Miss Dre" (Box of Cats) Matroda "The Movement" (Terminal Underground)13. Jack Beats, Qlank "Higher" (Night Bass) Kyle Watson, The Sponges "The Ratchet Express" (Box of Cats) BYOR "Feeling Right" (Musical Freedom) Hugel "Gym Quarantine" (SPINNIN' RECORDS) BIJOU, Party Favor "WHOA" (Do Not Duplicate Recordings) Malaa "Four Twenty" (Malaa Music LLC) Habstrakt, MARTEN HØRGER "Ya Think" (Monstercat) AC Slater "Stand Up" (Musical Freedom) Croatia Squad "The Vibe" (Enormous Tunes) MNNR "The Party" (Night Bass) Malaa "Don't Talk" (Confession)24. Steve Darko "Shake That" (Box Of Cats) Wax Motif "Keep Raving" (Divided Souls) SWACQ "Work My Body" (SPINNIN' RECORDS) The Sponges "Feelin' Alright" (Night Bass)28. Volac, Stace Cadet, Black V Neck "Super Cute (Black V Neck Remix)" (Insomniac) DJ Justin Johnson "No Crossover" (East Mode Party)
106:20 08/23/2021
Techtonic Funk Brigade EP 44 - BREAKS show
Techtonic Funk Brigade EP 44 - BREAKS showTrack Listing1. "The Beat" by Christian Martin, Lenny Kiser (Trippy Ass Technologies)2. "Pecular (John Selway Remix)" by John Selway, Nematic (Tronic)3. "Take Control (Electro Mix)" by Ondamike (Ravesta Records)4. "Speaker Blow (Original Mix)" by DJ Fixx, Huda Hudia(Kaleidoscope Music)5. "321 Jump! (Original Mix)" by Huda Hudia (Kaleidoscope Music)6. "Florida's Most Wanted (Original Mix)" by DJ30A(Kaleidoscope Music)7. "The Magic (Original Mix)" by Alex Wicked, TheBeatStops (Diesel Recordings)8. "Electro Ave (Electric Remix)" by Ondamike, Dial uP (Ravesta Records)9. "Funk Out" (Original Mix) by Slip187, RØX(Gigabeat Records)10. "Aggressive Boot (Original Mix)" byDeibeat(Toast & Jam Recordings)11. "Wannabe (Original Mix)" byK-Deejays (SPACE PIZZA Records)12. "Bad Step (Original Mix)" by Bad Legs (SPACE PIZZA Records)13. "Bounce U (Original Mix)" by Ondamike (Total Damage Records)14. "Ride That (Original Mix)" by Macho (Diablo Loco)15. "Up On The Cloud (Original Mix)" byMotivBreaks (Diablo Loco)16. "Like a Drum (Original Mix)" by Not The Father (Tons & Tons)
61:23 06/03/2021
Techtonic Funk Brigade - Ep 43 (BASS HOUSE show)
We're changing up the format to now include BASS HOUSE, and we'll also be releasing this genre on the label as well.Additionally, we'll start recommending some good books to read at the The Sponges "Space Funk '75 (Extended Mix) [Box of Cats] The Sponges "Funked Up" [Box of Cats]3. Curbi "Too Much" (Extended Mix) [Heldeep Records] Steff Da Campo & SMACK "Renegade" (Extended Mix) [Spinnin' Records] Chris Lorenzo "Bad Bitch feat. Chynna" [Sixty6Music] Matroda "Walk In The Spot" [Musical Freedom] MARTEN HØRGER "Another Dimension" (Extended Mix) [GPA] Aazar & GODAMN "Big Beat" (Extended) [Musical Freedom] Habstrakt "Free" [Gud Vibrations] Eran Hersh "All Night Low" [No Definition] Codes "So Damn Funky" [Night Bass Records] Wuki & Nitti Gritti "Swet" [RoShamBo] Urbøi "Soda Pop" [Musical Freedom] GRiZ "Could U" [Night Bass Records] illusionize "FLAME" [SPRS] Destructo "Loaded feat. Yo Gotti"(Walker & Royce Remix) [All My Friends] Left/Right, Dread MC & Bodyblow "One / Two" (Maximono Remix) [Punks] Neon Steve & MARTEN HØRGER "On The Move" (Extended Mix) [GPA] Jace Mek & Inconnue "Lust" (Extended Mix) [THRIVE MUSIC] MING & LOSH "Kiss the Sky" [Kobu Records]
70:53 09/08/2020
Techtonic Funk Brigade - EP 42 (BREAKS Show)
Justin Johnson live at Bottle Rock 2019 (HUSH Concerts Silent Disco stage)1 METHOD MAN VS HEYOKA-RELEASE YO CAMANCHE(STYLUST BEATS MASHUP)2 Phunk You by discObeta3 Lucas With The Glitch On by Warp94 Whole Loada Shizzle5 Reeses Pieces6 Boomin7 FUNKIN' EM ALL8 1nce Again (Bit Funk Remix)9 Bus It In 2 (Dirty Dubsters remix)10 Playin Yourself by Badboe11 Dub be good to me (A.Skillz Festival Edit)12 Rude Message13 Rock The Rhythm by Tom Drummond14 Party Your Ass Off by El Bomba15 Supacat Police (feat MC Kinky)16 No Illusions by Morlack17 Fairy Tales18 Express Your Ragga Self20 Doin It Right by Daft Punk (Dusty Tonez Remix)
68:55 01/11/2020
Techtonic Funk Brigade - EP 41 (BREAKS show)
1. Chicken Paw "The Game" (Beat By Brain)2. The Bass Droppers "My DJ" (Booty Trax)3. DJ Justin Johnson "Galactic Defender" (Barey Legal Records) 4. BeatsMe "BassFace" (Beat By Brain)5. Jim Funk & Ethney "Bass Bumpin" (Gigabeat)6. Bradley Drop "My Love" (Rocksteady Records)7. United States Beat Squad "Break It Down" (Therabeat Records)8. DJ30A & Huda Hudia "More Crunk!" (Kaleidoscope)9. B-Phreak & Bradley Drop "Bad MF" (DogEatDog Records)10. Digital Base "Can a Man Get a Drink" (Distorsion Records)11. Mutantbreakz "Talk About It" (Distorsion Records)12. The Bass Droppers "Lotus Orb" (Booty Trax)13. Paul Bassrock "Artz of Noize" (Bassrock Records)14. DJ Goku "Seven Birds (Shade K Remix)" (Space Pizza Records) 15. B-Phreak & Philly Blunt "Execute the Plan" (Rump Shaker Records)16. NeurozIZ & G$Montana 'Southern Blues (Slip187 Remix)17. DJ Fixx "So Tight" (Ravesta Records)18. Huda Hudia "You Need Your Medication" (Kaleidoscope)19. Plump DJs "Big Apple" (Punks Music)20. Bradley Drop "Just a Beat" (Rocksteady Records)
66:57 12/28/2019
Techtonic Funk Brigade - EP 40 (BREAKS show)
1. Lee Coombs, Kostas G "Step Off"2. Sound Beach "Sweet Haters"3. Kiwa "FlashForward (Blacklist Remix)"4. Curtis B, Jaco Garner "The Rhythm"5. Punkture "Bassline Rudeboy Punk"6. Pyramid, Ivory "Stick Up feat. Ivory feat. Rubi Dan"7. Curtis B, Ondamike "G-code"8. Somatic "808 Bass (Systemattic & Motive Remix)"9. Kuplay, The Flea "Homeboy"10. Geon "Phobos"11. Lee Coombs, Kostas G "Warehouse Magic"12. Xpander "Walk Away (Perfect Kombo Remix)"13. Mafia Kiss "High"14. Adrenalinez "Wet Me"
57:33 12/12/2019
Techtonic Funk Brigade - EP 8 (BREAKs with Erin Paul)
Erin Paul on Soundcloud Justin Johnson official site Recorded live on NSB Radio Dec. 7, 2012. NSB Radio site   Erin Paul's special ingredients (hour 1): 1. Rockit - Herbie Hancock 2. The Future Is Now - GRiZ 3. Blaque Ghost - Buzzfiend 4. Crowd Murder - Stickybuds 5. Better Get Lifted - Soulbass 6. Rob Resurrected - DJ Moneyshot 7. Going Going Gone (feat C Reid) - Featurecast 8. Shabop Shalom (Spark Arrester Remix) - Devendra Banhart 9. Need To Know (Blunt Instrument remix) - K Lab Sacha Vee 10. Get Down - Rackabeat & Bar Low 11. Back In The Hood ft. Nynfus Corporation (Original Mix) - Lewd Behavior & Heavy Send vs. Beatsmith 12. Bass Revolution - DJ Grotesque 13. Merry Go Round - Pimpsoul & Neon Steve 14. Live on Arrival - GRiZ 15. All Right Now Warriors - Pecoe 16. Feeling Good (Nappy Riddem remix) - Mooqee Pimpsoul feat Bianca Gerald 17. Back To The Old Jack - Freerange DJs 18. The Chit Chats - Mr No Hands 19. Shake 'Em Up - Krafty Kuts & Featurecast 20. Sad & Lonely (DJ Shadow) - MAT THE ALIEN Remix 21. Eyes For You Remix - The Flamingos / Suplex  Justin's mix (hour 2)    1. Turntable Actor Chloroform "Electric City" 2. Kraftwerk "Radioactivity (Freakazoid Rerub)" 3. Paimon, Place 2b "Full" 4. UFO Project "Take Me to the Top (Beta Remix)" 5. Kwerk "A Little Twisted" 6. M.E.L.T. "Dirty Sex (Detach Remix)"7. Kyla, Deenk "Funk Shit (RuN RiOT Remix)" 8. Deekline "JZ in Paris" 9. DJ Hook "Bad Reaction (breakmassive Remix)" 10. Geon "Sonorous (Colombo Remix)" 11. Deformaty "Starship"  12.Strange Roller "Music 4 the Soul" 13. Lucas "Undecided Mission" 
117:53 12/08/2012
Episode 1 - BREAKS show
recorded live on Sept. 21, 2012 for NSB Radio.It's a weeeee bit sloppy and wobbly, but oh well.1 Bass Overload (feat. Rebel MC) by Wizard2 Kangaroo (Raj Marathe ReRub) by Sander van Doorn & Julian Jordan3 Boss Hog (Kill Light Remix) by Sharkslayer & Blaze Tripp4 Dirty Dance (Original Mix) by MrBob5 I Wish (Plump DJs Remix) by Skee-lo6 Grabbin Chochas (Raj Marathe Rerub) by DJ Craze7 Get It Boy (DJ Fixx & Loki Original Mix) by Sue Cho8 BLACK RABBIT. By Tony Faline9 C'mon Baby by Stex10 N!**@s In Paris (Stanton Warriors Remix) by Stanton Warriors11 Rockin' (Colombo Remix) by Kid Panel12 Anal Drilling (Original Mix) by Plane Dead13 Set You Free (Original Breaks Mix) by Dr. Beats14 Till We Drop (Original Mix) by Alaska MC15 Countdown (2 Step mix) by Nu Jam vs Deekline & Ed Solo16 Kryptonite (Original Mix) by Jamy17 Wonder Feat Chloe Amber (Moony Remix) by DJ Mak 1018 Breathe the Beat by Otto Von Schirach19 Wonder Feat Chloe Amber (Moony Remix) by DJ Mak 1020 Rushin' (Original Mix). By Red Lizard21 Bernards Dog by Gweilo22 Revancha (Original Mix) by Comandbass23 AK-47 (Original Mix) by Radiokillaz24 In Love With You (Visible Sound Remix) by SoundShifter25 Sent for you, Generic Bass remix by Daudi26 Xenomorph - Original Mix by Gav Ley27 The Metropolis by Toronto Is Broken28 Round The Globe (Dub Pistols remix) by LADY WAKS feat MC MANIC29 Blackout by 60130 Step Forward (Original Mix) by Radiokillaz31 Sometimes (Audiohazards Triple Distilled Remix) by Manion32 Crack Bass (Original Mix) by Comandbass33 Droid (Original Mix) by AlhimiK SounD
132:36 09/21/2012