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The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

After producing 200 episodes together. The Hosts of the Betrayed, The Addicted, and the Expert have expanded to 3 separate podcasts still supporting those healing in there journeys of life. On Sundays join the "Grow with Coby" show for the tools to grow and heal from the challenges of life. On Monday join Brannon and his brother for "the Therapy Brothers" Podcast with of not 1 but 2 expert therapists. And Wednesdays check out "This is Ashlynn" as Ashlynn Mitchell reveals the people and process that support her in living her life to the fullest! Each of these podcasts support you in relationships, healing from trauma, owning your sexuality, finding authenticity, and enjoying life beyond the trials.


REAL TALK RECOVERY: Is Fear Holding Me Back From Doing The Thing That I Know Is Right? 36:13 11/15/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: I Feel Like I Want To Avoid. Is This Due To Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma? 48:57 11/08/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: How Do I Break My Walls Down And Trust Him Again? 47:47 11/01/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: As A Couple, How Do We Handle Relapse? 49:57 10/25/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: PT.1 How Did Working Through Betrayal In My Marriage Help Me Work Through My Divorce? 36:38 10/22/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: As A Betrayed Spouse, How Am I Supposed To Be Okay With My Partner Being Sexually Attracted To Other Women? 46:16 10/11/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep 9: Trusting Ourselves. Why its Important and How with Sariah Bastian 50:21 10/10/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: I'm In Limbo Land And I Don't What To Do 58:06 10/04/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: How Do I Handle My Partner With Love When They Treat Me Like A Monster? 41:23 09/27/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep 8 Dealing with Life Major Transitions with Former Ex-Pat and COO BenJoe Markland 53:58 09/27/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: Do We Manufacture Addicts? 46:23 09/20/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep 7 Dealing with Discomfort with Nate Farnsworth 55:57 09/20/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: How Can I Be A Sex Addict...And Really Not Want Sex? 52:51 09/13/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: How Do We Navigate The Messy Middle of Recovery? 54:21 09/06/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: How Do I Overcome The Effects Of Bullying That Still Show Up In My Life? 47:23 08/30/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep: 6 The Spike Narrative with Guest Lucy Mitchell 20:31 08/29/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: What Does Healthy Masculinity Have To Do With Recovery? 47:41 08/23/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep: 5 Processing in Real-Time Emotions of Anger 19:23 08/23/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: What Am I Missing About Healthy Boundaries? 40:46 08/16/2021
GROW WITH COBY EP 4: Why Do Some Situations Evoke Such Strong and Intense Emotions? 35:10 08/16/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: How Do I Increase My Sexual Desire? 44:50 08/09/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep 3: Why Do I Get So Upset at the Same Things All the Time? 18:44 08/08/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: What is Scrupulosity? 45:33 08/02/2021
GROW WITH COBY Ep 2: Show Up Your Best with Dailies 61:12 08/01/2021
REAL TALK RECOVERY: Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Masturbation? 45:27 07/26/2021
GROW WITH COBY Episode 1: Overview of Daily Evaluation Format 47:22 07/18/2021
Where You Can Find Brannon, Ashlynn and Coby 23:51 07/14/2021
Ashlynn and Coby Share a Tough Announcement 37:46 05/11/2021
Why Do My Partner and I Think So Differently? 23:40 05/05/2021
What Does Over-functioning Look Like? 22:25 04/13/2021