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Your weekly dose of inspiration and tips for your eCommerce brand's success. Listen in as Alex interviews leading eCommerce and digital marketing experts to learn their best tips, insights, and strategies.


Joshua Chin - Strength Of Brand And Email Marketing With Chronos Agency
Joshua Chin of Chronos Agency brings to the table, a yearning for freedom measured in time that he saves for others. In this episode of Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast, we talk strategy about email marketing, getting the best returns out of a Q4, unlike any in history and the importance of company culture. There was plenty to look forward to. The key is that you're looking forward.Co-founder & CEO of Chronos Agency, a data-driven eCommerce email marketing agency. Chronos Agency’s clients enjoy an average of 35x ROI on email marketing. Josh and his team have worked with 200+ eCommerce clients to generate a 20-30% boost in trackable email revenue.
54:14 5/24/24
Harry Coleman - Pathway To Freedom And Dropshipping Excellence
Harry Coleman aka beast of e-com conveys a unique style that shows how appealing and exciting the industry can be, but it wasn't easy from running on less than four hours of sleep and taking naps in his car during breaks to now a Seminole dropshipping enterprise and massive YouTube following. My talk today with beast of e-com reinforces the belief that success in this industry is in your head and in your heart.Harry Coleman aka The Beast Of Ecom is a 7-figure ecom expert who has generated over $8 Million+ through ecommerce. He went from getting fired from his 9-5 job to becoming financially and location independent in 3 years. Along with running his own stores, he now teaches ordinary people how they can do exactly the same through his YouTube channel with 60,000+ subscribers.
57:54 5/24/24
Joseph's Ecommerce Journey (Part 1)
Curious to know what it's like to enter into the ecommerce space for the first time? Well, this being an ecommerce podcast, Joseph has decided to put his money where his mouth is, and document his own journey into the industry. He's sharing all his ups and downs, exciting accomplishments and nerve wracking setbacks.
20:35 5/24/24
Daniel Budai — Retention Mastery Through Email Marketing
Like many of us, Daniel Budai exhibits, a natural yearning to both acquire and share knowledge evidenced through his podcast and his data-driven psychology-based email marketing operation, no matter where your success takes you, there's more to learn and to teach.Daniel has spent a big part of of his 20's exclusively dedicated to learning marketing/ecommerce. After talking to thousands of ecommerce business professionals in the last years, he could see that many of them lack the time and skills to implement email professionally. His team helps these ecommerce businesses because email marketing is still the best tool to increase revenue without additional ad spend, customer retention, and profit margins. They dive into the psychology and the biology of the human brain to find out what marketing strategy works the best for the product and audience of his clients. His emails move people to do something, not to just read.
53:46 5/24/24
Marc Chapon — Building Success Guided by Creativity
This episode with Marc Chapon came around when it did, it gave me a chance to compare his unique approach to dropshipping and e-commerce using artistically minded resources like Etsy and Pinterest to the others I've talked to so far. What you'll learn from this episode is that you can have an approach to this industry that suits you and works for you.Marc Chapon used to be a Chef in a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris. Three years ago, he left his job to create his first E-commerce store. He is now making 6 figures income monthly thanks to E-commerce only. Marc’s success story has inspired “Spocket” to write articles about him. Marc is not your typical “guru” and is well known to be brutally honest. He strives to teach his students how to build a sustainable business by working with local suppliers and advertise products on unsaturated platforms such as Pinterest. Marc is a Founding Member and active participant in The Dropshipping Council.
60:34 5/24/24
Pathways to Success - Business Models Part 1
Business is a beautiful, complicated and diverse habitat. One of the most comprehensive lists Joseph has ever seen, courtesy of 4weekmba breaks down over 50 business models, and Joseph has endeavoured to share that list with you.
25:47 5/24/24
Foundation For Success - Know The Importance Of Business Backend
There are two parts to every business, the front end and the back end. Today, we're going to learn about the foundations of the backend.
21:48 5/24/24
Yash Shah - Keen Dropshipping Strategy and Leading With Positivity
Yash Shah, aka Yashizcoo, Dropshipping council member, founder, and operator of both Straight-line Media and Ecom Masterminds has quite a lot going for him. In this interview we delve into his drop-shipping strategies and shed some light on the way the industry is perceived from the outside and on the inside too, matter of fact. Here on Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast, positivity and light reigns supreme. I know you believe me, but have a listen anyways. Yash Shah has spent multiple six-figures in advertising through Facebook Advertising & Influencer Marketing for his own businesses. He also runs and operates a successful digital marketing agency, StraightLine Media. He's passionate about educating others in the space and runs a successful and growing YouTube channel, consulting with aspiring and current E-Commerce entrepreneurs to guide them towards success.
67:24 5/24/24
Memoirs of a Customer Service Associate
Joseph has worked a lot of jobs over the years, some good, some he's under contract not to talk about, but since you'll likely be hiring people to serve your customers, Joseph hopes you'll listen to some first hand feedback from a seasoned vet.
24:11 5/24/24
Shishir Nigam — Laying The Foundation For Your Best Future Possible
The foundation for my talk with Shishir Nigam is time and how each day can build support for the next. In the span of a year he and his partner Namrata , leverage their experience in portfolio management and an enthusiasm for home decor into a booming drop-shipping enterprise. As of our interview, he still works full time. And while he's at it founded the dropshipping council, a premium community for top minds to come together and advance the industry. If you're wondering how he does it, you're not alone. But this next hour should help.Shishir & Namrata Nigam are a couple based out of Vancouver, Canada that started their dropshipping journey in 2019 and managed to achieve $840,000 in sales in their first year of business. They have also started a YouTube channel, "Journey2Freedom", dedicated to providing mentorship and guidance to upcoming entrepreneurs. Shishir is also the Founder of The Dropshipping Council.
65:11 5/24/24
Know Your Name - Set Your Brand up for Success
Branding is a fundamental component to successful advertising, it takes your business from a simple exchange of goods and services to a lasting legacy that changes people's lives. For this episode, you'll learn where it comes from, how to develop one that connects with consumers and makes you stand out from the herd.
31:13 5/24/24
Paul Mottley — Turn Your Passion Into Progress With Affiliate Marketing
Our first interview with an expert on affiliate marketing has arrived and that expert is Paul Mottley. He has a rule. I hope you too would follow. He won't advocate or participate in a business venture that he can't use himself. If it keeps him from sleeping at night, it's no good. Affiliate marketing. However, clears that hurdle with ease. It's a way of encouraging you to be yourself, to write, make videos, whatever content you can come up with on something you're passionate about to build a following and to generate revenue while aiding others doing the same. No matter what you're up to in life, I bet there's something you can talk about. On the one hand, it'll help you and on the other, it'll help affiliate marketing, have a listen and you'll find out how. Business owner turned full-time affiliate marketer, Paul Mottley has set out to help others become better marketers. He’s a Clickfunnel’s Dream Car winner, earning well over 6 figures with Clickfunnels alone. To reach a wider audience Paul also publishes a daily podcast to share interviews, his personal journey and teach others about growing their businesses, titled “Ultimate Affiliate Marketing”.
65:02 5/24/24
Bitcoin by Bitcoin - The Origin and Value of Cryptocurrency
As the world continues to decentralize in work and life, cryptocurrency is going to play an important role. Joseph is a fan of the subject and wants to share his insights and research with you.
24:34 5/24/24
KC Chow — Email Marketing - A Stalwart Strategy No Matter The Business
KC Chow, a man of dedication to his craft, stayed up till 3:00 AM his time so we'd be able to chat in the best environment he could offer. If that's what he's willing to do for a little old me, imagine what he could do for your business. Okay. Don't spend too much time on that because you can check out this episode. Instead, KC Chow is an advocate for email marketing, a format that has withstood a great deal as the internet continues to take shape around it. It's a proven method to boost your sales and create a better connection with your customers, if you do it right of course. Enough out of me, let's hear from the expert. KC Chow is a leading expert email marketer with years of experience in email marketing. Over the years, he has been fulfilling his mission to impact eCommerce businesses. The strategy employed by KC Chow has been proven to generate 20-30% extra revenue from email marketing alone. Listen as he talk with Joseph about the challenges and benefits of email marketing.
37:53 5/24/24
The "Big Five" Dropshipping Markets, where to sell to succeed
The "Big Five" are the five english speaking countries critical to market success. Join us today as we get to know more about what makes them tick.
26:17 5/24/24
Chris Wane — From Side Hustle to Seminal Enterprise
Chris Wane has faced some significant challenges on his journey into e-commerce, but he has taken his problems head on. His goal is one I think we can all strive for. Freedom. Like many of the minds we've talked to, he's willing to offer his expertise to likeminded people as a mentor and as an expert drop-shipper we talked to him today about how he sailed past his modest goal of 200 pounds, his strategy for dropshipping and how to handle criticism, as just a few examples. No time to waste. Let's hop to it.Chris Wane started his business with just £250 in his pocket. Fast forward to today and he's now generated over $1,000,000 and has acquired 5 different income streams. He's also CEO & Founder of The Advanced Dropshipping Academy where he teaches people how to build and scale their own dropshipping businesses from scratch. Join us as he talks with Joseph about his journey to the top.
63:42 5/24/24
All About Advertising
Advertising has been around as long as we've been communicating. If you understand advertising, you unlock the key to success. Join us as we talk about what it is, where it comes from, how it works and how you can use it.
26:38 5/24/24
Stefan Mischoook – Optimal Programming For Your Site and Your Self
If there's one element to e-commerce, each of us owes a debt of gratitude towards it's programming or coding. Today on Ecomonics, we bring you some important insights into the backbone of every last business that uses a screen. Additionally, Stefan Mischook has enough accumulated experience to have gained an insight into the fundamentals of living a full life simplicity and avoiding carbs. Whether you ever see yourself learning a new coding language, you'd be making a mistake not to listen to this episode twice. Published author, educator and web developer, recognized in the industry for many years, Stefan Mischook has been developing commercial software since the 1990s. He currently runs StudioWeb, a distance learning code teaching SAAS used by schools around the world.
74:58 5/17/24
Compassionate Mindset: Be the Hero in Dark and Difficult Times
If you have reservations about getting in to business, you aren't alone. The world we live in provides countless challenges physical, mental and spiritual. In this episode we address the difficulties of the world we live in and what we can do to power forward.
19:40 5/17/24
Clayton Bates – A Guide to Your Best Ecommerce Store
Clayton Bates has a number of admirable qualities and his business motto is a reflection of that. He's reviewed over 1500 websites and secured a coveted partnership with Shopify in the process. In addition to teaching us about some of the most common mistakes, he also talks about some key services you should be looking into and how he keeps himself oriented and focused in life. If you have an eCommerce store, there is no reason on earth not to seek his guidance. Clayton Bates heads up, an independent mentoring website that has to date reviewed over 1500 ecommerce websites, securing himself a partnership with Shopify along the way. In addition to his free review services, over 300 clients have taken him up on his personal mentoring and as a result, he has generated 1 million in revenue. Join us as he talks with Joseph about the essentials every ecommerce site must have and the importance of not giving up.
56:23 5/17/24
Understand Scale from Budding to Blowout
Scaling is key to ecommerce success, without it, you'll be playing catch up while others are expanding their influence (and bank account.) Here, you'll learn what scaling is and what to expect as you rise in ranks.
27:55 5/17/24
Robin Calindri – uDroppy, the Complete Ecommerce Support Platform
Robin Devon Calandri was gracious enough to join us for an hour to break down why uDroppy is a great platform for entrepreneurs aspiring or accomplished. Nearly every need is covered by the passionate team from sourcing to fulfillment. All that's left is to market. In addition to being an ecom manager, Robin is also the face and voice of the company. Bringing her energy and passion to both the public, whether that's at conventions or on her own interview series, as well as the backend.
66:35 5/17/24
Learn the History of Dropshipping
What is dropshipping? When did it begin? How did it start? Join us for this episode and get the answers to these questions and more as our host Joseph takes you through the fascinating and detailed history of dropshipping.
23:33 5/17/24
Steve Tan – Dominate the Ecommerce industry in Months
Steve Tan representing what half of the Super Tan brothers shares a commonality with many of the legends we'll be talking about over the course of the series, put simply they needed to find themselves in a better place. And so they did. One day they're glued to the screen controller in hand, trying to top the leaderboard now. Okay. Well, they're still on screens a lot. They still have devices with buttons on them. And still aim to be on top, but now it's somewhere they can make a real difference. Millions of differences. As a matter of fact, join us as we visited the kingdom of Steve Tan and learn how he builds businesses, fosters community and keeps his head in the game.Singapore based serial entrepreneur, Steven Tan is a renowned eCommerce dropshipper and full-stack digital marketer with over 14 years of extensive background and massive hands-on experience in the eCommerce industry. Steve and his brother Evan Tan conquered the eCommerce game by selling over $100 million worth of products from their eCommerce stores, including one that has generated over $360,000 in revenue in one day.
58:17 5/17/24
The Ecommerce Glossary - 20 Ecommerce Terms You Need To Know
Are you looking to enter the world of e-commerce? If so, there's a lot you'll need to understand in order to be successful. But don't worry, because in this episode we've unpacked 20 of the most important ecomm terms you need to know in this first of an ongoing series we're calling "The Ecommerce Glossary".
29:20 5/17/24
Kamil Sattar — Become a Dropshipping Master on Your Own Terms!
It's an honor and a privilege that our first guest who's not also, my boss, is e-com King Kamil Sattar a benevolent generous King at that. He puts out eras of content aims to mentor a million entrepreneurs and proves that going your way. And following your intuition is a path to success. Unlike any other, we talk about his origins, what he's up to and the work he's doing to shape the future of e-commerce.Mohammed Kamil Sattar (born May 10, 1999) known as “The Ecom King is a British E-commerce entrepreneur. Kamil Sattar is the founder & partner in more than 3 companies in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, dropshipping and e-commerce. Kamil Sattar companies have combined annual sales of more than $3,000,000 a year. Kamil Sattar has been teaching business owners and their workforce for two years sharing his knowledge from being involved in e-commerce for 4 years and helping them grow to 6-7 figures in revenue.
39:08 5/17/24
Product Review: Is Your Product Bringing Value to Your Customers?
Ecommerce at scale means making a difference in a lot of people's lives, many of those good, some of those.. not so much. Joseph, a prolific shopper of online products, has had plenty of experiences across the spectrum. Here are ten experiences you might want to know about since customer experience is key to your success. They're not all the best, or the worst, just the first ten that stuck out the most.
25:30 5/17/24
Ricky Hayes — Discover Debutify and Start Your Business Today
You're about to listen to the first of many, many interviews on this show for a first interview episode, we decided to start with one of the minds who brought you Debutify as you know it, Ricky Hayes it's someone had to do with making sure all the recording software works, but it was 95%. We felt he was the best place to start. In this episode, you get to know more about what drives him, what makes Debutify so significant and what mindset you might want to adopt in the pursuit of lasting success. We don't waste any time in the interview getting to the good stuff. So let's adopt that principle here and hop in.Join us as we talk with our first guest, one of the minds behind Debutify, 8 figure ecommerce and marketing entrepreneur Ricky Hayes. Listen as he shares with us his journey, experiences, tips and valuable insights in the world of ecommerce.
57:27 5/17/24
Welcome to Ecomonics
It's good to have you here. Welcome to the very first episode of Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast hosted by media wiz Joseph that focuses on all things e-commerce. If you're interested in the world of online business development, then this podcast is for you. Be sure to subscribe!
16:41 5/16/24

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