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Jesus Christ the Same
As Christians, we should know and do the first 9 verses of Hebrews 13. The scripture we will focus on is verse 8. The same Before anything was created God was there. This is hard for the human mind to grasp completely. We don’t have to understand it yet we must believe it. Jesus Christ the same. You must go beyond the creation, before Genesis. God was there before the start of everything. Jesus Christ the same. He is the same as God. There’s not a single person that can say that about another. People can’t stay the same over time, they change. Jesus Christ the same. Notice there is no verb. The same is descriptive of what He is. He never changes, what He is, in the beginning, is the same as when in forevermore. Are you in awe yet? Change Some people change for the worse. The devil can creep in and can cause a person to become evil. Now, this can be a temporary thing if a person seeks God and repents of their wicked way. Adam and Eve in the garden, in the beginning, we know that they sinned against God. God removed them from the garden and blocked them off from them entering it again. There was something in the garden that they couldn’t get to and that was the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ. Christ is still the same. When they sinned something had to die as a sacrifice for their sin. This is for telling the coming of the ultimate sacrifice that would forever be the covering for sin, Jesus Christ. Grace Some people will go to Hell. It will not be because of God, but because they refused His precious son. It's up to those people, it’s a choice one must and will make to either be saved or lost. God continues to give grace to this day. For 120 years Noah built a boat and warned the people to be saved. Yet they refused to be saved and 7 days later they perished. God wants you to be saved. Never leaves Four men had been brought out of what they had been taught and refused to change. Ten days went by and they only ate basically nothing yet gained weight. They went against the flow, the world, Satan. They then were forced to bow before a false god. They refused and chose to be thrown into a furnace, choosing death over worshipping a false god. Into the fire, they were thrown and they refused to leave the fire because they were walking around in peace with God. Forsake Daniel was despised because he prayed when he was told not to. He was thrown into a den of hungry lions. God protected him. Present time We as Christians stand here today because there were people that took a stand for God. Those men and women and children and those children had children. Over time we come to the present. The God they served is the same God we serve today. Jesus Christ the same. Salvation A person's salvation will likely not be documented or make the news in this world. Now a person's family might document it but in the end, it wasn’t important to the world. In Heaven, there is a book, the Book of Life. When a person is saved they are documented and their name is written there. Their name is never erased and is forever documented. The point is Jesus Christ the same. What He did then He does today. He said He loves you and therefore He will always love you. If you’ve never been saved then today is the day to be saved if He’s calling your name.
34:45 11/20/2022
Many people want to continue to live in the way that they want to live. They refuse to see and obey the Word of God. God didn’t save you for just one reason, to get into Heaven. Heaven is a great thing but there’s more to it than just getting to Heaven. If you have never been changed it doesn’t matter what you think about salvation. When God saves someone their life, soul and heart are made new. A completely different person is born out of salvation. If you haven’t had a change then you haven’t been saved. If God is knocking on your heart's door and inviting you into salvation, then NOW is the time for salvation. Don’t put off the invitation because He doesn’t promise a second chance. The scripture plainly says to come BOLDY to God’s throne. Don’t be ashamed of God. Don’t be ashamed of what He’s asking you to do. If God has placed someone on your heart to witness to, don’t be ashamed. He WILL go with you and give you the words to say. God saves us and He doesn’t forget us. God will never forsake you and He is always faithful. Acts 4:31; gathered together praying in one mind. There is no excuse that when we assemble together and pray that the building doesn’t shake with His power. Acts 4:13; have you been with Jesus? If you’ve been saved then you’ve been with Jesus. Now we love our spouses, our kids, our grandkids, our friends, etc. We love them but we should love God more. Nothing should come before our love of God. Without God, we would have nothing.
19:38 11/17/2022
Reevaluating God
Is it a treasure? Is it a risk? Is it a sacrifice? Is it a time? Do you value God as a treasure? Matthew 13: 44-46; notice in these scriptures we see they gave everything for a great price. We are afraid of total commitment. What if God calls you to be a missionary to Africa. What if God calls you to be single for life. Is it a risk? If you’re lost then you’re afraid to trust God. It’s a risk. What would you take for God? What have you given up? What have you sacrificed for Him? What we do is look at the loss. Look at what you have and not what you lost. The lost are afraid of what they are going to lose and don’t look at what they could gain. Are you a living sacrifice? This is a reasonable thing. When you get to Heaven we’ve made no sacrifice. We did nothing. God did it all. Is it time tonight to give your all to God? Genesis 22: 1-13; 17-18; 14 Are your children more important than God? We can often talk a good talk but do you actually follow through? When the rubber meets the road, what’ll you do? It’s not about renunciation but about reevaluation. Stop looking at what you’re giving up and what you’re getting.
43:38 11/13/2022
Selling Yourself Short
Many people are just settling into the comfort of their here and now. The United States could be the only peace, “promise land” that some may ever know. The reasons they stopped short. They over-valued their here and now. Many think that as long as you live in peace with others then you’ll be just fine. Don’t sell yourself short of the promises of God. Open your eyes and see that God is always battling the spiritual demons all around you to protect you. If you sell yourself short of the word of God then there is nothing but heartache coming your way. He will allow you to sit down on Him but He wants more, better for you than just that. If you’re basing your fit by looking and comparing what you see around you in this world, then you’re letting yourself and God down. If you think that you’re doing good right now based on what you see surrounding you then what you see is deceiving. The things you see down here will all be burnt up in a fervent heat one day, all destroyed. Took many in the spiritual kingdom have looked into this world and established what they want. Don’t sell yourself short of the promised land. Are you afraid of rocking your boat to stand up for Jesus Christ? We have churches that selling out for the here and now. Why? They’ve removed the word of God and brought in entertainment to tickle the ears and sell a feel-good life. There is nothing in this world that is secure. We do not learn from our history in fact we like to repeat it. Think of the ark that Noah built. The people were told and warned for years yet they were so happy and comfortable in their sins that they didn’t care about the warning. We live in such a way today while people have been warned for years about Heaven and Hell, yet people are too happy with their sins to be saved from Hell. God doesn’t promise you the things of this world but the things of Glory, Heaven. We have overvalued the things of this world and you are selling out the promise of God. They also under-valued their future. We’ve just been given a small glimpse of Heaven. That small glimpse into Heaven should be enough to know that there is nothing down here worth missing Heaven. God doesn’t owe us anything. God did NOT promise us this world. Yet He promised His children that He was going away into Heaven to prepare us a place and where He is we will be there too. If you think your family needs more money, houses, cars, etc. then you’re wrong. These tripes did this just to have fatter cattle. That’s all they were worried about. They knew the promise and what they wanted is not what He promised. They wanted what they wanted and not what God wanted for them. God didn’t break His promise to them and the tribes didn’t break their promise either. In the end, God granted them what they wanted. The problem was that what they wanted was earthly and what God wanted for them was Godly. The temple was on one side of Jordan (barrier) and they were on the side they wanted. They had separated themselves from God. What are you selling out for? If it’s not in God then you’ve purchased a counterfeit. Sell out to Jesus.
42:33 11/13/2022
Give It All
There is only one way that you can be saved and that is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This is the most important thing. In this reading, we see a man named Ornan. He gave everything, he gave it all. In our life isn’t it hard to give it all for God? We don’t trust God with our life. Yet, God controls everything and it’s ALL good, but we don’t trust Him. We should be willing to say to God to take it all, everything to live for Him. We shouldn’t have to repent to witness to someone. We shouldn’t have to ask God to forgive us before we come to church for worship. The church house is convenient. Is it convenient to witness to someone? Is it convenient to drive to a long-distance church just to pray? There are things more important to us than God. Most don’t even attend church on Sunday nights or Wednesday nights. Sunday morning service is all they need to live on throughout the week. How many minutes do you watch TV in any given week? Do you give God that long of your time? Your full attention like you do the TV? How much of your time do you give God? We’ve read of a little widow lady who during a drought she was asked to bake a cake for a visitor & herself. She gave all she had for the man. All the while knowing it was all she had for her and her son. Her obedience gained her unending flour and oil. Another lady gave all she had which was just two mites. No one told her to do this, yet she did it anyway. She was blessed beyond blessed for her obedience. We should be giving everything we have to our Savior. You alone have to make that choice to give it all. Another lady gave the most precious thing she had, an alabaster box that contained precious oils. The people around her got upset at the fact that they thought she wasted it. She did this because she wanted to give her all to her Lord. The very land that Ornan gave was then transformed into a temple that eventually became King Solomon’s. Are you giving God all of your “land”? What would have happened if Ornan refused to give his all? It all starts with self. Self has to make that choice to give it all to God.
23:56 11/10/2022
Cades Cove Service
0:00 . . . . . . One Day I Will 5:14 . . . . . . Pray For Me (When All Goes Well) 8:06 . . . . . . Treasures Unseen 10:49 . . . . . . God On the Mountain 14:02 . . . . . . Pastor Tommy Boring (Intro/Prayer) 17:20 . . . . . . Grace for Every Need Church (Pg 56) 23:05 . . . . . . Gettin' Ready to Leave This World (Pg 116) 25:57 . . . . . . The Old Rugged Cross (Pg 305) 31:49 . . . . . . Press Along, Weary Pilgrim, Press On (Pg 146) 38:15 . . . . . . Brethren, We Have Met to Worship 42:23 . . . . . . The Lighthouse 46:32 . . . . . . The Old Ship of Zion 50:13 . . . . . . Going Home 54:42 . . . . . . Jesus Loves Me 56:00 . . . . . . Thank God, I Am Free 1:00:13 . . . . . . Glory, Glory, Glory 1:04:46 . . . . . . I'm Glad I'm Saved 1:09:43 . . . . . . What a Day That Will Be 1:14:10 . . . . . . Do You Know How it Feels 1:16:28 . . . . . . Brother Billy Hearon 1:53:40 . . . . . . He Took Your Place 1:57:08 . . . . . . Begged For Bread 2:00:36 . . . . . . Pastor Tommy Boring (Closing/Prayer)
122:38 11/06/2022
Satan Desires to Have You
There are spiritual battles going on around us all the time. Aren’t you glad you don’t know about or can’t see them? Jesus knew Peter would cut a man's ear off later that night, He also knew that he would deny him three times. We should be doing something that the devil wants to attack. The devil doesn’t care about those that don’t work for God. It’s only when you’re working for God that he will come after you. Satan wants to destroy your life because he is your enemy. As the scripture states, he wants to sift us as wheat. Satan desires to have you yet he can’t have you if you’ve been born again. The enemy has no power over God and His children. In this reading, Jesus tells Peter that Satan desires to sift him as wheat. In the very next verse, Jesus gave him the solution, the stopping of Satan’s power. Satan can desire all he wants to but he can’t have a Christian. Jesus told Peter that he prayed for him. This may seem simple but think about what this really means. When Jesus spoke, things happened. Jesus spoke and a dead man became alive. Hebrews 7:25; Jesus is able to save. Jesus prays and makes intercession for you. Always! Because He prayed for you there is nothing that you can’t have. Your Savior's checkbook will never bounce. Romans 8:34; Yet again we see that Jesus intercedes for us, always. He wants us to get this! Romans 8:27; Not only do we have Jesus praying for us but we also have the Holy Spirit praying for us. Where does the Holy Spirit live? He lives inside of us, with us, always. Not only do we know Jesus prays and the Holy Spirit prays but other Christians, the church prays for us. We’ve been given a commission from God to love one another and if you follow God then you will pray for one another. James 5:16. We also pray for ourselves. It might be our most said prayer, “Help me!”. Do you know what happens when you pray for yourself? Usually, God speaks back. You will never go down when you are praying. This means you should always be praying. If you are always praying then you shouldn’t turn your back on God. Your Christian life should always include praying. The Word of God, the Bible will never fail. This means what He said is true and will never fail. He plainly said He will never forsake you or leave you.
37:26 11/06/2022
What Will It Take To Get Your Attention?
Sometimes we need something to get our attention. We often become prideful in ourselves. This is nothing we have to work on as it’s built into our nature. God knows how to get your attention. What will it take to get your attention? Jonah refused to do what God had told him to do. God gave Jonah many opportunities to change his mind and do what God had told him to do. Yet Jonah refused. Finally, God had a great fish to swallow him until Jonah agreed to simply do what God told him to do. It took a great fish for Jonah. He is the potter and we are just the clay. He is the creator and we are the creation. He has every right to do what He wants since He created us. We have no right to complain if He wants to change something we don’t like or understand. God wanted to get to Nebkenezers heart. There were three in his fold that refused to worship what the king, Nebekenzer created. The king threw them into the flame and then his eyes were opened to what he saw in the flame, God. In the scriptures, we read of many that refused God’s calling. God then required something of them because of their disobedience.  Many times we see this throughout the Old Testament. What about the New Testament? Peter denied the Lord, not once but three times. He refused to believe that he would deny his Christ. Yet, he did it because Jesus knew he would. The rooster crowed 3 times and Peter knew right away he had messed up. Stop looking the other way when God is trying to grow you. If you need God to get your attention, He will! However, He shouldn’t have to do that. After saving our unworthy souls we are still weak to serve Him. Those that didn’t return back to church tonight have a field that is more important to them than God. God is not asking you to do something that you can’t do, but are uncomfortable to do. If he has to, He will burn your field.  There is a day coming that He is going to get the attention of the entire world. At that point, it will be too late for many, many people. God WILL have their attention. 
32:12 10/31/2022
The Great Omission
God is such a sovereign God. Yet, when He tells us to go we push back. The first two letters of the word Gospel are G-O. Matthew 23:23, the things that you should have done yet you didn’t do it. If you think you don’t cuss then you’re doing pretty good, yet what do you do? Underestimating the weight of the command. How many times did God tell Adam and Eve to replenish the earth? Once. Did they do it? Yes, just look around. God didn’t leave it at just that thought. God told us to go out and witness. It’s not a gift but a command. We spend billions of dollars on pets. Millions of dollars on games. Billions of dollars on alcohol and drugs. How much do we spend on missions? When was the last time you witnessed to someone? We all struggle with witnessing to others. Undoing the worth of a soul. You must be a believer to understand what a soul is worth. Wouldn’t one hundred years be enough to spend in Hell for sin? That’s our thoughts but we are not God. We don’t know the filth that sin is, we don’t understand it. Think about a “child" that does something really bad and gets thrown into jail. We think they aren’t worth it. All while we fail to see the unworthiness that we also have. We are no better than they are because we are all sinners. The souls of everyone are just as much of value as yours. When you don’t witness to others you are saying their soul isn’t worth it. Undervaluing the value of the gospel. How often does a “door-knock” bring a person to salvation? It’s not very often that we see this happen so we begin to undervalue the gospel. Do you ever think we make God sick because of our lack of seriousness in His gospel? Undertaking a wrecked life. 1 Corinthians 15:34, whose fault is it if the people in our community haven’t heard the gospel? Wouldn’t you like to get to Heaven and have people come up to you to thank you for not giving up on them or for witnessing to the? On the other hand, what will you do when you get to Heaven and you see others being thanked and yet you have none? How about someone being sent to Hell for eternity and then turning around and asking you why you didn’t warn them?
52:23 10/30/2022
You’ve Got to Have Help to Get to Heaven
John 14:6; the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. You could be on every church roll in the world. You could be baptized one hundred times or by the greatest minister alive. No person will get to Heaven any other way other than through Jesus Christ. When you take your last breath you are no longer in control. You will need help to get to Heaven. The very instant you die you no longer know anything that you once knew. Once you die you will go somewhere and it is not in your control. Without Jesus, you will die and go straight into Hell. Religion has never got anyone into Heaven. Good parents, Godly parents will not get you into Heaven. Does God send people to Hell? God’s son took it upon Himself to come to earth and give Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for sin. If you turn your back on His son then He WILL turn His back on you. We read a story about Lazarus and his death. There was also another man that died but his name was never mentioned. The instant they died one opened his eyes in Heaven while the other opened his in Hell. Instantly! They didn’t go into a waiting area or purgatory. Purgatory is a man-made religion and isn’t a biblical place. So what help does one need to go to Heaven? You need all three, God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. John 3:5-6, Jesus was very direct. The flesh is flesh and it will go back to the earth from which it came. When God calls an end to this world the ones that have died before us and lay in their grave or have been cremated will be joined with their soul in the air. You will need some help in doing this. John 3:15-1, Jesus was direct here as well to say one must believe in Christ. If you take Christ out and replace Him with anything else, it doesn’t work. Again, there is only one way into Heaven. There is no place where you will be partying it up with all your friends. The Bible is the “skin” to our help into Heaven. God is the scripture. 1 Peter 1:23, it is the living Word of God. How many of you have read it this week? Instructions on who to follow and who not to follow. How many brought your bible to church tonight? We also need each other. Sheep are not made to be alone. Sheep are helpless in life. They need help to survive. Not only did God give us His word as the Bible, but He also gave us a church. Sometimes the help we need is in the form of refuge, a place of safety or learning, support, forgiveness, comfort, etc. Hebrews 10:23-25, when you forsake the assembling together you are saying you don’t need anyone’s help and you can do it all on your own. The Wednesday night service is just as important as the Sunday morning service. Church attendance will not get one into Heaven but after you’re saved, it helps one to get to Heaven.
47:35 10/26/2022