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IT Availability Now: Stories of business resilience from the people who keep the digital world available. Through expert interviews and success stories, host Servaas Verbiest examines how businesses can withstand any disruption or disaster. Tune in for deep dives on headline news, IT resilience strategies, new technology, and more. Get show notes, transcripts and other details at IT Availability Now is a production of Sungard Availability Services.


What is the cyber kill chain and how can it keep your business secure? 17:38 08/10/2022
What to consider when developing a multi-cloud strategy 15:18 07/27/2022
How to build a cloud culture and other frequently asked cloud questions 14:37 07/13/2022
The promise and limitations of AI in cybersecurity 13:44 06/22/2022
How 5G will impact business’ security and data storage 16:19 06/08/2022
How U.S. critical infrastructure can address cybersecurity concerns 14:36 05/18/2022
How business continuity planning has evolved 15:02 05/04/2022
How to take control of growing cloud costs 12:12 04/20/2022
Sungard AS X Alert Logic: How to secure a hybrid cloud infrastructure 13:58 04/06/2022
Blockchains network resilience: How to safeguard platforms hosting cryptocurrency 12:23 03/23/2022
Why more organizations are choosing a multi-cloud strategy 16:04 03/09/2022
What does the future of business resilience look like? 17:27 02/23/2022
How the increase of freelancers will impact businesses 13:10 02/09/2022
How to build security into your hybrid cloud strategy 16:46 01/26/2022
IT Trends in 2022: What Businesses Can Expect in the Coming Year 12:21 01/12/2022
Lessons from the AWS outage: What businesses can do to mitigate similar disruptions 10:08 12/29/2021
Pen testing adventures: How I sounded the alarm at a major supermarket chain 12:52 12/15/2021
How the global chip shortage is shifting IT models 12:08 12/01/2021
Why frequently conducting a business impact analysis makes you more resilient 16:59 11/10/2021
When to choose private cloud over public cloud 14:39 10/27/2021
Sungard AS X Alert Logic: Partnering to combat the rising threat of ransomware 10:30 10/08/2021
How to properly secure your hybrid workforce 08:29 09/29/2021
DIY vs. managed services: What’s the best route for your cloud journey? 16:51 09/15/2021
Advance to the cloud without abandoning your existing infrastructure 07:57 08/25/2021
Market value of change: 5 principles of successful cloud-enabled transformation 16:02 08/11/2021
How to prevent IT outages from disrupting your business 10:21 07/28/2021
How the role of the CIO is changing post-pandemic 08:34 07/13/2021
Why it’s time to update your backup and recovery plan 11:01 06/28/2021
Cloud native and cloud agnostic: How to achieve both 10:01 06/16/2021
3 Pillars of Hybrid IT Success 08:28 06/02/2021