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Artist and writer Liz Reed interviews creatives on what inspires them. Her guests range from internet famous webcomic artists to writers to musicians to chefs. Following your passion can come in any form and the advice from each guest is a unique gem of wisdom that could inspire you to pursue your dreams. New episodes release biweekly.


Ep. 169 L.S. Johnson
WATCH ON YOUTUBE L.S. Johnson is a writer best known for her mixed genre books. Her work ranges from gothic novellas to fantasy to hints of horror. She's written over eight books and numerous short fiction pieces. In this interview, L.S. shares her experiences as an indie author, I learn about sensitivity editors, and L.S. shares her Vacui Magia Deluxe Hardcover Kickstarter. You can follow L.S. on Twitter (@ls_johnson). Show Notes:  Website Shop Kickstarter
52:22 2/28/23
Ep. 168 Michelle Ouellette
WATCH ON YOUTUBE! Michelle Ouellette is an illustrator, art director, and the co-founder of Yeah Haus, a mixed media production company. She has worked with a huge variety of clients including: Google, Discord, Adult Swim, and more. Like myself, Michelle is also part of a husband and wife team (her husband is the other half of Yeah Haus), and we absolutely dive into the ins-and-outs of working with your spouse. Michelle also shares how to become more business savvy when you are a creative, her experience with pitching shows to networks, and the importance of keeping up with your personal projects while balancing paying gigs. You can follow Michelle on Instagram @michellecandraw and @YeahHaus.    You can follow me, Liz Reed, on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube @cuddlesandrage.   Show Notes: Self Love Short Film Yeah Haus Website Yeah Haus Vimeo  
40:40 2/15/23
Ep. 167 Kassandra Heller
WATCH ON YOUTUBE! Kassandra Heller is an amazing artist based in Los Angeles. She is currently one of the art directors for the Disney show Big City Greens. Previously, she worked as a comic designer for Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time. She also worked as a background painter on the Cartoon Network series Clarence.  In my chat with Kassandra, we cover the art of creating a color palette, what it takes to be an art director, and working in animation.  You can follow Kassandra on Instagram (@kassandraheller) and Twitter (@KassandraHeller). 
55:01 2/1/23
Ep. 166 Virginia Newcomb
WATCH THE INTERVIEW ON YOUTUBE Virginia Newcomb is an actress and indie filmmaker. She's worked with directors Daniel Scheinert in The Death of Dick Long and Jim Cummings in The Beta Test. I am a huge fan of both films. I was delighted for the opportunity to talk with Virginia about her experience with working in both Los Angeles and Alabama. She is someone who has worked in the business for a long time and has stayed very flexible in making things work throughout her career. This is a great chat for any creative who is looking to stay in a creative field for the long haul. You can follow Virginia on Twitter (@VirginiaNewcomb) and Instagram (@VirginiaNewcomb) You can follow me on Instagram @LizLovesPhysicalMedia.
44:47 11/8/22
Lizzie Special You Gotta Start Somewhere
I share the baby steps I'm taking to getting back into creating full-time. It's been a long three year journey to get to this point. I am back in the saddle and ready to share what's working for me in this moment to create again without fear or anxiety.
18:04 7/25/22
Write What Scares You Panel from Awesome Con 2022
This panel was recorded on June 5, 2022 at Awesome Con DC. Our panelists, Clay McLeod Chapman, L.S. Johnson, and Liz Reed, discussed tips for writing horror using your unique voice. We want to give a HUGE thank you to Fangoria for supplying the giveaways for our panel! Clay's Website: L.S. Johnson's Website: Liz Reed's Website (aka Cuddles and Rage) Fangoria
45:37 7/13/22
Ep. 165 Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider Podcast
Jimmy Aquino is the host of the popular podcast Comic News Insider. He has been interviewing comic creators, actors, and all things pop culture since 2005. In this interview, Jimmy and I talk about MoCCA Fest 2022, his start in podcasting, and strange things that happen in New York. You can follow Jimmy on Instagram @jimmyaquino.  Show Notes Comic News Insider  MoCCA Fest Follow Liz @cuddlesnadrage or @Lizlovesphysicalmedia
56:12 7/6/22
Ep. 164 Jenny Frison
WATCH ON YOUTUBE Jenny is a comic book cover artist based in the Chicago area. I met Jenny during the pandemic and fell in love with her charm and hilarious stories on being the weird girl. In this episode, we chat about her career path into comics, how cons have evolved over time, and how to properly pronounce FRISON.    You can follow Jenny on Instagram @jennyfrisonart.   Show Notes:  Jenny's Website Trailer to this week's movie recommendation
75:17 5/13/22
Ep 163 Steve Orlando
Watch on YouTube This episode I'm talking to writer Steve Orlando. Steve is best known for his work in comics. He has written for Batman, Wonder Woman, and most recently Loaded Bible—the Tim Seeley series first released in 2006 with Image Comics. Steve is an amazing writer and advocate for bringing new voices and artists into the world of comics. We need more people like Steve in all creative fields. In this episode, we chat about bringing back Loaded Bible, mentoring new talent, and of course wrestling! You can follow Steve on Twitter and Instagram @thesteveorlando. The first issue of Loaded Bible is out now. You can order it here or even better grab it at your local comic book store.    Show Notes:  Loaded Bible An excellent interview with Steve on The Queer Creative Podcast Beyond the Mat (wrestling documentary) Wrestling with My Family (this episodes movie recommendation)  
56:42 3/18/22
Ep. 162 Chogrin is Back!
Watch the interview on YouTube! Artist, writer, and animator Chogrin returns to talk about his new toy with Kevin Smith and an updated version of his picture book Kid Del Toro! Follow Chogrin on Instagram and Twitter @Chogrin.  Show Notes:  Kevin Smith Toy Netflix Store Kid Del Toro Chogrin's Website   You can follow me, Liz Reed, @cuddlesandrage or @LizLovesPhysicalMedia on Instagram.  
70:12 3/4/22
Ep. 161 Steve Casino
Watch the video on YouTube. Steve Casino is an artist and toymaker. He is best known for his mixed media peanut sculptures. I've been following Steve for years on Instagram. He is a beast when it comes to creating art and engaging on social media. His work ethic is inspiring. In this episode, we talk about his process, death threats from angry internet trolls, and how he creates so much art in so little time! You can follow Steve on Instagram @stevecasino, Twitter @SteveCasino1, and TikTok @stevecasino   Show Notes: Steve's YouTube This Week's Movie Pairing: Cutie and The Boxer (2013)
43:03 2/8/22
Ep. 160 Sophia Glock
Sophia Glock is a writer and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. Her graphic novel memoir Passport was just released in November 2021. Passport is a coming of age story about a girl growing up in a foreign country with CIA agents for parents. The pitch line sounds like fiction, but this was real life for Sophia. Passport dives deep into the complexity of self discovery and family dynamics. It is a must read for young teens and older. You can follow Sophia on Instagram @sophiadrawsdaily. Show Notes Buy Passport Signed Copies of Passport  NPR Interview Instagram @sophiadrawsdaily    
56:40 12/23/21
Lizzie Special Where Have I Been?
It's been a VERY long time since I've done a Lizzie Special—or really any episode updates. This episode I open up and share what's been going on while I've been away.
07:56 11/1/21
Ep. 159 Gemma Files
Gemma Files is a Canadian horror writer, journalist and film critic. I met Gemma when I was moderating a virtual panel for Fangoria. She's smart, funny, and knows her horror! In this episode, we discuss her latest horror anthology In That Endlessness, Our End, how publishing has changed over time, and her past job as a film critic. You can follow Gemma on Twitter @gemmafiles.   Show Notes:  Website Buy In That Endlessness, Our End Twitter @gemmafiles Fangoria Panel Movie Recommendation: Stray (streaming on Hulu)  
45:19 8/31/21
Ep. 158 Dave Perillo is back!
Illustrator Dave Perillo is back! I caught up with Dave during pandemic times to talk about the fate of comic conventions and how managed work during the pandemic. It was great to have him back on the show. If you want to catch Dave's first appearance on the podcast then check out Ep. 8 (wow he got on early!) You can follow Dave on Instagram (@montygog) and Twitter (@montygog)!  
72:07 7/22/21
Ep. 157 Noodle and Bun Creators Gottfried Roodt + Lloyd Wilgen
Gottfried Roodt + Lloyd Wilgen are the creators of the wildly popular series Noodle and Bun ( I discovered Noodle and Bun on Tiktok and instantly fell in love with the expressive CG animation. Noodle and Bun got major traction on TikTok and now has over 4.3 million followers. In this interview, I discover how Noodle and Bun came to life, what it takes to create merchandise for your brand, and how to grow your audience after going viral. Check out Noodle and Bun on YouTube, Instagram (@noodle_and_bun), and TikTok (@noodle_and_bun). AND go grab some new merch from the official Noodle and Bun store.   Show Notes: Noodle and Bun Store Cartoon Brew interview PolyCat TikTok @nood_and_bun YouTube Channel Instagram @noodle_and_bun      
43:18 6/23/21
Ep. 156 Katie Skelly
Katie Skelly is a writer and illustrator based in New York. She's best known for her brightly colored graphic novels with strong giallo vibes. Her book Maids came out in 2020 from Fantagraphics and explores the true crime story of the Papin sisters. In this episode, we explore her film influences, the history behind Maids, and the indie comics community. You can follow Katie on Instagram (@skellyskellyskelly) and Twitter (@nurse_nurse). Like this ep? Check out ep. 143 with Small Press Expo Executive Director Warren Bernard.   Show Notes: Website Buy Maids Twitter Instagram  
43:48 6/10/21
Ep. 155 Ray Harkins
WATCH ON YOUTUBE    Ray Harkins is the host of the podcast 100 Words or Less. He is also the lead singer for the melodic hardcore band Taken. I discovered Ray's podcast while looking for a show that covered creative collaboration. Ray's interviews with indie musicians and artists was just what I needed. His interviews are more like casual conversations that dive into the stories behind each guest's profession. With every episode, I find something to take away and apply to my own creative career, which is rare when you work in a creative partnership with you spouse!   You can follow Ray on Twitter and Instagram @xpurposex. His podcast 100 Words or Less from iHeartRadio is available to stream everywhere (see the link below for details).   Podcast    Instagram @xpurposex   Twitter @xpurposex   Taken @takenband         
53:56 5/4/21
Ep. 154 Jen Gubicza
Watch the video on our People I Think Are Cool YouTube channel Jen Gubicza is an artist and designer best known for her faux taxidermy pieces. I first met Jen years ago at a craft show where she was vending with her shop Zooguu. I’m a huge fan of her work. I talked to Jen in the middle of the pandemic when all the shows were going online. We had a great chat about pivoting during a pandemic, how creators are finding new ways to collaborate online, and her work on the X-Men New Mutants movie.   SHOW NOTES: Website  Shop  Twitter @zooguu Instagram @zooguu Facebook 
43:12 4/14/21
Ep. 153 Jane Friedman
Watch on YouTube Jane Friedman is the author of The Business of Being a Writer. With over 20 years of experience in publishing, she is an expert in business strategies for writers. I discovered Jane's work through her blog years ago when I was about to publish my first book with HarperCollins. Her site was the only place that answered questions on every scope of being a writer, from getting your book sold, what to expect when working with an editor, and the concept of literary citizenship. I often find myself revisiting Jane's books every year as a reminder on what I can do as a writer to push forward when I feel stuck. Jane's wisdom speaks not only to new writers but also to those with decades of experience. You can follow Jane on Twitter @janefriedman and Instagram @janefriedman.   Show Notes Website The Business of Being a Writer Classes Newsletters Twitter @janefriedman Facebook Instagram @janefriedman Goodreads  
42:38 2/19/21
Ep. 152 Jess Guise
Watch on YouTube! Jess Guise is the lead singer for the folk-pop band Guise. When I discovered her music, I fell in love with her lyrics, humor, and charm. In our chat, Jess shared her writing process and shifting gears as a creative during the pandemic. Definitely check out her video for "The Fun Part."  It's one of the most clever music videos I've ever seen, and it truly showcases her eye for storytelling. You can follow Jess on Instagram @jess.guise.   Show Notes Instagram @jess.guise Twitter @JessGuise Bandcamp Merch The Fun Part music video Brother in Arms music video  
44:29 12/4/20
Ep. 151 Clay McLeod Chapman
Catch the video version on our Cuddles and Rage YouTube. Clay McLeod Chapman is one of my favorite writers. His stories are weird, wonderful, and creepy. I first discovered his writing through past guest Glenn McQuaid (ep 132) as I was binging Tales from Beyond the Pale. Clay's episode The Mattress King will make your skin crawl. Clay is a fellow Quirk Books cousin. His new book with Quirk, Whisper Down the Lane, is out April 6. You can pre-order it now (which I totally did and can't wait!).   Show Notes Website Pre-Order Whisper Down the Lane Twitter @claymcleod Books Amazon Author Profile GoodReads
54:22 12/4/20
Ep. 150 Russell Nohelty
Russell Nohelty is a USA Today Best-Selling author, owner of Wannabe Press, and host of The Complete Creative podcast. I discovered Russell through his podcast and was pulled in by his vast knowledge of how to be successful in the world of self publishing. In this episode, Russell and I talk about publishing stats, genres with the biggest audiences, writing, and maintaining readers.   Show Notes Website Twitter @Russellnohelty Instagram @russellnohelty Podcast Books Courses The Complete Creative Wannabe Press
71:10 12/4/20
Ep. 149 Georgia Kriss
Georgia Kriss is an Australian based animator and writer. Similar to past guest Grant Kolton, I discovered Georgia's work on the FX show Cake! (seriously, great show and place to find the fun and the weird). Georgia's work spoke to me through its wit, fierce take on femininity, and style. In this episode, we talk pitching shows, giving projects time to breathe, and cats peeing on things. You can follow Georgia on Instagram @star_crust_lizards. Show Notes:  Vimeo Instagram Passion Pictures IMDB Tumblr
30:46 11/19/20
Ep. 148 Final Girls Part 3: Chloe Rice, Steph C, and Tracie Ching
Welcome to part three of three for our Final Girls special! In this episode, Tracie and I chat about our pieces then I talk with artists Chloe Rice and Steph C their art. Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls is live at Spoke Art's sister gallery, Recess! Tracie Ching and I joined forces to co-curate the show. Final Girls (for short) celebrates horror from a female/femme perspective. The group show includes 60 female and queer artists with wildly different styles, ranging from pure horror to spooky-cute. Follow @Spoke_Art on Twitter and Instagram for more updates! View the Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls show here. Chloe Rice Website Instagram @ohchloe Steph C Website Twitter: @The_StephC Instagram @thatsteph_c INPRNT Tracie Ching Website Instagram @tracieching Twitter @tracieching Liz Reed Website Instagram @cuddlesandrage Twitter @cuddlesandrage TikTok @cuddlesandrage YouTube Liz Loves Physical Media Instagram  
45:45 10/26/20
Ep. 147 Final Girls Part 2: Paige Reynolds, Ellen Surrey, Zi Xu
Welcome to part two of three for our Final Girls special! In this episode, Tracie and I chat about curating the show then I talk with artists Paige Reynolds, Ellen Surrey, and Zi Xu about their pieces. Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls is now live through 10/31 at Spoke Art's sister gallery, Recess! Tracie Ching and I joined forces to co-curate the show. Final Girls (for short) celebrates horror from a female/femme perspective. The group show includes 60 female and queer artists with wildly different styles, ranging from pure horror to spooky-cute.  Follow @Spoke_Art on Twitter and Instagram for more updates! View the Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls show here.   Paige Reynolds Website Instagram @paigereynoldsart Twitter @preynoldsart Facebook   Ellen Surrey Website Instagram @yesurrey Twitter @yesurrey Zi Xu Website Instagram @ziqqix Twitter @ziqqix Tracie Ching Website Instagram @tracieching Twitter @tracieching Liz Reed Website Instagram @cuddlesandrage Twitter @cuddlesandrage TikTok @cuddlesandrage YouTube Liz Loves Physical Media Instagram  
48:07 10/26/20
Ep. 146 Final Girls Part 1: Sara Deck, Allison Black, & Tracie Ching
This episode is part one of a three part special! On October 29th, Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls opens at Spoke Art's sister gallery Recess! Tracie Ching and I joined forces to co-curate the show. Final Girls (for short) celebrates horror from a female/femme perspective. The group show includes 60 artists with wildly different styles, ranging from pure horror to spooky-cute. In this episode, Tracie and I chat about women in horror then I chat with artists Sara Deck and Allison Black about their pieces. Follow @Spoke_Art on Twitter and Instagram for more updates! View the Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls show here. SHOW NOTES SPOKE ART Spoke Art Gallery Recess Gallery Sara Deck Website Instagram @sara_deck_art Twitter @thisDuality Facebook Allison Black Website Shop Instagram @allisonblackillustration Tracie Ching Website Instagram @tracieching Twitter @tracieching Liz Reed Website Instagram @cuddlesandrage Twitter @cuddlesandrage TikTok @cuddlesandrage YouTube Liz Loves Physical Media Instagram  
34:29 10/26/20
EP. 145 Grant Kolton
Grant Kolton is an animator, director, writer, and so much more that my fingers might fall off if I type it all out. I discovered  Grant on Instagram while going down the animation hashtag rabbit hole. His animations first caught my eye through their loose yet controlled style. When I dove in deeper, I fell in love with his stories. They are dark, twisted, hilarious, and at times poignant. In this episode, we talk about pitching TV shows, developing shorts for FX's CAKE!, and his new animated short KILL YOUR IDIOMS (out now on Vimeo). You can follow Grant on Instagram (@grantkoltoons), Vimeo, & Twitter (@grantkolton)   Show Notes Kill Your Idioms Short Black Hole Apartment Short for CAKE! Grant's Vimeo Grant's Website Grant's Instagram @grantkoltoons Grant's Twitter @GrantKolton Spoke Art/Recess Gallery - Draw Me Like One of Your Final Girls
46:18 10/23/20
Ep. 144 Brea Grant
Brea Grant is an actress, filmmaker, writer, and co-host of the Reading Glasses podcast. She just released her new graphic novel, Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter. I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy, and I loved it. Mary (for short) is a fast-paced read full of charm, mystery, and bada** women. In this episode, we chat Mary Shelley's life, writing love & monsters, and comics. You can follow Brea on Instagram @breagrant.   SHOW NOTES:  Brea's Website Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter Lucky 12 Hour Shift Reading Glasses Podcast    
30:57 10/16/20
Ep. 143 Warren Bernard
Warren Bernard is the executive director for the Small Press Expo (SPX). We talk comics, collecting, the SPX lottery process, and how they're taking the show online for 2020. Don't miss the action this year with the panels & Ignatz awards streaming all weekend. Follow SPX on Twitter (@SPXcomics) & Instagram (@SPXcomics).    SHOW NOTES: Small Press Expo Website 2020 Small Press Panels Cartoonist Kayfabe interviews with Warren Discussion of Master Race by Krigstein  Warren breaking a Golden Age/WW2 Marvel out of its plastic coffin  Jack Kirby's only work in the pulps  The Spirit by seeing what it looks like tabloid size the underground cartoonists tabloid work Chris Ware's work in New City get the Kayfabe treatment.
63:53 9/9/20