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Boomer Living Senior Living Broadcast

Boomer Living Senior Living Broadcast is inspired by the professionals caring for older adults, hosted by Hanh Brown. Every week we have industry professionals on the show, namely neurologists, gerontologists, geriatricians, technologists, caregivers, providers, developers, and operators. They share their journey, impact, and lessons learned in caring for the aging population. Join the conversation of hot topics in serving older adults with friends and industry experts. The future of aging will be different for individuals, families, businesses, communities, and societies. Now is the time to lead, plan, and act. If this podcast resonates with you, feel free to subscribe and share with anyone who you feel may benefit. Send me a message


Medicare Advantage, Home Care & Senior Living Resources with Doug Robertson and Kerin Zuger 52:43 01/20/2022
Aaron Blight - Caregiving, The Unsung Heroes 44:22 01/12/2022
Brandy Smuzeski - Senior Health Care | Avoid the Last Minute Emergency 34:49 11/21/2021
Paul Nussbaum - Healing the Spiritual Brain of Seniors 47:34 11/16/2021
Stephanie Zeverino - Debunk the Myth of Senior Living 47:09 11/07/2021
Allison Boulware - Bridging the Generational Gap in Senior Living 60:21 10/31/2021
Danielle Roberts - Navigating the Maze of Medicare Advantage 47:31 10/24/2021
Mohammad Nami - Sleep and Brain Health for Seniors 58:35 10/10/2021
Jaime Levine - Legal Issues Seniors Face 53:30 10/05/2021
Mary S. Daniel - Why Can I See My Husband as a Dishwasher Employee but Not as His Wife? 51:33 09/26/2021
George Perry - Advocating for Loved Ones Living with Dementia 61:08 09/17/2021
Andrew Carle - Seniors Are Not Ready to Stop Learning 37:47 09/05/2021
Anna H. Chodos - Healthcare Tips for Older Adults 48:50 08/16/2021
David E. Williams - Healthcare Innovations for Older Adults 44:52 08/13/2021
Alberto Espay - Alzheimer’s Amyloid Theory Into Question 54:07 08/06/2021
Arif Kamal - Palliative Needs-Based Care for Older Adults 43:05 08/01/2021
Jeff Johnson - Tips on How to Make Technology Work Better for Older Adults 37:17 07/23/2021
Jason Karlawish - Are You Prepared for the Increase in Cases of Dementia? 36:16 07/10/2021
Michelle Copenhaver - Integrated Technology Platforms to Empower Better Patient Care 35:25 07/03/2021
Max Zamkow - At Third Act Ventures, Invests in Businesses Offering Products and Services Designed for Baby Boomers 37:52 06/07/2021
William Pettit - The Merrill Gardens Experience of Senior Living, 5 Must-haves of Senior Living, Middle Income Affordable Housing, Technology Usability for Seniors 49:02 06/03/2021
Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell - 1843 Capital, "Silver Tech" Funding Startups That Are Developing Technology for Older Adults 24:25 05/31/2021
Michael Hartman - 55 Plus, Active Living, Community-Centered, Wellness, Socialization, and Independence-Focused Senior Housing 46:05 05/24/2021
Ashton Applewhite - Ageism Hurts All Humanity, Society, You, and Your Children 36:19 05/16/2021
Judy Thomas - Making a Difference - Evidence-based Practices Can Improve the Lives of Older Californians 26:01 05/14/2021
Jasmine Travers - Healthcare Is a Right for the Whole Human Race, and That Should Be Upheld for Every Single Older Adult 29:24 05/11/2021
Robert Kramer - Tech and Retail Giants' Senior Care | Proposed Solutions to Nursing Homes | Senior Living Market Segmentation 62:07 05/06/2021
Richard Lui - How and Why Living Selflessly Can Bring Joy Despite Difficulty 41:53 04/25/2021
Christina Drumm-Boyd and Amy LaGrant – Caring for a Loved One with Dementia 51:43 04/22/2021
Maria Lee - How Is Hong Kong's Life Expectancy the Highest in the World? 37:20 04/20/2021